Puzzle Time!

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Crossword puzzle close-up - Tales of a Backpacker Puzzle Time

I know I’m not the only one who’s struggling to stay entertained these days, so I decided to make some puzzles.  It kept me busy for a couple of days, so I hope you will enjoy doing them!  

I have 3 puzzles for you; a crossword, a wordsearch and some anagrams; all of which are travel related. 

I’ve created them in 2 formats; a PDF version which you can print off, and an Excel version which you can complete without a printer. 

The Excel document has 4 different tabes, with a puzzle on the first three, then the answers.

In the PDF version, the answers are on the last page. 

Click below to download your preferred version:

I must admit, they aren’t in the prettiest but it was driving me crazy trying to get the format sorted so they will have to do!  

Please let me know what you think – I might do some more if they are popular.