Backpacking in Europe

Europe is a diverse continent, with each country having its own unique identity and most having their own language too.  Backpacking in Europe is a rewarding experience, and although some Western European countries can be expensive, if you are backpacking on a budget then there are plenty of bargains to be had here too.  I […]

The Best Time to Go to Europe

Dubrovnik Croatia - The Best Time to Visit Europe

Europe is a spectacularly varied continent, from the snow-covered northern countries to the warm Mediterranean climate.  Europe is a perfect destination at any time of year, but certain times can be better than others, depending on what you are looking for.  I asked fellow travel expert Jamie Campbell, creator of the travel blog Gaijin Crew, […]

Twelve Unique Activities in Iceland

Iceland has been on my bucket list for a while, and the land of fire and ice is unlike anywhere else on the planet.  For the moment, I’ve had to postpone my Iceland travel plans until I save up some more cash, but to keep my wanderlust in check I’ve been exploring some of the […]