How to Visit Stonehenge for Free

How to Visit Stonehenge for Free - The Stone Circle at Stonehenge

Last year I visited Stonehenge for the first time and was blown away by it.  The unique prehistoric monument and UNESCO World Heritage site is one of Britain’s most popular tourist attractions and should be on any UK bucket list.  However, tickets aren’t cheap, so ever the budget traveller I have done some digging to […]

How to Save Money For Travel

Piggy Bank and Money - How to Save money for Travel

You know how your paycheck doesn’t seem to stretch to the end of the month?  How your friends are planning to go on holiday but you just don’t seem to have the cash to spend without sticking it on your credit card?  You are not alone!  However, there are lots of ways to save money […]

The Best Budget Destinations to Add to your Bucket List

Dancers in La Paz Bolivia

Although travel is not possible at the moment, when everything has settled down a little, you might want to think about having a break!  I asked my fellow travel bloggers for their top tips for the best budget destinations around the world, and here is where they recommend for a cheap vacation so you can […]