Where to Stay in Tayrona National Park: Accommodation in Parque Tayrona Colombia

Tayrona National Park Beach - Where to Stay in Tayrona National Park: Accommodation in Parque Tayrona Colombia

Tayrona National Park in Colombia is an incredible place.  In Spanish, it is known as Parque Tayrona or Parque Nacional Tayrona, and it was one of my favourite places to visit when I was backpacking in Colombia.  Although it is possible to visit Tayrona National Park on a day trip, the best way to experience […]

Ciudad Perdida Tour: The Lost City Trek Colombia

The Lost City Trek Ciudad Perdida Colombia

The Ciudad Perdida Tour and Lost City trek in Colombia is a challenging but fascinating journey that I highly recommend.  Trekking through the Colombian jungle for 4 or 5 days is beautiful, sometimes strenuous, always sweaty and at times very wet!  See how I got on when I did the Lost City Trek Colombia: READ […]

Backpacking Bogota: Things to do in Bogota Colombia

Street Art in Bogota Colombia - Backpacking South America Backpackers Guide to South America on a Budget

Bogota certainly wasn’t my favourite stop in Colombia.  Compared to the rest of this beautiful country, Bogota is busy, dirty, and the traffic is always horrendous,  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find there were more than enough things to do in Bogota keep me occupied for a few days before I took my flight […]

Food Tour & Cooking Class in Bogota with 5Bogota

patacones with guacamole, ahogao and cheese - part of the cooking class with 5 Bogota - what to in Bogota

You must be realising by now that I am a huge food fan.  Everywhere I visit I am trying to take as many cooking classes and food tours as possible, from a tapas tour in Barcelona to a cooking class in Mexico City, and learning how to make chocolate in Belize, I am always on the […]

Las Gachas and Guadalupe Colombia: The Ultimate Guide

Las Gachas in Guadalupe Colombia - Off the beaten track in South America

I first came to Guadalupe Colombia in June 2016.  It was one of the last places I visited in South America before I flew home, and was one of my favourites.  This tiny town in the Santander region of Colombia was barely on the map back then, I’d read one blog article about Las Gachas, […]

Why Colombia Should be on Your Bucket List

Colombia beach sunset - why visit Colombia

Colombia is one of my favourite countries I have visited. When Carly from Curly Bird Travel asked if she could write a blog post about Colombia, and her love for it, I couldn’t refuse.  Colombia really has to be experienced first hand, so here is Carly to tell you why Colombia should be on your […]

What to Pack for La Ciudad Perdida Lost City Trek

The Ciudad Perdida Tour, or Lost City Trek, in northern Colombia is an incredible hike.  It is not an easy walk though, and involves steep climbs and descents, two river crossings and hoards of mosquitos.  Here is a handy guide to what to pack for La Ciudad Perdida Tour to help you prepare, and handle it […]

Tayrona National Park Colombia – Your Ultimate Guide

Parque Tayrona National Park Colombia - The Beachside Hammock Hut

Tayrona National Park Colombia, or Parque Nacional Tayrona as it’s called in Spanish, is a beautiful natural park on the northern coast of Colombia, enjoying the heavenly warm seas of the Caribbean.  In this ultimate guide to Tayrona Natural National Park you’ll see how to get there, how the hike to the camps is, what to […]

Things to do in Tayrona National Park: Beaches, Hiking & More!

Sunrise in Parque Tayrona - Where to Stay in Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park in Colombia, or Parque Nacional Tayrona as its called in Spanish, should be on any Colombian itinerary.  The protected area on Colombia’s northern coast spans 150 km2 of land, and 30km2 of ocean, providing lush forest, glorious coastline and indigenous culture to explore.  There are lots of things to do in Tayrona National Park, […]