A Capela dos Ossos: The Chapel of Bones, Evora Portugal

Inside the Chapel of Bones in Evora Portugal

It may sound gruesome, and it certainly is a little strange, but visiting the Chapel of Bones in Evora in Portugal (Capela dos Ossos in Portuguese) is something you really should do – if only to get a sense of your own mortality.  The Evora Bone Chapel wasn’t as creepy as I had expected, so […]

Things to do in Evora in Portugal

The Temple of Diana - Garden and Roman Ruins in Evora

Evora in Portugal was one of my favourite places I visited during my month-long trip backpacking around Portugal.  About an hour and a half away from the capital, most visitors just come here on a day trip from Lisbon to see the top sites of this beautifully preserved medieval town, then disappear just as quickly.  […]

Exploring the Almendres Cromlech on an Evora Megaliths Tour

The Almendres Cromlech in Evora Portugal - an Evora Megaliths Tour

I loved Evora in Portugal.  This beautiful city has so much to offer, yet many people only spend a day here on a whistle-stop Lisbon to Evora day trip – they are missing out big time!  I spent three days enjoying Evora at a relaxed pace, and with plenty of things to do in Evora, […]