Tasting the Best Street Food in Sicily on a Palermo Street Food Tour

The Sfincione Pizza Seller in the Mercato del Capo Palermo

Palermo is famous for its street food.  Cheap and simple, street food in Palermo is a delicious way to try lots of local specialities as you explore the markets.  However, it can be a little intimidating to know what to choose and where to get it from, so I was thrilled when Palermo Street Food […]

A Lisbon Food Tour & Cultural Walk with Taste of Lisboa

Lots of Bacalhau - Taste of Lisboa Lisbon Food Tour & Cultural Walk

Food, glorious food.  Food in Lisbon is amazing, and although Portuguese cuisine is not as well known as it’s Spanish neighbour, the flavours, produce and local dishes available here are good enough to rival any top foodie destination.  To learn more about the food in Portugal and where to eat the best food in Lisbon, […]

Where to Eat in Lagos Portugal: Take a Lagos Food Tour

Delicious Cataplana - Where to Eat in Lagos Portugal: Take a Lagos Food Tour

So, you’re wondering where to eat in Lagos Portugal?  There is no shortage of good restaurants in Lagos, that’s true, but sometimes it is hard to sort the good from the bad and the excellent!  As you probably know by now, I adore taking food tours as they are so much more than just a […]

Eating Local Food & Drink

Eating Street food in Mexico will save you lots of cash! - Backpacking Mexico

Eating local food and drink when you travel is one of the best ways to understand more about the culture and the people of the place you are visiting.  How could you not try fish and chips in England or tacos in Mexico?  However, how you find the best local food isn’t always easy – […]

A Secret Food Tour In London

Bacon & Egg Sandwich - on a Food Tour in London

Oh food how I love thee, let me count the ways… well, I won’t count them all, but trust me, there are many!  I’ve tried a food tour in Prague, a cooking class in Mexico City, a combination of both in Bogota, and even when I’m in my home country of England I love trying […]

Eating Prague Food Tour Review

A Czech Wine Tasting in Prague as part of our Eating Prague Food Tour

Food, glorious food.  That is what I base most of my travel activities on, I admit.  From a cooking class in Mexico City to a food tour in Berlin and Kriol cooking in Belize I love to try local food.  I didn’t really know what to expect from Czech cuisine, but when I was planning […]

Bitemojo Self-Guided Food Tour in Barcelona

The 2nd bit of the self guided food tour in Barcelona - Cheese and fuet in the Boqueria Market

As you probably know by now, I love taking food tours.  All over the world, I explore a destination through its food, on a food tour in Mexico City, a farmers’ market tour & cooking class in Bogota, and a chocolate-making workshop in Belize, among others!  The downside with guided tours is they can be […]

Bite Berlin Food Tour Review

My first currywurst in Germany on the Bite Berlin Food Tour - food tour in Berlin

Another city, another food tour!  Everywhere I go I love to try the local food and drink, and explore areas I wouldn’t normally discover by myself.  From chocolate making in Belize to a taco and street food tour in Mexico City, most of my travels revolve around food!  Berlin was no exception to this.  I […]

Backpacking Bogota: Things to do in Bogota Colombia

Street Art in Bogota Colombia - Backpacking South America Backpackers Guide to South America on a Budget

Bogota certainly wasn’t my favourite stop in Colombia.  Compared to the rest of this beautiful country, Bogota is busy, dirty, and the traffic is always horrendous,  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find there were more than enough things to do in Bogota keep me occupied for a few days before I took my flight […]

Food Tour & Cooking Class in Bogota with 5Bogota

patacones with guacamole, ahogao and cheese - part of the cooking class with 5 Bogota - what to in Bogota

You must be realising by now that I am a huge food fan.  Everywhere I visit I am trying to take as many cooking classes and food tours as possible, from a tapas tour in Barcelona to a cooking class in Mexico City, and learning how to make chocolate in Belize, I am always on the […]