Free Museums in Leeds You Need to Visit

Leeds City Museum building, designed by Cuthbert Brodrick - Free Museums in Leeds

I lived in Leeds for 10 years.  I love this city in England, I came here to study at the University of Leeds, and stayed around for several years after that.  However, I am ashamed to admit that in all that time I didn’t appreciate everything I had on my doorstep.  True, Leeds has changed […]

Kirkstall Abbey Leeds, England

Winter Colour at the Ruins of Kirkstall Abbey Leeds - things to do in Leeds England Yorkshire

I lived in Leeds for 10 years, I went to university there then stuck around after graduation.  I have very fond memories of the city where I spent my student days, for its huge variety of shops, bars, restaurants and nightlife.  However, it is only recently I have come to appreciate the cultural side of […]

Where to Stay in Leeds: A Review of the Art Hostel Leeds

Cool Street Art on Kirkgate, close to the Art Hostel Leeds

I went to university in Leeds, and lived in the city for about ten years before I started my nomadic, wandering lifestyle.  When I come back to visit, as I frequently do, I usually stay with friends, but this time I fancied a change.  When I was looking for Leeds budget hotels and hostels, I […]