The Best Things to Do in Mexico City

Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico City - Backpacking in Mexico Backpackers Guide

Mexico City is a behemoth.  Around 22 million people live here, and it has a reputation for being dirty, dangerous and choked with traffic. Unfortunately, earthquakes in Mexico City have been known to occur too, with a serious one hitting in September 2017.  However, I didn’t find CDMX any more dangerous than any other big […]

Food Tour in Mexico City: Sabores Mexico Review

Let’s be honest here, it’s no secret that I love food!  From cooking classes to hunting out the best brunch spots and sampling street food, there is nothing better to me than eating my way through each destination I visit.  One thing I was dying to do in Mexico City was a food tour, to […]

Cooking Class in Mexico City: Casa Jacaranda Review

I’d wanted to do a cooking class in Mexico City since I had arrived.  With Mexican food being one of the only cuisines in the world to be UNESCO certified, a Mexican cooking class was the perfect way to learn more about the incredible food, whilst cooking & eating everything I made!  Everywhere I looked […]

Xochimilco – Mexico City’s Venice with Boats, Food & Mariachis

A Trajinera boat at Xochimilco - Awesome things to do in Mexico City

When conjuring up thoughts of romantic boat rides with a gondolier, one can’t help but think of Venice.  But Mexico City?  No way!  I had no idea before I came here that Mexico City was founded on a network of lakes and rivers.  Nowadays in most of the city you would never guess, as the […]

How to Survive as a Vegetarian in Mexico City

Vegetarian Taco in Mexico City - Eating Local Food

I’m not a vegetarian myself, but a lot of my friends are, and I know how difficult it can be to find vegetarian food in Mexico City.  So I asked my good friend Laura Pollard from Go Go Brownie Mission for her take on how to survive Mexico city as a vegetarian.  She lived here for […]

Lucha Libre in Mexico City – Your Guide to Mexican Wrestling!

Lucha Libre Mask - Watching Lucha Libre in Mexico City

A visit to the Lucha Libre in Mexico City is an essential part of your visit to the capital, and is great fun – especially if you go in a group and have a few drinks beforehand to really get in the swing of it!  Here’s all you need to know about going to watch […]

La Gatería Cat Café in Mexico City

Cats in La Gateria Cat Cafe Mexico City

UPDATE:  I have just found out that the Gateria Cat Cafe is sadly closed.  They still have an online shop where you can buy things for your kitty, and a Facebook page to adopt cats but the cat cafe is no more. Why don’t you check out these other posts instead: 10 Awesome Things to […]

Free Walking Tour of Mexico City: Estación Mexico

The Cathedral in the Zocalo Mexico City - Things to do in Mexico City

I am often sceptical about walking tours, preferring to wander around a city to do sightseeing by myself, at my own pace.  However, when I was invited by Estación Mexico to join their free walking tour of Mexico City, how could I turn them down?!  After doing their walking tour in Mexico City Centre, and […]