Karlskrona – The Best Place to Visit in Sweden?

Beautiful Karlskrona Port - Things to do in Karlskrona - The Best Place to Visit in Sweden

I loved Karlskrona.  I hadn’t had much time to travel in Sweden, and I admit, I didn’t know what to expect from this small dot on the map.  However, Visit Karlskrona whisked me away on an island adventure of a lifetime.  I had the chance to snorkel with seals in the Baltic Sea, ride a […]

Discovering the Stockholm Subway Art Gallery

Stockholm's Subway Art

Stockholm is a city with many secrets.  One of those is its extensive free art gallery in the subway.  Hiding beneath its busy streets lies a network of some of the best art in the city.  For the cost of a single subway ticket you can zip around the stations and admire rainbows of colour, […]

Djurönäset – Relax in the Stockholm Archipelago

Djurönäset Relaxation the Archipelago Way

As part of my recent visit to Stockholm, I was invited to Djurönäset to enjoy ‘relaxation the archipelago way’.  I was intrigued, and excited to get a taste of Sweden outside of Stockholm – and who could turn down the chance to spend the night at the 4-star hotel! Djurönäset – A World Away From Stockholm Having arrived […]