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Bitemojo Self-Guided Food Tour in Barcelona

The 2nd bit of the self guided food tour in Barcelona - Cheese and fuet in the Boqueria Market

As you probably know by now, I love taking food tours.  All over the world, I explore a destination through its food, on a food tour in Mexico City, a farmers’ market tour & cooking class in Bogota, and a chocolate-making workshop in Belize, among others!  The downside with guided tours is they can be expensive for budget travellers, so when I heard about the self-guided food tours from Bitemojo I wanted to give it a try.  As soon as I booked my flights back to Barcelona I arranged a Bitemojo self-guided food tour in Barcelona – read on to see how I got on.

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How to Use the Bitemojo Food Tour App

Bitemojo’s self-guided food tours are available in several cities in Europe, Israel, and Asia, including Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Jerusalem, Ljubljana, Rome, Tel Aviv and Singapore. 

These food tours are similar to guided food tours, in that they take you around various stops in an area, to sample delicious food, and tell you some information about what you see on the way.  How they differ, of course, is that you are alone. 

Doing a food tour on your own, or in a small group, without a guide means much more flexibility, as you can choose when to do the tour, how long to take, and if you want to detour along the way.  You can also stop partway through the tour and come back to it another time. 

Before you buy the tour, the app lists the bites, or food samples, that you will try along the way, and some extra information about the route, and when the route is available, i.e. when the shops and restaurants will be open, and the bites will be available.

Bunuelos de Bacalao - Yummy Cod Fritters in the Boqueria Market Barcelona
Bunuelos de Bacalao – Yummy Cod Fritters in the Boqueria Market Barcelona

The Bitemojo Food Tour in Barcelona

There are currently two self-guided food tour options available in Barcelona; one in the Gothic Quarter, and one starting on La Rambla at the Boqueria Market, continuing into the Raval area.  I lived in the Gothic Quarter for four years, so decided to try the Market and Raval tour to see what new hidden gems in Barcelona I could discover!

The Boqueria Market in Barcelona

The most famous market in Barcelona, the Boqueria, is an excellent place to start any food tour.  You could spend hours wandering around, enjoying the sights and smells of the busy market. 

The two stops on the food tour were towards the back of the market, away from the main entrance where tourists tend to gather to take photographs, so it was nice to see more of the real market.  The first stop was a fish stall, selling all types of bacalao (salted cod). 

The bit here was a portion of buñuelos de bacalao, salt cod fritters, which are one of my favourite tapas dishes.  This was a great start to the food tour, the fritters were freshly cooked, crispy on the outside on deliciously soft on the inside. 

The second stop in the Boqueria Market was a cheese stall, where I spent some time admiring the many different types of cheeses on sale while the owner served another customer. 

The bite was a portion of manchego cheese and fuet cured sausage, which I happily devoured.  The tour had started very well, and as I munched I read the extra information in the app about the owners of the stalls.

The 2nd bit of the self guided food tour in Barcelona - Cheese and fuet in the Boqueria Market
The 2nd bit of the self guided food tour in Barcelona – Cheese and fuet in the Boqueria Market

Exploring El Raval in Barcelona

The next stop on the app was a point of interest, the gegants.  Gegants are oversized models of people dressed in traditional clothes which are used on parades and local festivals. 

Unfortunately, the building where they were was covered in scaffolding, so I couldn’t really see the gegants properly.  I had wandered around the plaza several times trying to find them when I finally realised where they were.

Sadly the Gegants were hidden by Scaffolding - bitemojo self guided food tour in Barcelona
Sadly the Gegants were hidden by Scaffolding

I continued the food tour, following the app to the next stop.  The bite I was expecting here was a Mexican-style pork tapa, but when I went into the restaurant the staff were confused about the tour and didn’t know what I was talking about. 

The owner was out of town, and apparently hadn’t passed on the information about the bites, and without authorization from the boss (understandably) they didn’t want to give away any ‘free’ food.  Disappointed, I left to head to the next stop.

A Tapa of artichoke with bacon, another delicious stop on the Bitemojo self guided food tour in Barcelona
A Tapa of artichoke with bacon, another delicious stop on the Bitemojo self guided food tour in Barcelona

I had more luck here, at a café bar in a square I had walked past a hundred times but never investigated.  The bite was a tapa of artichokes and a beer, but the owner kindly switched the beer for wine as I don’t drink the brown stuff. 

The artichokes were delicious, and the wine was crisp and dry, a perfect accompaniment.  I sat on a stool by the window and watched the world go by for a while.  Here was a good place to take a rest, the previous stop also had space to sit down, but I’d been on my feet since I started the tour, so also made use of the bathroom here too.

Feeling fully refreshed, and the wine settling nicely on my stomach, I set off to find the next stop, which would be a sweet bite.  It was 7 minutes’ walk away according to google maps, so I set off, trying to take in more of the world around me instead of staring at my phone.  The route took me through the Rambla del Raval, where the famous Botero statue of the fat cat has its home.

Botero's fat cat statue on Rambla del Raval Barcelona - a point of interest on the self guided food tour in Barcelona
Botero’s fat cat statue on Rambla del Raval Barcelona – a point of interest on the food tour

When I found the next stop, it was closed.  The shutters were down and there was no sign of life.  I checked the details of food tour on the on the app, thinking that I had got there too late, or mixed up the days.  Nope, according to the app it should have been open.  With nothing else I could do, I continued to the final stop, hoping I would have more success!

I had mixed success.  The next stop was also a sweet bite, of a chok, or donut.  There are two different shops which have the same brand name, and I went to the one that was listed in the app, only to be told it should have been at the other one, another 5 minutes’ walk away. 

Off I went, only to be told there that I was right the first time, and I should have had my bite at the first stop where I had just been.  Luckily, she took pity on me and gave me my donut, which I happily took.  I sat on a bench in a nearby square, and munched on the delicious donut.

The last delicious stop on the Bitemojo self guided food tour in Barcelona
The last delicious stop on the Bitemojo self guided food tour in Barcelona

What I loved about Bitemojo self-guided food tour in Barcelona

The food was delicious, and the bites included a variety of different foods to try.

I thought I knew Barcelona pretty well, I lived here for three years, and have eaten a lot of good food here, but this self-guided food tour took me to places I have never been to, and might never have found without the Bitemojo app.

The freedom to choose when you start and end the tour, and how long you take.

If you don’t get chance to complete the tour, you can convert the remaining stops, or bites, into credits to use against other bites in Barcelona or anywhere else the tour is available.

What I didn’t like about the tour

Having to be on my phone the whole time made me feel quite self-conscious, and at times I felt I couldn’t really enjoy the surroundings as I was concentrating on not getting lost. 

I know from past experience that Barcelona is rife with pickpocketers, and having my attention on my phone all the time felt like I was more vulnerable to this.  However, on a normal food tour, groups of tourists also draw attention, so it probably makes no difference, it was just here I was alone.

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There are some operational issues that a traditional guided food tour in Barcelona would have avoided.  For example, one of the points of interest along the way was covered with scaffolding, and I spent a good five minutes trying to find it before I realised it was hidden away.  A human tour guide would have known straight away.

There was also some confusion in two of the stops, and with a real guide this could have been avoided as they would be more familiar with the route and if they couldn’t solve the problem they could have perhaps come up with an alternative. 

I also think it has to do with the app being quite new, as not many people have taken this tour yet.  I imagine that as the tour gets more popular, the staff will be more familiar with the requirements and how it all works.  In the other three locations which were open I had no problem at all, it all worked smoothly.

Sadly closed - one of the stops on the self guided food tour in Barcelona
Sadly closed – one of the stops on the self guided food tour in Barcelona

One of the stops was closed when I took the tour.  Again, with a guide, they would probably have known the stop wasn’t going to be open that day, or could have taken me to an alternative stop – as I had already paid for the tour at this stop, and I didn’t know the area there wasn’t an alternative to go to. 

The app does allow you to save your unused bites to use another day, or in another location, which is useful if you are around for another couple of days.

So Do I Recommend the Bitemojo Self-Guided Food Tour in Barcelona?

Overall, I love the idea of a self-guided tour, the freedom and the lower cost compared to a normal tour have obvious benefits to a budget traveller or people backpacking Barcelona. 

The food I tasted was delicious, and once the tour becomes more popular, I’m sure the operational challenges I came across will be solved.  This isn’t the fault of Bitemojo, it seemed to be miscommunication in the restaurants and shops themselves, so that should be solved the more popular the tour becomes. 

When walking around, be mindful of your surroundings, and don’t just stay glued to your phone – this way you will enjoy the tour more, and reduce the risk of pickpockets.

Keep your eyes peeled for hidden corners of Barcelona on the Bitemojo self-guided food tour
Keep your eyes peeled for hidden corners of Barcelona on the food tour

Top Tips for a Successful Bitemojo Self-Guided Food Tour

Check the times and days the tour is available before you book, to make sure you have time to fit in your schedule.

Take the tour early in your trip, so if you don’t manage to complete the tour on that day, you still have time to use any unused bite credits during the rest of your trip.

Take a bottle of water with you.  There was a drink included in one of the stops, but the others were just food, so take a drink with you or buy one along the way.

Make sure you have plenty of battery left in your phone.  Being on wifi, and using the location settings and app used quite a lot of my battery.  You may want to take a portable phone charger with you if you plan to be out sightseeing all day.

Make sure your phone plan includes wifi for Spain, or take a portable wifi hotspot with you, otherwise the app won’t work – you need to have access to the internet to open the bite vouchers.

What do you think, would you take a self-guided food tour in Barcelona?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you would prefer a guided food tour in Barcelona, try the Barcelona Taste Food Tour, or check out these options with GetYourGuide:

Where to Stay in Barcelona

Although some people prefer to stay in a quieter area of the city, I love being right in the centre of Barcelona so I can walk everywhere.  Areas in the Gothic Quarter and around La Rambla do get noisy at night, so bring some earplugs with you.

If you are travelling to Barcelona on your own, be careful walking around quieter streets alone at night, especially in Raval.  Barcelona is a safe city, but still be aware of what’s going on around you. 

Hostels in Barcelona

I stayed at Fabrizzio’s Petit Hostel and loved it, and they even had free paella nights if you are backpacking on a budget and want to try some delicious Spanish food.  There are private rooms and dorms available, and I really enjoyed my stay here.  Read my full review of what I think is the best hostel in Barcelona, or book it on Hostelworld

If Fabrizzio’s isn’t available then there are plenty of other hostels and budget hotels in Barcelona, including plenty of options for private rooms in hostels.  You could also try Hostel One Las Ramblas which is great for solo travellers or Fabrizzio’s Terrace which also gets excellent reviews and has private rooms or dorms to choose from.  Take a look at all the hostels in Barcelona on Hostelworld to check prices, read reviews and book your hostel online.


Hotels in Barcelona

There are hundreds of hotels in Barcelona to choose from, and you can find something for every budget.  Staying outside of the city centre is cheaper, but as you only have 2 days in Barcelona these options are all in or around the Gothic Quarter so you can easily reach the attractions in Barcelona on foot or with the metro.

Luxury: The 5* Mercer Hotel has a rooftop pool, chic décor with original beamed ceilings and exposed brick walls.  Guests love the helpful staff, comfortable beds and the location.  

Mid-Range: The H10 Madison hotel has lovely views of the Gothic Cathedral from the roof terrace and gets rave reviews for the friendly staff and excellent location.

Budget: Chic & Basic Born Hotel is in the popular Born neighbourhood.  It has a restaurant and bar onsite, and guests loved the boutique style and the location.


Airbnb in Barcelona

There have been problems with Airbnb in Barcelona, with large companies buying up apartments to rent to tourists and pushing out local residents.  If you do decide to book an Airbnb in Barcelona I would recommend staying in a private room in an apartment, so you are helping someone who lives here to pay their rent, which is now at record levels in the city. 

Something like this room in the gorgeous apartment hosted by the Soler family or this room in Barceloneta are central places to stay and close to everything you might need.  

If you prefer to have your own place you could try this cosy studio, or check out all the options for Airbnb in Barcelona.

If you have never used Airbnb before, use this link to sign up & get up to $52 credit to use on your first trip!  Read more about the Airbnb first time discount code and my full Airbnb guide or click below for your Airbnb coupon.


If you’re looking for travel insurance for your trip to Spain, get a quote now from World Nomads.

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  1. Eric says:

    I totally prefer self-guided rather than group tour. I like having the freedom of changing plans, and not being constrained to a group. That’s just me personally!

  2. Vibeke says:

    I haven’t heard of this app before. I love the idea. I was in Barcelona 10 years ago, would love to go back and would definitely try this app there and other countries in Europe. I have not really been on a food tour before but love the idea doing it with an app 😀

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    Bitemojo sounds like a really unique experience. I also LOVE food tours, so I’d like to give this a try. Although, I think I would also feel a bit odd being on my phone the whole time. I do like the flexibility it allows though!

  6. Anne says:

    OMG I love this idea. I’m so not a fan of guided tours but being able to go at my pace definitely appeals. I also like the idea of starting on one day and finishing on the next

  7. Megan Jerrard says:

    I love the idea of a self guided food tour! I do love group tours, but self guided is so much easier from the point that you can take it at your own speed. I wasn’t aware that companies had the self guided option via an app, so this is fab! Thanks for the tip on Bitemojo’s self-guided food tour, Barcelona was one of my favorite food experiences, especially with Boqueria, so I will recommend this to others. Thankyou for the honest overview of the pros and cons though, I guess the mixed success is the difference in taking a group tour when you have a local guide who knows the exact places to go, there’s less chance for confusion, and you make a very valid point about being self conscious re always looking down at your phone, so things to consider, but it still sounds like a great app. Appreciate the tip!

  8. Ash says:

    That app comes in handy when exploring a city one’s unfamiliar with. Although the emphasis is on food, there’s an opportunity to explore more of the area on your own unlike those of guided tours.

  9. Kavita Favelle says:

    Love the idea of self-guided food tours that help you discover the speial places but at your own pace (and on your own budget!) I also really appreciate that it gives you a good overview before you buy so you can decide whether the tour is one you will enjoy. For me, knowing some specific places to go rather than aimlessly wonder through a market like Boqueria would be of value. But as you say I’d be disappointed that a place didn’t honour it’s agreement though, it’s a poor effort when an owner doesn’t ensure all staff are aware of all offers he has made, or that another was closed when it should be open. And with limited mobility I’d be super cross to be pingponged between branches of another place, it suggests that they haven’t done a great job of ensuring that places they include are genuinely on board with the tour.

  10. Jyoti says:

    I love self-guided food tours! But we never do a guided one because of our food preferences never match the mainstream, so it would end up being a waste of time. This is a great post to reference so I’ve pinned it.

  11. Christina Pfeiffer says:

    What a great idea! I’ve downloaded the Bitemojo app and can’t wait to try it out. I like the flexibility it provides. Also, Barcelona looks like an amazing city for foodies! You tend to think of Barcelona as an architectural city and I would never have thought of exploring Barcelona specifically for its food.

  12. Caitlin says:

    This sounds like a really great way to do a food tour. It does always drive me a little mad being in a large group and showing up at a food spot, so I like this alternative! And it looks like it brings you to some fabulous spots!

  13. Danila Caputo says:

    We love to experience food tours when we’re on the road and yet we never heard of Bitemojo before. You’re SO right when you say that doing it on your own means more flexibility, more often than not we had to give up because the tours were too long or on the other side of the city, so we couldn’t make it. Thank you!

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