Tips For Recreation In Patagonian Argentina

Tips For Recreation In Patagonian Argentina


The southern regions of Argentina make for beautiful destinations for backpackers, provided it’s the right time of year. Fewer cities, a lower population, and a great deal of natural beauty make the area very alluring to certain travellers. Rather than focusing purely on landscapes, sightseeing and hiking spots, we’re going to point out a few places you can go to enjoy yourself while you’re in the middle of your journey.

Restaurante Ahonikenk

As you might expect there are plenty of restaurants to choose from when we’re talking about an entire region of a large country. But we may as well point out one or two, and Restaurante Ahonikenk is certainly worth mentioning. This is in part due to its location. It’s right on the edge of Chile’s Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, which offers its own attractions that any backpacker might be interested in. It’s also because this is a great little family restaurant tucked away where you might not expect to run into one. There’s even a hostel upstairs (also worth noting for you backpackers). It may not be the best menu you can find in Patagonia, but it’s a terrific place to have an authentic steak and a few drinks.

Casino Club S.A.

There are actually a few casinos that go by this name around Argentina, but we want to talk about the one in the Chubut province of Patagonia. There’s just something fun about running into a legitimate casino in (relatively speaking) the middle of nowhere. In-person gaming isn’t on the mind of most travellers these days, especially when a lot of the top casinos out there have gone online and now have a mobile presence. It’s so easy to check into a gaming site from your phone that there’s not much need to look for a venue in a foreign county. But there’s still a certain charm to this casino that makes it worth a visit. It’s actually not a small place, but rather a legitimate centre of entertainment complete with different types of gaming and even live shows. It’s definitely a fun spot to unwind during a long trip.

Hotel Nogueira

As with restaurants, we could point to all kinds of different places to stay in Patagonia. Furthermore, if you’re on a backpacking trip, chances are you’re mostly looking for hostels, campsites, or other cheap and easy accommodations. Nevertheless, it’s nice to stay somewhere comfortable to treat yourself. Hotel Nogueira does a nice job of offering just that without taking you out of your travel element. It’s an attractive, old building in Punta Arenas, and one that will make you feel like royalty even if you only stay one night. One guide to Patagonian travel asserts that past guests include royals, specifically King Juan Carlos of Spain, and Princess Anne.

Paleontology Museum

Finally, if you happen to be looking for a more traditional tourist attraction, but one that’s still unique to the region, consider making time to visit the Edgidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum. With several different galleries and more than 1,500 fossils native to the area, it’s a stunning look back at a region that still feels as if it hasn’t changed much in thousands of years. It’s fun to be in a relatively wild part of the world and imagine it even wilder!


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