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The Best Campervan Gifts for Motorhome Owners in 2021

If you’re looking for some fabulous and functional campervan gift ideas to buy that special someone, I’ve brought together my favourite campervan gifts for you to choose from.  I’ll help you find gifts for motorhome owners, campers and campervanners which make the perfect present for Christmas, birthday or even “welcome to your new motorhome” gifts!

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Choosing What to Buy for Campervan Owners

I recently got my own campervan, and as a first-time motorhome owner, I had 101 things to buy for my campervan.  Some were more useful, others were simply cute campervan decoration, but I certainly needed a lot of help to get everything together. 

What you buy will depend on how much you want to spend, how well you know the person you’re buying for, and whether they have just got their campervan or if they’ve had it a while.  Ideally, you should try to do a bit of research before you buy to find out if there is anything they need or if you have free reign to buy whichever campervan gifts you fancy! 

Campervan Gifts - What to Buy for Motorhome Owners
Campervan Gifts – What to Buy for Motorhome Owners

Tech Campervan Gifts for Motorhome Owners


A Sat-Nav is a campervan essential but they aren’t the cheapest things to buy, so if you are looking for the perfect gift for your partner or kids and their campervan, a sat-nav will certainly be appreciated – especially for solo travellers who don’t have a navigator to help!  Garmin and TomTom are two of the best-known brands, and you can buy some models like this one which allows you to input the size and weight of the campervan so it doesn’t take you down narrow country roads.

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Kindle and/or Kindle Unlimited Subscription

If your gift recipient loves to read, they will find that packing several books for their campervan trip just isn’t practical.  In steps the Kindle as a perfect campervan gift!  Or any kind of e-reader for that matter.  Storing hundreds of books in one tiny space means they will never be without their favourite book, no matter where they go. 

The standard Kindle has 4 GB of storage and 167 ppi resolution, whereas the more advanced Kindle Paperwhite has 8 GB or 32 GB of storage, 300 ppi resolution, and is waterproof too.  If they already have a Kindle, then a Kindle Unlimited subscription could be really useful for them, as it includes unlimited access to over 1 million eBooks.  They can also use the subscription on any device with the free Kindle app, they don’t even need to own a Kindle.

Hand holding a Kindle e-Reader - A Kindle or Audio Book Membership is a great gift for campervan owners short on storage space
A Kindle or Audio Book Membership is a great gift for campervan owners short on storage space

Audible Subscription

If your gift recipient prefers to listen to books, an Audible subscription to listen to audio-books would be better for them.  They can also use the Audible subscription on the Kindle with Bluetooth headphones.  If you’re not sure whether they would make use of the subscription, you could also try out a free monthly trial which includes one free audiobook (two for Prime customers). 

I love listening to my audiobooks when I’m cooking or having dinner in the campervan.  On a rainy day it’s very comforting to have your favourite author reading to you!  At the moment I’m listening to David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet which is essential listening.

Portable Speaker

I love listening to music when I’m working, cooking, chilling or hanging out around a campfire, and although I’m conscious not to have it loud enough to disturb my neighbours, I use a portable speaker to play my favourite tunes.  They’re also really easy to charge up with a power bank off-grid if needed.

A blue Bose portable speaker on a tree stump - A Portable Speaker - Gift Ideas for Motorhome Owners
A Portable Speaker – Gift Ideas for Motorhome Owners

Power Bank

A power bank portable charger is also on my campervan essentials list as I could not do without it when I am off-grid!  I have a relatively large Anker power bank that will charge up my phone three or four times, which makes a huge difference.  There are smaller, cheaper portable chargers available but I definitely recommend the Anker brand as I’ve used this one for several years without any issues.

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Go-Pro Action Camera

If you are buying a gift for someone adventurous then a Go-Pro action camera is a great choice.  They can record their adventures as photos or videos, and they can even video themselves as they drive the campervan.  If they already have a go-pro camera, there are hundreds of Go-Pro accessories which make for great stocking fillers, either from the official Go-Pro store, or unofficial ones which do the job just fine – such as this 50 piece accessories pack.  Just make sure that whatever you buy is compatible with the right model of camera.

Hand holding a black Go Pro action camera - Campervan Gift Ideas
A Go-Pro action camera – Campervan Gift Ideas

Tripod and Microphone 

Having a record of campervan adventures is a great way to keep friends and family updated, and could also help to earn some money while they are on the road.  Budding videographers and vloggers will be very grateful for this gift – a tripod and external microphone for use with a mobile phone or action camera. 

I recently got a GripTight PRO TelePod and Wavo Mobile microphone from Joby and I love it!  The tripod is great for a selfie stick or for setting up for photos of me as a solo traveller, and the microphone makes such a difference to the sound it is incredible.  


There is no better way to take epic photos of a campervan than with a drone.  These little flying machines can take pictures and videos from angles we can only dream of from the ground.  DJI drones such as the DJI Mini 2 are some of the best on the market (with a price tag to match) and are great gifts for people who might use the footage professionally. 

However, for the enthusiastic amateur, there are plenty of cheaper options on the market, like this one, which gets excellent reviews for the price.  Make sure you also pass on the information needed to fly a drone safely and responsibly!

White drone flying against a dark green forest background - A Drone is an ideal gift for motorhome owners who love epic images
A Drone is an ideal gift for motorhome owners who love epic images

External Hard Drive

I love watching films and TV shows in the campervan, but I don’t have a TV so rely on watching everything through my laptop.  Having a bunch of films on an external hard drive means I can watch to my heart’s content without worrying about downloading on sketchy wifi or using all my phone data.  Hard drives are also very useful for backing up photos, videos and work from my laptop, so it is another very useful gift for motorhome owners.

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Wireless Hair Straighteners

Camping is no longer about roughing it.  With so much technology these days, there is no need for anyone to have a bad hair day!  When I’m plugged into an electric hook up, my mini-straighteners keep my hair in check, but it was a revelation when I found these wireless straighteners which charge up with a USB socket.  They’re not powerful enough to straighten a full head of long or thick hair, but for a touch-up and to take care of an unruly fringe they definitely come in handy for the ladies (or men) in your life.

Useful Campervan Gifts for Motorhome Owners

Here are some campervan gift ideas for a new motorhome owner, that are useful, fun and thoughtful!

Hand holding the turquoise Water to Go Bottle with green hills in the background - A Filter Water Bottle is a Useful Campervan Gift Idea
A Filter Water Bottle is a Useful Campervan Gift Idea

Filter Water Bottle

It’s generally not recommended to drink the water from your campervan tank, as you never know what is lurking in there!   I usually fill up an empty milk container with drinking water to keep in the van, but my Water-to-Go bottle with a built-in filter is really useful for days out and if I run out of drinking water.

I’ve used it in all sorts of places where you’re not supposed to drink the water, so I have no worries using it for my campervan water tank!  It is also very useful for hiking and I take it everywhere with me.  You can read my full review of the Water to Go bottle or head straight to the website for more information about how it works.

I have partnered with Water-to-Go to offer all Tales of a Backpacker readers a 15% discount on the purchase of a Water-to-Go bottle.  If you are based in the US or Canada, click here to order your bottle now, or if you are in Europe or Australia, click here.  Simply choose the water bottle you want to buy, and add in the code BYORB for a 15% discount on your purchase.

Hot Water Bottle

It is amazing how cold it can get in the van, even when it is a relatively warm day!  As well as my usual bedding and a couple of blankets, a hot water bottle helps to keep me snug and warm in cold weather, so a hot water bottle makes a great Christmas gift for campervan owners.  You don’t have to get a fancy cover for it, but I love my sloth hot water bottle cover, he is just so cute and cuddly!


For days when the wifi isn’t working or to have a break from a phone screen, journal writing is a great way to relax and to clear your head, as well as keep track of campervan adventures!  My brother bought me this gorgeous journal last year and I love it.  There are lots of designs to choose from to make a thoughtful gift.

An open notebook on a wooden table top - Campervan Gifts - A Journal is a Thoughtful Gift
Campervan Gifts – A Journal is a Thoughtful Gift

Packing Cubes

Of all the campervan gifts you could think of, packing cubes are one of the most useful but also most underrated.  Why would you need packing cubes when you aren’t using a suitcase?  Well, without drawers I have only allocated 2 shelves for all of my clothes, so keeping them in some kind of order really is essential!

I bought a set of 4 medium-sized packing cubes which fit conveniently into my cupboard space.  If you can, measure the space they have available in their campervan so you know which size to buy.

Scrubba Wash Bag

Some campsites have launderettes on-site, but for wild campers and Covid times when many site facilities are closed, hand-washing is the only way to have clean clothes if there are no launderettes around.  This Scrubba wash bag makes hand-washing easier and less messy, so could be a really useful campervan gift.


I have definitely become more interested in bird-watching while I’ve been at home, so now I am out on the road I want to see what birds I can spot in the countryside too!  A pair of binoculars are a perfect gift for nature-loving campervan owners.  A book about British birds or wildlife could be a nice addition too.

Binoculars on a picnic table with a bird book next to them - National Trust Membership includes Free Entry to Stonehenge - Campervan Gifts
Binoculars and Bird Books are great for nature loving campervanners – Campervan Gifts

Camping Chairs

My camping chair really isn’t very comfortable, and now I understand why many motorhome owners have some really fancy ones!  Mine only cost me 8 quid so I can’t really complain, but if I upgrade I’m definitely getting one with more cushioning! 

A comfy camping chair could be a great gift for people with campervans – it’s always nice to have a comfortable place to sit!

Picnic Blanket

There isn’t much better than dining alfresco – whether you are next to your campervan or heading off into the hills.  I have a mini picnic-blanket which I take hiking and a fancy soft blanket for the van.  I also love to lie down on it after a hard day’s hiking and biking, no picnic food required!  A compact but cosy picnic blanket would definitely be useful for campervan owners everywhere!

Travel Scarf

For those chilly evenings around the campfire or for travelling in the winter months, a scarf is a very useful gift for motorhome owners! 

These travel scarves from Waypoint Goods have a hidden pocket for storing phones, wallets – or campervan keys – to keep track of those essential items. 

Currently, they only ship to the USA but I managed to get my hands on one of these Orchid purple scarves and I love it!

Purple scarf in a figure of 8 shape, showing the hidden pocket for storing passport & phone
Orchid Travel Scarf | Credit: Waypoint Goods

Money-Saving Gifts for Campervan Owners

Activity Gift Cards

Gift experiences can be much more fun and rewarding than buying physical gifts for someone, so if the person you’re buying for loves to try new things when they’re on the road, a GetYourGuide gift card would be a fabulous present for them.  You can choose the amount you want to give them, then they choose their activity and enjoy!  GetYourGuide also has a range of online activities too, so they can use the gift card wherever they like – and they’re valid for 3 years too.  

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National Trust Membership

I bought my own National Trust membership, but if I could have waited until my birthday I would have done!  Buying a membership for the National Trust, or similar organisation such as English Heritage or the RSPB is a great campervan gift idea as the recipient can enjoy exploring more of the UK without spending money.

A membership is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, and every time they use it they will think of you!  National Trust is useful as they often offer free parking which is obviously handy for campervan and motorhome owners, as well as access to hundreds of stately homes, gardens and historic sites like Stonehenge.  However, if they are more interested in birdwatching or national monuments, another membership could be more appropriate.

Stonehenge at Sunrise - National Trust Membership includes Free Entry to Stonehenge - Campervan Gifts
National Trust Membership includes Free Entry to Stonehenge – Campervan Gifts

Camping Club Membership

There are two main camping clubs in the UK, the Camping and Caravanning Club and the Caravan and Motorhome Club.  Both sites offer heavily discounted rates on camping at their club sites, which will add up to a huge saving if your loved one will be taking several trips in their motorhome.

Brit Stops Book

Something your motorhome owner might find very useful is the Brit Stops book.  They release a new book every February, so this might not be the best time for a Christmas gift, but could work well for a birthday present.  The book lists hundreds of places in the UK where campervans can park for the night for free, from pubs to farm shops and wineries. 

There is no charge for overnight stays, but it is highly recommended to have a few drinks or a meal in the pub, and to buy something from the shop in exchange for the stay.  It is a great way to travel cheaply in the UK and could save a lot of cash! 

Fun Campervan Gifts


Who doesn’t love cushions?? They aren’t the cheesy or chintzy décor you might imagine, they are very useful in a campervan!  Campervan seats are not the most comfortable, so having some cute cushions will make campervans feel more like home, so they can be a thoughtful gift for campervan owners.

Fairy Lights

Oh yes, it may be a cliché but fairy lights really are a must-have campervan accessory.  They make everything look magical, and can help save the battery if there is no electric hook up available.  I love my star-shaped fairy lights but there are tons of options to choose from.  Solar or battery-powered are best so they could hang them outside or around an awning. 

Board Games

How better to entertain the family on a rainy day than with some board games?  A pack of cards goes a long way but throw in Monopoly and Boggle and you’re all set!  Of course, there are hundreds of games to choose from, so pick your favourite game for a great campervan gift.

Anything with Campervans On

These gifts work especially well for people with VW campervans as there is so much stuff with campervans on to get them!  Cute but practical gifts are probably the best options, but when my brother had an old VW campervan we just bought anything we could find with a picture of a campervan on it!  From campervan mugs to keyrings, you’re bound to find something suitable!

Inspirational Campervan Gifts

These inspiration campervan gifts can help your favourite camper to choose their next destination or could even inspire someone to buy a campervan of their own!  I am hoping for some of these campervan books in my Christmas stocking….

How to Live in a Van and Travel by Mike Hudson is a really useful and inspirational read for anyone thinking about owning a campervan, in particular for long term travel or living in the campervan.  Mike shares information, inspiration and anecdotes about life on the road, and doesn’t shy away from the realities of van life.  


This series of books by Martin Dorey will have any campervan owner raring to get out and explore the UK.  Take the Slow Road: England and Wales includes some of the best driving routes on England and Wales for camper vans and motorhomes.  You can also find his books about Ireland and Scotland which are just as fabulous.  


The Camper Van Bible is another of Martin Dorey’s books.  This one has everything you need to know about owning a campervan.  Reviews admit that it is a bulky book, so perhaps one to give to someone before they set off on their first trip! 


This Lonely Planet book Europe’s Best Trips covers 40 of the very best road trips in Europe, with plenty of ideas for destinations on the continent. They also have a version that just sticks to Great Britain’s Road Trips if the recipient of your gift prefers to stay in the UK.


I hope this gift guide has given you some great ideas for campervan gifts to choose from – no matter what you choose to buy I’m sure that it will make that special someone very happy!

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