Work Exchanges

Travel in 2021 has changed drastically, so while I try to keep up posts to date please follow advice from your government's official website about travel abroad, and make sure you have adequate travel insurance which covers COVID disruption*

Think that travel is expensive?  WRONG!  Work Exchanges can be a great way to travel the world for free, where you give your time and skills in exchange for free accommodation.  Volunteering abroad using work exchanges meant I could extend my travel plans, save money, and get a unique experience while I was on the road.

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In the following posts, I’ll share all my tips and advice about using work exchanges to volunteer abroad in exchange for accommodation. 

Also, don’t forget that you can also use work exchanges to explore your own country – there are some great offers on at the moment where work exchange sites are offering extended membership at no extra cost.  So even if you can’t travel now, it could be a great time to sign up with Worldpackers or Workaway so you can take advantage of the extended membership when it is safe to travel again.

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