Backpacking in Europe

Europe is a diverse continent, with each country having its own unique identity and most having their own language too.  Backpacking in Europe is a rewarding experience, and although some Western European countries can be expensive, if you are backpacking on a budget then there are plenty of bargains to be had here too. 

I am slowly working my way through Europe and when I’m based in the UK I often take short trips to the continent.  As I continue to explore you will find more countries added here so if the country you want to visit isn’t listed, please come back and check again soon!  

If you are not sure which country in Europe you want to visit, these posts may inspire you to choose, or you can browse all of my European blog posts here.

Click on your chosen country to find all of the articles for that destination, or feel free to explore each one so you can create your own European travel itinerary.

backpacking in europe