Should You Work for Accommodation?  The Pros & Cons of Work Exchanges

Clean Hostel Bunk Bed with white sheets and a white locker door - Should you Work for Accommodation?

Working in exchange for accommodation while you travel is a fantastic way to travel for longer and for less money, but are work exchanges always a good deal?  In this post, I’ll discuss different ways you can travel the world for free, and whether working for accommodation is the best option for you.  After reading […]

Free Accommodation in Exchange for Work as a Hostel Volunteer

Hostel Room with bunk beds and two single beds - Working as a Hostel Volunteer

As a cash-strapped backpacker, I need to save money wherever I can so I can continue my dream of travelling the world.  One of my best budget travel tips and how I have managed to travel for free (almost!) is by exchanging work in hostels for free accommodation.  Because this is a kind of work […]

Hostel Essentials – Your Must-Have Hostel Packing List

A Bright Clean Hostel Dorm - Hostel Essentials Packing List

I love staying in hostels.  They are a fabulous way to travel the world for cheap, you meet interesting people, make lifelong friends and have the time of your life.  If you will be staying in a hostel on your next trip and are wondering what to pack for a hostel stay, I’ve got this […]

Hostel Tips: Essential Tips for Staying in a Hostel

Sturdy Bunk Beds in Hostels - Hostel Tips

Hostels are a cheap and fun way to travel around the world but staying in a hostel for the first time can be daunting.  I asked Danny from What’s Danny Doing to share his top tips for staying in a hostel from a guy’s point of view – and you’ll be glad to know that […]

Why Staying in a Hostel for the First Time Isn’t Scary (Even If You’re Over 30)

Private room at the Wombat's Vienna Naschmarket - Staying in a hostel for the first time

When I travel, I almost always stay in hostels.  This is partly to save money, and partly to save my sanity.  I usually travel alone, so if I stayed in a hotel I would just stay in my room and keep myself to myself – I can go for days without talking to anyone.  While […]

How to Choose a Hostel Bed – Top or Bottom Bunk Plus Other Tips!

Beds in a Hostel Dorm Room - Is the Bottom or Top Bunk Best

Which is best, the top or bottom bunk in a hostel dorm room?  I’m here to help you decide as not all hostel beds are made equal!  Your first stay in a hostel can be a daunting experience, and although a good night’s sleep unfortunately can’t be guaranteed, choosing the right hostel bed can go […]