Backpacking in Central America

I'm still sharing travel posts for future plans but PLEASE DON'T TRAVEL NOW, just explore the world from home until it is safe and responsible to travel again. Thank you!

After backpacking in South America, I came home to try and forget the adventure but just couldn’t let go.  I flew to Cuba and spent just over a year exploring Cuba, Mexico and Central America – yet still didn’t manage to visit every country I wanted to.  I will go back, I am sure of that!  

Backpacking in Central America is in some ways similar to South America, yet the cultures and countries are notably different.  Each has its own spirit, and the indigenous cultures are fascinating to learn about, lending unique languages and traditions to the colourful countries.  

Click on your chosen country to find all of the articles for that destination, or feel free to explore each one so you can create your own Central American travel itinerary.  Alternatively, you can browse all of my Central America blog posts here

backpacking in Central AMERICA