Angel Falls Venezuela

Angel Falls Venezuela

Venezuela was the one country I didn’t expect to visit in South America.  Back in 2016, I had the chance to go, and despite my fears about safety in Venezuela, I decided to risk it.  I was lucky to spend some time with my friend in Caracas, where I would not have gone had she […]

Mount Roraima: The Lost World of Venezuela

When Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about the Lost World, he based his story on Mount Roraima, one of Venezuela’s tallest Tepuy (or Tepui) mountains.  Perched on the borders of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana, the majestic flat-topped mountain rises from the horizon.  The trek to Roraima in Venezuela was beautiful, difficult, hot, brutal, and in parts, […]

Is Venezuela Safe to Visit?

Mural of Cahvez, Bolivar and Maduro

Sadly, Venezuela is no longer on the agenda for most travellers, backpackers and tourists, due to the problems in the country and worries about safety.  Now officially the most dangerous country in the world (that isn’t at war), most people choose to stay away.  Even Venezuelans who can leave are fleeing in their hundreds, but […]