Backpacker Flags & Patches for your Backpack

A backpacker’s backpack becomes a part of them, an extension of their body that carries around all their worldly belongings for weeks, months or even years on end, so it is understandable that many people want to personalise their backpack with cool decorations and accessories.  If you’re looking for backpack patches to stick on to your trusty backpack or luggage, check out these cool backpacker flag and badge designs!

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Why Decorate Your Backpack?

When you’re travelling long-term, backpacking around the world or have had the same backpack for years, it becomes one of the most important things you own, and personalising your backpack with backpacker flags and patches to represent your trips makes it even more special.

You can find backpack patches of country flags from all around the world, to show where you have travelled before.  There are also lots of backpacker patches with inspirational travel quotes, cute characters and all kinds of designs which represent you, your travels, and your loved ones back home.  

Not only does your backpack decorating your backpack help to remind you of wonderful memories, it also makes your backpack very easy to spot on luggage carousels, packed hostel storage rooms and anywhere else you might need to find your backpack quickly.

a Backpack with Backpacker Flags and Patches - Choose the Best Backpack Flags for your Next Trip

How to Attach Backpacker Flags

While pins might be great for small satchels or jackets, I don’t recommend pinning things to your backpack as they can easily catch on things and might fall off, or worst get stuck and tear your backpack.

The best option for attaching flags on a backpack is to get patches which can be sewn or ironed onto your backpack.  

If you want to sew on backpack patches as you travel, remember to take a mini sewing kit with you.  Iron-on patches don’t require you to carry any extra equipment, you’ll just need to borrow an iron from your hostel or accommodation as you go.

Alternatively, collect your backpacker flags and patches as you go, and sew them on when you get back home.

Cool Backpacker Patches

These are some of my favourite backpacker patch designs, including backpack flags, cute and funny patches, hiking backpack patches and travel quotes or sayings.

Country Backpack Flags

Choosing the flags of the countries you’ve visited is a great way to show how far you have travelled around the world, and can be a great talking point with people that you meet along the way. 

While it is often possible to buy these kinds of backpacker flags in the country where you are, sometimes you can’t find them or just forget to buy one, so here are some places to order them online when you’re back from your backpacking adventures:

US Travel Backpack Patches

Staying closer to home? There are some gorgeous designs for travel patches for US travel destinations including American States and National Parks.

Hiking Backpack Patches

If you're more of a hiker than a traveller, you might prefer these hiking backpack patches instead of the backpacker flags above.

Inspirational Backpack Patches

If you prefer to decorate your backpack with inspirational quotes and travel captions, check out these beauties!

Fun Backpacker Patches

There is no end to the amount of fun backpack patches to choose from, with cute and funny designs to suit every personality. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

Backpacking Flags for Your Campsite or Home

How about these cute backpacker flags to decorate your campsite, home or office instead of just your backpack?

I hope you like these backpacker patches, I tried to choose a range of backpacker flags, quotes and fun patches for your backpack!  You can find lots more designs on Etsy for backpack flags and patches, and other fun handmade items too.

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