Havana Travel Guide

Colourful Classic Cars in Havana Cuba - Havana Travel Guide

I miss Cuba!  It’s a fascinating country, beautiful and unique – with lots to explore.  I asked Daniel from Layer Culture to share his thoughts on Cuba’s captivating capital city, Havana.  He shares his top tips for visiting Cuba in his Havana travel guide, so check it out! Welcome to this Havana travel guide.  Conjuring […]

Cuba Transportation: A Guide to Getting Around Cuba

Cuba Transportation: A Guide to Getting Around Cuba - Classic Car in Havana

Cuba is larger than I thought, and I was surprised at how long it took to travel from place to place.  Getting around Cuba is more challenging than in other countries due to the restrictions on tourists using the local forms of transport which are just for Cuban citizens.  However, with a little inside knowledge […]

The Best Cuba Itinerary for 2 Weeks in Cuba

Classic cars outside colourful houses in Cuba

Planning a trip to Cuba?  Cuba is a magical place, and there are so many wonderful places to visit in Cuba that deciding what to see in Cuba can be tough.  Luckily, I have done the research for you!  I spent almost a month travelling around Cuba and have picked out the very best places […]

What to do in Viñales Cuba

A tobacco field and house in Vinales Cuba next to a Mogote

Viñales was my favourite place in Cuba.  A tiny town in the middle of green fields, brown tobacco plantations and towering rock formations in the Viñales Valley, Viñales had a calmness and tranquillity I needed after Havana and Trinidad.  Not that Viñales was boring though, far from it!  There are plenty of things to do […]

Ten Travel Tips for Cuba

Colourful Classic Cars in Havana - Getting around Cuba

I am always fascinated by peoples opinions of Cuba, as going to Cuba can cause mixed reactions.  Travel to Cuba is not always easy, so make sure you prepare for your trip as much as you can!  I asked Antoine from Traveling Life to share his thoughts and travel tips for Cuba to help you […]

Top Things to do in Trinidad Cuba

Trinidad is a beautiful town and an extremely popular destination in Cuba.  Trinidad was probably my second favourite destination in Cuba, after Viñales and although it is extremely touristy it still felt small and accessible, and not overtaken by tourism.  Even though you will get approached almost constantly to eat in someone’s restaurant or drink their […]

Why You Need to Visit Cienfuegos Cuba

Is Cienfuegos in Cuba worth visiting?  In my opinion, hell yes!  Cienfuegos is a seriously underrated city.  Much slower paced than Havana, Cienfuegos is, in fact, a delightful break from the craziness there.  You will still be plagued with shouts of ‘Taxi?’ from the car and bicycle taxis (apparently tourists never walk anywhere) but that is a […]

Backpacking in Cuba on a Budget

Cuba on a Budget Cheap Travel in Cuba

Let’s not beat about the bush; Cuba is NOT a cheap destination for foreigners.  It seems that the Cuban government are very savvy about the revenue they gain from tourism, and although crime is rare & foreigners are officially very well looked after, it can be hard not to feel like a walking wallet, especially […]