The Best Free Things to do in Prague

View of Prague Castle across the river - The Best Free Things to do in Prague

Prague is an excellent city to explore without spending a lot of money, and in this post, we’ve selected 10 free things to do in Prague for you, together with recommendations for cheap hostels and hotels in Prague so you can enjoy the best of Prague on a budget.  Read on for our budget Prague […]

How to Visit Loch na Gainmhich & Wailing Widow Falls in Scotland

Loch na Gainmhich and Wailing Widow Falls - One of the Best Waterfalls in Scotland

If you’re driving the North Coast 500 in Scotland, there is a hidden gem that you might easily drive right past. Technically, this gorgeous waterfall isn’t actually on the NC500 – but it is worth the detour.  Loch na Gainmhich and Wailing Widow Falls is the most beautiful loch and waterfall I have ever seen, […]

10 of the Best Free Things to do in Paris France

The Best Free Things to do in Paris France - The Arc de Triomphe

Paris has a unique historical and cultural heritage that millions of tourists come to visit every year, often while spending a large amount of money. Indeed, visiting the European capitals on a small budget is not easy, but there is always a way to keep the budget down and still get the most out of […]

How Many Days in Venice is Enough?

Rialto Bridge in Venice - How Many Days in Venice Itinerary Planning

If you are planning to visit Venice but aren’t sure how much time to spend in the city, this post will cover my suggestions for how many days to spend in Venice, and how to plan your Venice itinerary to perfection.  I have to say though, don’t underestimate Venice.  To truly appreciate this magnificent city […]

10 Free things to do in Algarve Portugal

Portuguese Carvoeiro Beach with classic fishing boats - Free Things to do in Algarve

The mesmerizing Algarve coast in southern Portugal attracts travelers from all across the globe for its captivating cliffs, sand-swept beaches, amazing surf, and enchanting fisherman’s towns.  The best things to do in the Algarve all involve nature, and as there are more than 300 sunny days a year, you can explore most of it for […]

How to Visit Barcelona Responsibly (and Have a Better Trip!)

The Arc de Triomf in Barcelona Spain - How to Visit Barcelona Sustainably

Barcelona is an incredible city, my favourite in Europe in fact, but it became a victim of its own popularity and before the pandemic, it was suffering the effects of over-tourism.  That has changed over the last couple of years of course, but as we visitors return to Barcelona it is important that we do […]

Why Visit Barcelona in Winter

Dragon Statue at Park Guell - Things to do in Barcelona in Winter

Barcelona is my favourite city in Europe and a great place to plan a winter vacation.  In this post, I’ll share just why you should visit Barcelona in winter, what to expect from winter weather in Barcelona, what to wear, where to stay and the best things to do in Barcelona in winter as well […]

Montafon: Hiking and Wellness in Vorarlberg Austria

Exploring Montafon - Hiking and Wellness in Vorarlberg

After being cooped up inside during lockdown, like many of us, I found solace in being outdoors.  Whether that was a simple stroll in the woods or hiking up a mountain, just being out in the fresh air brought me joy.  And so, when I arrived in Montafon in the Vorarlberg region of Austria I […]

Remembering How to Travel Again in Vorarlberg Austria

Rustic building and church in autumn in the village of Mellau - Things to do in Vorarlberg Austria

It had been a long time since I’d taken a flight anywhere.  My international travel plans had screeched to a halt along with the rest of the world back in early 2020, and now, some 18 months later, I was finally ready to fly abroad again – to the region of Vorarlberg in Austria. When […]

Silvretta Stausee Reservoir Walk in Vorarlberg Austria

Silvretta Stausee Reservoir - A Turquoise blue lake with mountains in the distance and a pink flower in the foreground

Have you ever seen a lake so perfectly turquoise it doesn’t seem real?  That was my first thought when I saw Silvretta Stausee Reservoir, that it looked fake!  The jewel-like colour of the water seemed other-worldly, but it reminded me of the glacier lakes I had seen in the mountains of Peru.  It was real.  […]