Chachapoyas Peru – Gocta Waterfall and Kuelap Pre-Inca Ruins

Kuelap Pre Inca Ruins in Chachapoyas Peru

Chachapoyas is the unlikely capital of the Amazonas region in Peru.  Unlikely because it isn’t actually in the Amazon Rainforest, it is located in the Cordillera, and doesn’t feel remotely Amazonic!  Chachapoyas itself is a quaint town, with white painted buildings and colonial architecture.  There isn’t much to ‘do’ in the town, but it is […]

11 Awesome Photos of Machu Picchu

Photos of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is still one of my favourite places I have ever been.  In the last 2 years I have been backpacking South America, Cuba, and Central America, and watching the sunrise at Machu Picchu still sticks in my mind as an incredible experience that I don’t think I’ll ever forget!  I wanted to share […]

Pisac – Exploring Peru’s Sacred Valley

Inca Ruins in Pisac - Day Trips from Cusco Peru

Pisac wasn’t quite the “Andean Shangri-La” that Lonely Planet painted it out to be, but is definitely worth a visit!  After the hustle and bustle of Cusco, I wanted to escape for a while.  My hostel ‘Hospedaje Chaska Pisac’ promised great things, it had a gym, meditation room and only 2 beds in the 3 […]

Huacachina – Sandboarding in the Desert of Peru

Huacachina - an Oasis in the Dessert of Peru

Huacachina’s reputation precedes it.  An oasis in the Peruvian desert, surrounded by sand dunes, where Limeños flocked to escape the city.  Sandboarding and drunken debauchery in the tiny town close to Ica, and 4 – 5 hours drive from Lima. I had heard Huacachina was crazy at the weekends.  The usual Peru Hop hostel, Casa […]

Nazca Lines: The Mysterious Markings in the Peruvian Desert

Or how I paid $85 to vomit over a UNESCO World Heritage site! I was excited about Nazca. I didn’t know much about the ancient civilization that gave the town its name, except that they had left the famous ‘Nazca Lines’ in the desert, deep in Southern Peru.  I was hoping to learn more about […]

Arequipa Peru – A Backpacker’s Guide to Peru’s White City

Arequipa is at a lower elevation than Cusco so is a good way to acclimatise to the altitude in Cusco

Arequipa is filled with beautiful architecture & surrounded by spectacular scenery. White volcanic rock called sillar was used to construct most of the buildings here, and so earned Arequipa its nickname of the White City. It is Peru’s second largest city and is also the base for treks to Colca Canyon & surrounding volcanoes including El […]

Peru Hop Review: The Best Way from Lima to Cusco

Peru Hop Route Cusco to Lima

Getting from Lima to Cusco by bus can seem like a mission, but Peru Hop have come to the rescue.  They offer a hop on hop off bus from Lima to Cusco, and vice versa, taking in all of the key places to visit along the way.  I took the Cusco to Lima bus, instead […]

Sunrise at Machu Picchu: My Magic Moment

Sunrise at Machu Picchu

I cried the first time I saw Machu Picchu. It had been an emotional few days! I had been pushed to my physical and mental limits; hiked for four days across peaks up to 4400m high. I had been wet, cold, hot, sweaty and constantly exhausted. While I understand how some people hate Machu Picchu and […]

The Day a Horse named Zaino Saved My Life

Bringing up the rear to Machu Picchu

OK, so I wasn’t really dying. But when you’re 4000m high, your perspective tends to be a little skewed. We had just started day 3 of our 4 day trek to Machu Picchu, and I was exhausted. I’d slept fairly well considering the cold temperatures and aching limbs, but after breakfast I really didn’t fancy […]

The Trek to Machu Picchu

Me on the trek to Machu Picchu

When I decided to book this trip back in June, the traditional Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu had already sold out. However, I had read online that it was often busy, felt over-crowded in places, and there was a mad rush to get through the Sun Gate first. So I wasn’t that upset about […]