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11 Awesome Photos of Machu Picchu

Photos of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is still one of my favourite places I have ever been.  In the last 2 years I have been backpacking South America, Cuba, and Central America, and watching the sunrise at Machu Picchu still sticks in my mind as an incredible experience that I don’t think I’ll ever forget!  I wanted to share with you some of my favourite photos of Machu Picchu that I took during my time there, including a few from the trek to Machu Picchu.  If you are planning a trip to Peru, you HAVE to visit Machu Picchu!

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Photos of Machu Picchu: The Trek to Machu Picchu

There are several different ways of getting to Machu Picchu, but if you have the time, and the fitness, I highly recommend one of the treks.  From the traditional Inca Trail (which you need to book at least 6 months in advance) to the Salkantay Trek, Inka Jungle Tour, and more, there are options to suit every taste.  I booked with Dragoman Travel to do their Community Trek, and the scenery was stunning!  Unfortunately I lost a lot of the photos of Machu Picchu and the trek when my laptop was stolen in Ecuador, but a few survived.

trek to Machu Picchu
It is hard to believe that people live up here! It is beautiful but bleak.
The trek to Machu Picchu - following the emergency horse. Photos of Machu Picchu
Trekking to Machu Picchu I was the last of our group, following the emergency horse.
llamas on the trek to Machu Picchu
One of the local people we met kept llamas, who were interested to see who we were!

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Photos of Machu Picchu: Llamas at Machu Picchu

The Machu Picchu llamas are famous, and everyone wants to take a picture with them!  They didn’t seem bothered by the hundreds of tourists taking pictures of them, trying to get the perfect shot of llama and the Inca site.  I didn’t want to get too close (I heard llamas can bite!) so I just tried to get some photos of Machu Picchu with a casual llama just doing its thing.

A resting Llama at Machu Picchu
A llama chilling out at Machu Picchu
Llama at Machu Picchu enjoying the sunshine - photos of Machu Picchu
A llama and its baby enjoying the morning sunshine – and showing how high we are!
Llama & rays of sunshine at Machu Picchu
Another llama enjoying the sunshine!
Machu Picchu Llamas - photos of Machu Picchu
I managed to get three llamas in this shot of Machu Picchu!

Photos of Machu Picchu: The Inca Citadel

Machu Picchu was never found by the Spanish when they conquered Peru.  The magnificent citadel was too hidden, too difficult to reach and so remained much more intact than other Inca sites which were ransacked & destroyed by the Conquistadores.

Exploring Machu Picchu - Photos of Machu Picchu
Take your time to explore the site, you too can find Machu Picchu’s secrets!
Sunrise at Machu Picchu -Photos of Machu Picchu
The first rays of morning sunshine touch Machu Picchu
Beautiful Machu Picchu - photos of Machu Picchu
In its full glory, Machu Picchu really is a sight to behold!
Machu Picchu with plant - photos of Machu Picchu
Wayna Picchu is the mountain behind the ruins that provides a perfect backdrop for photos

Are you planning a trip to Machu Picchu?  I travelled with Dragoman, a partner of Intrepid Travel who offered this package to include the trek to Machu Picchu in their La Paz to Cuzco package.  Click on the photo below to check out the variety of options for your Machu Picchu visit, or you can contact one of the many operators in Cuzco.Intrepid La Paz to Cusco & Machu Picchu

Have you been to Machu Picchu?  I’d love to hear your stories, just let me know in the comments below!

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Last updated: February 16, 2020

8 thoughts on “11 Awesome Photos of Machu Picchu

  1. Ambuj Saxena says:

    After reading this post, I wish to head to Machu Picchu. I had heard a lot about the Inca trek but your post has given me a new perspective of the peak. Ilamas look unperturbed by the tourists around them and seem to be basking in glory! Haha. However, this brings me to the point as to how tourism can affect nature and its creatures. However, the pic of the Ilama basking in the sunshine was truly amazing. You have captured the scene so well! Kudos!

  2. Cat says:

    Your pictures of Machu Picchu have inspired me to visit the place! I love your shots with the llamas! I will look into your suggestion of taking the tour with Dragoma.

  3. Jon Bailey says:

    I’ve never visited Machu Picchu, but this sure looks like a must-visit travel destination. Now to decide whether to tag the kids along – this doesn’t look like the easiest hike!

  4. Sarah Kim says:

    I love your photos. I’ve always wanted to go to Machu Piccu but it seems like a lot of effort. Happy to have a tour group reference so I know what’s a good one. Thanks!

  5. Sheena says:

    Wow your images are stunning. When I was at Machu Picchu it was covered in mist – you’re so lucky to get a sunny day! 🙂

  6. Corinne says:

    Machu Picchu is one of those legendary places that you dream about — or at least I do. And with the alpacas it just becomes a beautiful postcard. Good tips on planning ahead!

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