What is the Best Thing about Solo Travel?

The Best Thing about Solo Travel

As I sip my glass of white wine out of a plastic cup I gaze around at my surroundings.  A pop-up bar along the banks of the Danube, made up of an old camper van, pallet furniture, and a couple of hammocks, it also boasts recycling for our cups, and a banging stereo system propped […]

Ten Simple Pleasures of Travelling

Aeroplane in the Sky - The Cheapest Places to fly in South America Backpackers Guide

There are many simple pleasures in life, that don’t require any technology, hard work or complicated designs.  And for me, most of these can be found through travelling.  I was planning to just do a top 5 list but there are just too many pleasurable aspects to travel!  The sheer joy of discovering something new, […]

Santa Cruz: First Impressions of Bolivia

Some peace in the Plaza Principal of Santa Cruz

Unfortunately, Santa Cruz didn’t provide the best first impressions of Bolivia.  It was my first destination in South America and marked the beginning of my 10-month backpacking adventure.  But I hated it.  Is hate a strong word?  Perhaps.  But I certainly didn’t like it!  Perhaps it was the jet-lag, the culture shock, or simply that […]