Cool Campervan Gadgets for Your Next Road Trip

Looking for some cool campervan gadgets to add a little luxury to your camping trip?  There is an argument for minimalist packing for a campervan trip, as space is at a premium when you are living or travelling in a camper van.  However, some things make van life a whole lot easier, and whether you are on a road trip or living in your van, these camper van and motorhome gadgets will come in really handy!

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How to Choose the Best Campervan Gadgets

Choosing the best campervan gadgets for your motorhome, camper van or RV depends on how much space you have, how much money you want to spend and what kind of things you’re into.  I’ve put my choices for useful campervan gadgets into categories, and selected items that I think will be useful, time- or space-saving, and some that are just very cool!

I’m sure these ideas will help you to stock up your campervan with cool gadgets that are useful and will make your next road trip an absolute dream!  Enjoy.

Cool Campervan Gadgets for Your Next Road Trip - Motorhome in a Field
Cool Campervan Gadgets for Your Next Road Trip

Essential Campervan Gadgets

If you’re looking for a full packing list of all the campervan essentials I recommend then you should check out this article which has a printable campervan packing list – but these are some must-have campervan gadgets that you really can’t do without!


Definitely an essential camper van gadget – especially if you’re a solo campervanner like me – you need a decent navigator!  I need someone (or something) to help me navigate the roads without having to pull over and read directions every two minutes, so a GPS system is a must. 

Garmin and TomTom are two of the best-known brands and some models like the Garmin RV Navigator allow you to input the size and weight of your campervan or motorhome so you can avoid narrow roads and low bridges.  If you don’t want to buy a brand new sat-nav, you might be able to pick up a second-hand one on eBay or download an app for your phone.

T Level

One of the simplest little campervan gadgets on this list, this t-shaped spirit level helps me to get a good night’s sleep by making sure I’m parked on flat ground.  I use this every time I park up for the night, rolling up onto the my levelling ramps to adjust if needed.

Automatic Tyre Inflator

Have you tried to pump up your campervan tyres with a manual foot pump?  I have, and it isn’t enjoyable.  Plug this handy gadget into the lighter socket and sit back while it fills your tyres to the set pressure levels. 

Larger campervans and RV’s may need a cigarette lighter extension cable to go with this or any other electrical campervan gadgets.

Use a tyre pressure checker like this first to see if you need to top up your tyres. It’s quite common to top up tyres a little bit, but if your tyres are losing a lot of pressure you may have a leak so get it checked out at a garage.  

Personal Alarm

I don’t mess around with safety, especially when I am sleeping on my own in the campervan.  I have several of these personal alarms dotted around the van so I can quickly grab one if I need to aim an ear-piercing siren at an attacker.  I also have one on my campervan keys.


One of my personal campervan must have gadgets is a tracker that helps me to keep an eye on my campervan when I’m not in it.  Having a tracker gives me peace of mind that I’ll be alerted if the campervan moves when it shouldn’t, and where it is now. 

I use a trackisafe tracker from Vodafone which is only available in the UK, but there are several brands of trackers that you can check out to keep your pride and joy safe – if you have an Apple phone then even an AirTag hidden away in the van will do the trick!

Carbon Monoxide Detector

An essential campervan and motorhome gadget that could save your life, make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector if you use any kind of gas in the van.  It should be positioned close to the roof, as near to the gas appliances as possible.  I’m assuming you’ll already have a smoke alarm and fire alarm, but if not, then get one!

Small Safe

One of my concerns, when I got Mabel the Motorhome (my campervan), was how to keep things like my laptop safe in case she got broken into.  Having a lockbox or a safe hidden somewhere inside the campervan might not keep out determined thieves who have a lot of their time on their hands, but for quick smash and grabs it should do the job. 

This small safe would work for passports and phones, if you secured it to something fixed, but a larger safe or something like this Pacsafe portable safe would be better for laptops.

Solar Shower

Is a solar shower really an essential campervan gadget?  Probably not, but if you’re in a VW Camper Van or any van without running water, a shower can really make a difference at the end of the day, especially if you’ve been out and about and getting hot and sweaty. 

It’s best to leave these solar showers in the sun for as long as you can so you can have a warm shower, and while there are various kinds with different price points, a simple one like this could do the trick if you’re on a budget!

Tech Campervan Gadgets for Power

Solar Panel

If you’re planning on spending time off-grid in your campervan, having your own electricity source is very useful.  While a campervan leisure battery might last you a couple of days, installing solar panels on the roof is the best way to guarantee access to electricity.

Portable Power Station

Jackery is THE brand for portable power stations and generators for campervans and motorhomes.  They have a range of power stations and solar charging panels that work together or alone to give you as much power as you need.  

The best-selling Explorer 300 is the smallest and works great for weekend trips, or you can go all the way up to the Explorer 3000 for heavy-duty power.

Cigarette Lighter Power Inverter

One problem I’ve found with taking my campervan off-grid is being able to keep my laptop charged.  If you don’t have a portable or solar power system, a cheaper option is to get a power inverter that will allow you to plug into the cigarette lighter and charge a laptop or other electronics from the van battery. 

I also bought a specific laptop charger that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter which also works really well.

Power Bank

Essential for keeping your phone or any other campervan gadgets charged up, a power bank is a must.  They’re particularly useful for off-grid van life or any hiking trips when you need to make sure you can use your phone for directions or making emergency calls.

Different-sized power banks are available, a small lipstick-sized one has enough oomph to charge your phone at least once, whereas the larger power banks can charge a phone four or five times.  Just make sure to charge them up when you’re back on a hook-up if you don’t have your own portable power supply.

Space Saving Gadgets for Campervans

Space is precious in a campervan or motorhome, and every cubic centimetre counts.  Some of these space-saving gadgets might not save much room, but every little helps!


I don’t have space for a full toolkit in the van, but having a compact multi-tool like this (along with my trusty mallet) means I’m prepared for almost every eventuality.  From attaching bicycle lights to taking out my leisure battery, I’ve already lost count of the number of times I’ve used this useful piece of kit!


I do love curling up under a blanket with a good book, but there’s not enough room in my campervan for bookshelves!  I can, however, squeeze in a Kindle, which gives me access to hundreds of books at my fingertips. 


If you have a built-in kitchen in your motorhome or campervan, you’ll probably have enough space for cutlery.  However, for campers using camping stoves, a spork can save you some much-needed space.  Sporks are all-in-one knives, forks and spoons that are essential for campers!

The Best Campervan Gadgets for the Kitchen

Portable BBQ

I have a fully fitted kitchen in my campervan, but if you don’t – or want to do some cooking outside – then a portable barbecue is a great way to rustle up a meal in the great outdoors.  In the UK, Cadac is one of the best known brands that campervan owners love, but they don’t seem to be available in the US, so check out this portable grill instead.

Portable Refrigerator

While I coolbox and ice packs might do for a weekend camping trip, if you’re heading out for long you need a way to keep your food and drinks nice and cold.  In steps a portable refrigerator like this one, with an optional carry bag and cover to improve performance even more.


One of the joys of travelling is to try local food and drink, and bringing your own growler means you can fill up on beer at any independent breweries you come across.  I’m not a beer drinker myself but if you love beer then you can keep your brews fresh and aerated for as long as you need.

Coffee Maker

It seems a waste of space to have a big coffee maker in the campervan, but this single-serve coffee maker is small enough to find space for!  The coffee is served in a 14 oz travel mug with a lid, so you can brew up a coffee for the road, or take the mug in your backpack to enjoy during a morning hike.  Perfect.

Mini Blender

I have a hummus obsession and love making my own so I have to have a blender with me in the campervan.  It seems like a luxury, but a mini blender like this doesn’t take up much space.  Use it to blend soups and smoothies, sauces and of course, delicious hummus.

Fun Gadgets for Camper Vans

Portable Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love a campfire?  This portable fire pit means you can set up a campfire (check if the campground allows fires first) and toast marshmallows to your heart’s content.  Once the wood has burned through the mesh is easy to clean and put away until next time.  Marshmallows not included.

Reclining Camping Chair 

For me, comfort is a must, and I love putting my feet up after a day’s exploring.  This camping chair has a detachable footrest so you can recline or sit normally – whatever makes you more comfortable!  It comes with a carry bag and has a headrest, cupholder and side pocket.  What more could you ask for?

Mini Projector

Camping is no longer a reason to skip movie night, so if you fancy watching a film under the stars or snuggled down in your campervan, bring along a mini projector (and suitable snacks).  Compatible with a variety of devices including iPads, laptops and phones, you can set up your projector wherever you are.

Portable Speaker

When I’m driving I have the stereo blasting, so when I’m relaxing I often like to have music playing. While phone speakers aren’t bad in a small space like a campervan, a portable speaker gives a much richer sound and is great for taking on picnics or when I’m chilling outside.  This one has a handy hook for hanging the speaker inside or outside the van.

Solar Lanterns

It can get dark walking around campsites at night, so a lantern or torch can be useful.  This solar and USB rechargeable lantern can also be used as a flashlight, and can charge up your phone or other gadgets.  


There is no better way to take epic photos and videos of your campervan adventure than with a drone.  These flying gadgets can take pictures and videos from angles we can only dream of from the ground. 

DJI drones are some of the best on the market (with a price tag to match) and the DJI Mini 2, is small enough to be easily stashed away when you’re not using it and it takes professional-level footage.  For the enthusiastic amateur, there are plenty of cheaper options on the market.

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