14 Stunning Images to Make You Want to Visit York, England

14 Stunning Images to Make You Want to Visit York, England

York has been hailed as Britain’s most beautiful city, and the place where most people want to live in the UK.  It certainly is a special city – its small, but crammed full of beautiful buildings, and more boutique shops, restaurants and cafes than you can shake a stick at.  History seeps from every brick, wood beam and cobblestone, and it’s hard not to imagine legions of Romans or hordes of Vikings roaming the streets.  York is one of my favourite cities in the UK, and it was a pleasure to come back to visit.  Here are some images of York to make you want to visit too!

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Photos of York Minster

The York Minster is an incredible building, and if you visit, don’t miss the chance to climb the towers to the roof for a unique view of the city, and to see the Minster up close and personal!  The view from the top isn’t the most exciting, mainly because the Minster is the highest point in York, but I loved seeing the towers from a different angle.  Visit in the late afternoon as the sun drops lower for better light.  Be warned though, the climb up 275 uneven, narrow, spiralling steps is not for the faint-hearted.  Read the safety information before you decide to go!

Photos of York Minster

The stained glass windows of the York Minster are works of art, with the Rose window, Five Sisters and the Great East Window, a beautiful heart design and the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the world.

Photos of York Minster - The Great East Window Photos of York Minster - The Five SistersPhotos of York Minster - The Rose Window
Photos of York Minster - Inside York Minster

York City Walls are definitely worth investigating, punctuated with bars, or medieval gates which were used to check people who entered into the city before letting them pass.

Photos of York City Walls

Photos of York City Walls - Monkgate Bar

The streets of York hide many secrets, and simply strolling around you can get a feel for the history and the culture of the city throughout the ages.  Visit York on a weekend and you will struggle to take pictures without hundreds of people, but get up early enough and you’ll have the streets to yourself.

Photos of York - Shambles Market

Photos of York - York Streets Goodramgate Rainbow

Photos of York - York Streets

York has two rivers running through it, the Ouse and the Foss.  Snap the river from the various bridges, or take to the water for a cruise on the Yorkboat.

Photos of York - Rivers in York

York Museum Gardens is a pretty green space where you can relax in the sunshine, or walk among the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey, and discover hidden treasures that most people don’t bother to visit.

Photos of York - York Museum Gardens St Marys Abbey

York really is a beautiful city, I hope some of these photographs have inspired you to visit soon!

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30 thoughts on “14 Stunning Images to Make You Want to Visit York, England

  1. Oh your pictures make me want to go there NOW! I’ve always wanted to visit these places. Thinking of next year in Autumn. Is it a good time to visit?

    1. Hi Nisha, Autumn is a great time to visit, there are plenty of events like the food & drink festival in September, and Illuminate York at the end of October. I was there in late September, and loved it – the weather was rainy & chilly at times though, but that’s typical for the UK 😀

  2. Damn these images make me wanna kick myself for skipping York when I was in UK – and soooo close. I was visiting friends in Leeds and got carried away by pub hopping and missed York. sigh. next time 🙂

  3. Lovely photos! I especially like that second one with the sun coming in over the church. I’ll have to keep York in Mind next time I’m in the U.K. I go to London a lot, I’ll have to make a detour.

  4. York really does look like a stunning place to visit. I can’t believe I’ve never done it, living in England. It is so easy to neglect the amazing cities in your own country. I particularly like the look of the narrow cobbled streets and the abbey ruins. A very photogenic city!

  5. I have three weeks left in England and it’s been really bugging me that I’ve still never visited York! This post is really making me check my diary to see if I can possibly squeeze in a visit. It looks incredible and love your pictures! I’m only in Liverpool so it really isn’t too far away. Not too sure about the spiral staircase though lol.

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