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A VIP Dinner in the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

The Berlin TV Tower

I’d already been to Berlin a couple of months before, but I came back to the city for the travel exhibition ITB Berlin in March.  The last time I had just snapped a couple of photos of the tallest building in Berlin, the Berlin TV Tower or “Fernsehturm”, but this time I was going to go up to the top and have dinner in their revolving restaurant!  I was invited to experience the VIP dinner with Musement, and really enjoyed a special evening in the Berlin TV Tower restaurant.

Booking Things to do in Berlin with Musement

Musement provides tickets and reservations to a wide range of tours and attractions, including temporary, hidden-gem and free activities.  Their website and app can be used to plan your whole itinerary in any one of 55 countries across the world, and also has tips from local experts.  I found their website simple and easy to use and you can search by the type of activity or by the destination you are visiting.  I selected Berlin as my destination, and the TV tower was one of the top attractions listed in Berlin.  Clicking on the TV tower, it also highlighted that there were 6 different experiences available at the TV tower.  Each experience has the price listed, and it clearly states what is included, when you can visit the attraction, any exclusions and advice for visiting, and reviews from other people who have purchased the experience.

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They also promise secure booking through their website, 24-hour support in case you have any issues with your booking, and they also offer a price match if you find the same experience at a cheaper price elsewhere which I really liked.

The Berlin TV Tower from the Park Inn Hotel
The Berlin TV Tower from the Park Inn Hotel

A Berlin TV Tower Restaurant VIP Dinner

About the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

The Berlin TV Tower is in the centre of Berlin, in Alexanderplatz.  It is visible from almost everywhere in Berlin, as it towers over the city at a total height of 368m.  The restaurant is 207m high, and the viewing platform and bar is just below at 204m.  The ‘Sphere’ restaurant revolves slowly to give you a panoramic view of Berlin, taking about an hour to do a full rotation.  Only 400 people are allowed inside the TV tower at one time, which can lead to queues to get in at peak times.  The kitchens of the restaurant are actually on the ground floor, and the food is brought up by the very speedy lifts!

The Berlin TV Tower Alexanderplatz
The Berlin TV Tower Alexanderplatz

The VIP Dinner at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

The suggested time for dinner in the TV Tower is 7pm, so I dutifully booked for that time.  However, I later realised that the sunset was about an hour earlier at this time in March, so I tried my luck and turned up at the TV tower at around 5.30pm to see if I could get up in the tower while it was still daylight.  I was in luck!  The At the main entrance a security guard checked my bag to make sure I had no illicit material (no food or drink is permitted in the tower) and I went inside.  I checked my coat at the cloakroom on the ground floor and went up the stairs.

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What is Included in the VIP Dinner at the Berlin TV Tower

A glass of Cuvee sparkling wine on arrival

A three-course meal, with a starter, main course & dessert

2 glasses of wine of your choice (200ml each)

Unlimited water, and a hot drink after your meal

As an added extra, the menu was rolled up into a TV Tower keyring which you can take away with you.

Fast Track entry ticket for the selected time, and access to the viewing platform before or after dinner.

Dinner setting at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant
Dinner setting at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

My Experience at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

All the wait staff were friendly and spoke excellent English (much better than my limited German!).  My waitress was attentive but not obtrusive and was unperturbed about me dining alone.  I used to hate having dinner by myself, but now I relish it – savouring every mouthful, and admiring the view out of the window, or wondering about my fellow diners’ lives.

The menu was already on the table, with a nicely presented setting.  The waitress brought me over a glass of sparkling wine as soon as I sat down, and I looked around at the view.  My table was next to the window, although there were some tables next to the walkway.  All the tables are clearly labelled with red digital numbers.  It took me a moment to realise that we were moving.  Slowly, but definitely moving.  The restaurant tables rotate gently around the central kitchen, taking around an hour to do a full circle.  I was facing forward, which was a relief, I wasn’t sure if my motion sickness would kick in for such a gentle movement, but I didn’t want to risk it!

The view was spectacular, no doubt about that.  It had gone dark by now, as I had stayed downstairs on the viewing platform to watch the sunset.  The city lights flickered beneath us, tiny cars whizzed around the city, and the lights on the restaurant ceiling left reflections in the glass like stars.

"The Sphere" the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant
“The Sphere” the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

I studied the menu.  It was in English and German, with a choice of two starters, three main courses, and two desserts.  There was a vegetarian option for each course, but I was feeling meaty!  I chose beef carpaccio to start, followed by saddle of lamb, and a cappuccino cake with coffee to end the meal.

The waitress brought me a large glass of white wine, and some bread with a dill cream cheese to nibble on while I waited.  I didn’t wait long, the carpaccio arrived quickly.  It looked delicious, and tasted even better!  The beef was thinly sliced, and a delicate flavour.  On top, the rocket salad was crisp and peppery, and every mouthful had a delightful kick of parmesan cheese, truffle cream, salty dried olive slices, and pine nuts.

Beef Carpaccio Starter - VIP Dinner at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant
Beef Carpaccio Starter – VIP Dinner at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

My main course was saddle of lamb with a dukkah crust, which I’m guessing was a mixture of blitzed sesame seeds and peanuts.  The lamb was a little overcooked for my taste, with only a hint of pink inside, but it was still succulent and tasty.  The lamb was served on a generous bed of sautéed carrots and wilted spinach, with a delicate gravy.  A ramekin of potato gratin finished off the dish.

Saddle of Lamb Main Course - VIP Dinner at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant
Saddle of Lamb Main Course – VIP Dinner at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

I was getting pretty full, but there is always room for dessert.  A permanent space in my stomach is reserved for sweet things, and I couldn’t help but order the chocolate and coffee option.  I had expected a slice of cake, but what arrived was more of an ice cream sundae, and reminded me of the knickerbockerglorys I used to love as a child.  The sundae came with a long spoon to scoop down between the layers of ice cream, to a coffee liquor waiting at the bottom.  Chunks of chocolate delighted my tastebuds as the ice cream melted, and I smothered the biscotti with cream.  It was a fabulous way to end the meal, although the caffeine did play havoc with my sleeping pattern when I tried to go to bed!

Coffee Cake Sundae Dessert - VIP Dinner at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant
Coffee Cake Sundae Dessert – VIP Dinner at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

I sat for a while, savouring the last mouthfuls and finishing my glass of wine.  I could have had 2 glasses, but I declined the second glass as I really didn’t need it.  Perhaps with a friend I would have been more willing to stay and quaff as much wine as I could!

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We were still rotating slowly, and I tried to take some more pictures out of the window.  I suppose it is for security reasons, but we were kept arm’s length away from the windows, so it was practically impossible to get good photographs without reflections from the lights inside the restaurant.  For photographs of the view, it is best to go up during the day, and at night simply enjoy.

A Night view from the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant
A Night view from the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant – complete with reflection

What I loved About the Dinner at the TV Tower

The views, obviously.  The staff were all wonderful, and it really did feel like a special occasion.  The food was good, with generous portions and a fair choice of items.  If you have any special dietary requirements aside from vegetarian it is best to check in advance if they can provide a special meal for you.

Anything I didn’t Like?

The price is a little high for me on a normal day, however, for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or to wow your top clients, nothing else in town has quite the wow factor as the TV Tower!


Top Tips for Visiting the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

Watching the sunset from the Berlin TV Tower
Watching the sunset from the Berlin TV Tower

Try to visit on a clear, sunny day for the best views.  If you can time your visit to coincide with the sunset, go early to see the view while it is still light, then watch as the sun goes down and the city lights up below you.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time, in case of delays caused by the security checks.  The restaurant will hold your table for a maximum of 20 minutes if you are late, and after that, you risk losing your reservation.

Do not take any food, drink or dangerous items with you, your bags will be searched on the way in.

There is a free cloakroom for coats, but the TV tower recommends leaving large bags and suitcases in the lockers at Alexanderplatz station (for an additional cost).  Pets are not allowed, nor are camera tripods or pushchairs.

Sadly, due to its structure, the TV tower is not accessible for visitors with limited mobility.  Although there is a lift up to the viewing level, there are stairs up to the 1st floor where the lifts are, and up to the restaurant.

Keep hold of your ticket, you will need it to exit the TV tower, there are ticket scanners at the bottom to check everyone has left the building.

Evening views from the Berlin TV Tower
Evening views from the Berlin TV Tower

Where to Stay in Berlin

I was lucky to stay with a friend for most of the time I was in Berlin.  For a couple of days I stayed at EastSeven Berlin Hostel, which was nice but the wifi wouldn’t work for me so I wouldn’t have stayed there long.  You could try JetPak Eco Lodge or Sandino World Improvement Network for something a little different!  Or scroll through the options, there are some really high rated hostels in Berlin on Hostelworld.


Or check the options on Airbnb.   If you have never used Airbnb before, use this link to sign up & get $30 credit to use on your first trip!


If you’re looking for travel insurance for your trip to Germany, get a quote now from World Nomads.

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I’d already been to Berlin a couple of months before, but I came back to the city for the travel exhibition ITB Berlin.  The last time I had just snapped a couple of photos of the tallest building in Berlin, the Berlin TV Tower or "Fernsehturm", and this time I was going to go up to the top and have dinner in their revolving restaurant!  I was invited to experience the VIP dinner with Musement, and really enjoyed a special evening in the tower.

I was invited to attend the VIP dinner at the TV Tower Berlin by Musement in exchange for this review.  Although my experience was complimentary, all opinions are, as always, my own.

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Last updated: February 15, 2020

10 thoughts on “A VIP Dinner in the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

  1. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    It definitely fits the tag of a VIP dinner. I mean dining at a restaurant 207 metres from the ground in style is definitely a VIP experience. I was fascinated by the fact that the kitchens are on the ground floor and food whizzes up through high-speed lifts. Definitely a place for memorable occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

  2. Hannah says:

    I loved taking pics of the Berlin TV tower when we were in Berlin. We didn’t have the time to go up to the viewing platform, or to the Sphere restaurant. I’d love to experience that slow rotating, and really get a great view of Berlin. The carpaccio looks fantastic – that’s my kind of starter for sure!

  3. Vasu says:

    You are so lucky! I am sure it must have been a once in a life time experience , dining at the tower-top restaurant , the Sphere. A revolving restaurant is the icing on the cake! View of sunset while sipping the quality wine, would be astounding. I think one should be allowed to spend a lot of time to give justice to all that good food.

  4. Megan Jerrard says:

    I love revolving restaurants!! Musement is such a great booking platform, I’ve used them to book tours and attractions on my travels before and it worked out really well. Sounds like an awesome experience – cool that the guards let you up earlier so you could take in sunset 🙂 Particularly love the lights on the restaurant ceiling – looks like it sets such an incredible ambiance!

  5. Janine Thomas says:

    I can imagine that the views on a clear day must be incredible. I can’t imagine 400 people in a restaurant and food being brought up in a lift, but clearly, it works at this venue. Looks like it was a great experience.

  6. Medha Verma says:

    That looks like one classy place with amazing views and great food! I’ve heard of ITB Berlin, and it;s good to know that you went for it, I usually go for ATM in Dubai which is a similar exhibition. A VIP dinner at the Berlin TV Tower sounds like such an exotic and chic way to spend an evening. I can only imagine seeing the sunset from there!

  7. Vanessa Workman says:

    I’ve always wanted to dine in a revolving restaurant. I’m not sure why I haven’t done it yet except maybe I was saving it for a special occasion ($$). I think a first trip to Germany would qualify for that. (yup haven’t done that yet either!). Sounds like your Berlin TV Tower experience was amazing and your photos are excellent!

  8. Indrani says:

    All handled so well. Your planned activities went smoothly. I like the idea of having food at such heights! If it is easy on the pocket may be I will check this out.

  9. Rhonda Albom says:

    This looks like a great experience. Auckland has a similar rotating restaurant in the SkyTower, it’s a great way to see the views while enjoying fabulous food. Looks like you had a great time, the food looks amazing, especially the dessert. They’ve really paid attention to detail here with the ceiling stars and keychain. What a nice place to eat.

  10. Fiona Maclean says:

    That does look like an amazing place for dinner – with fab views. Surprisingly, the food looks really good too – and I like the way the alcohol is structured. Great idea for next time I visit Berlin

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