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Bite Berlin Food Tour Review

My first currywurst in Germany on the Bite Berlin Food Tour - food tour in Berlin

Another city, another food tour!  Everywhere I go I love to try the local food and drink, and explore areas I wouldn’t normally discover by myself.  From chocolate making in Belize to a taco and street food tour in Mexico City, most of my travels revolve around food!  Berlin was no exception to this.  I must admit, I wasn’t very familiar with German food, so wanted to try some traditional dishes whilst learning more about Berlin’s own fusion of cuisine, created from tradition, immigration and simply making food from what was available at the time.  The Bite Berlin food tour offered all of this, and for excellent value too, so when Sam from Bite Berlin invited me along to one of her food tours in Berlin, I was thrilled!

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Sam from Bite Berlin Food Tours - Food tour in Berlin
Sam from Bite Berlin Food Tours – Food tour in Berlin

Why Choose Bite Berlin Food Tours?

I researched a few different companies offering food tours in Berlin before reaching out to Bite Berlin.  There were plenty of companies offering beer tours in Berlin, but as I don’t drink beer that wasn’t my cup of tea, as it were.  Other companies were much larger, and also offered food tours in other European cities, and others were more expensive.  Bite Berlin seemed to offer the perfect combination of good value, good food, and had excellent reviews on Tripadvisor.  But that’s not all!  As a female solo traveller, I love finding companies that are run by women, to support the ladies also doing what they love.  Sam is the owner & founder of Bite Berlin, originally from the UK, but having lived in Berlin for nearly seven years, she has explored the foodie offerings throughout the city and created this delicious food tour.  Furthermore, Bite Berlin also donate a percentage of the tour money to the local food bank in Berlin called Berliner Tafel, so this is responsible tourism at its best, and you can feel even better about your choice while you chow down on the delicious food!  Even if you only have one day in Berlin, this is a most enjoyable way to get an introduction to the city and German food.

Yummy German Bratwurst on the Bite Berlin Food Tour - food tour in Berlin
Yummy German Bratwurst on the Bite Berlin Food Tour – food tour in Berlin

What Do You Eat on the Bite Berlin Food Tour?

On the website, Bite Berlin promised five different food tastings, and an alcoholic drink from Berlin, which wasn’t beer!  In fact, we had six food tastings, as Sam brought along a welcome snack.  I am hesitant about sharing all of the details, as that would spoil the surprise, but I assure you it was all delicious!!  You can probably guess some of them from the photographs, but the locations and names of the restaurants and food stands we visited I have decided to keep a secret, so you can enjoy them as you go!  I was hoping we would try the currywurst, as I had deliberately not eaten one in the hope that we would try one on the tour – I wasn’t disappointed!

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At every stop, Sam explained a bit about the history of the food, or of the owners themselves, which was fascinating.  I had no idea about the origin of the currywurst – which is in fact fusion food, from the combination of curry powder and ketchup from British soldiers, and the German sausage or bratwurst.  And whatever you do, don’t expect your currywurst to come in a bread bun – enjoy it with chips (French fries) sprinkled with curry powder!

My first currywurst in Germany on the Bite Berlin Food Tour - food tour in Berlin
My first currywurst in Germany on the Bite Berlin Food Tour – food tour in Berlin

Is the Bite Berlin Food Tour Vegetarian Friendly?

The best news is, that the food tour is suitable for vegetarians!  Although I’m not sure if this due to the specific choices of food and locations we visited, or to the sheer number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Berlin, but at every stop there were vegetarian options for all of our meaty treats, including a vegan currywurst, which I did not expect!  In the name of research, I dutifully sampled most of the veggie options as well as the meat ones, and they were just as delicious.  If you do have special dietary requirements and have any concerns about the tour, just let Sam know in advance and she will plan and advise you accordingly.

An amazing deli we visited in Berlin on the Bite Berlin Food Tour
An amazing deli we visited – no photos allowed inside unfortunately!

Logistics for the Bite Berlin Food Tour

The meeting time for the tour is 2pm, in the Mitte area of the city.  DO NOT have lunch before you go!  I had a late breakfast around 10am which kept me going until then, although I would even suggest having a normal breakfast around 8am or 9am – it is best to come hungry!

I brought a bottle of water with me, but Sam also provided each of us with a bottle of still water too, which was a nice touch.  Drinks are not included with the food (apart from the final stop), but you can purchase your own if needed, or just bring something with you.

We were lucky with the weather, I was worried it would rain (it was November, after all!), so be prepared for the weather.  There is some walking between stops, mostly short strolls, but the last couple of stops are more spread out, so wear comfortable shoes (and stretchy eating pants), and wrap up warm in winter!  If you visit Berlin in summer, consider bringing sunscreen and extra water as it can get hot.

Yummy yummy meatballs in Berlin on the Bite Berlin Food Tour
Yummy yummy meatballs in Berlin on the Bite Berlin Food Tour

We saw visited two different neighbourhoods, so saw two different sides of Berlin.  We began the tour in the Mitte, which is the ‘centre’ of Berlin, filled with shops and restaurants, and some hidden pretty courtyards.  Gradually we moved into the Prenzlauer district, which is much more residential, but still with fabulous restaurants and bars.

We ended the tour around 20 minutes’ walk from where we started, which was great for me as it was just around the corner from my hostel.  For the others, Sam directed them to where they wanted to go, but as it was only 20 minutes’ walk, or two u-bahn metro stops it wasn’t an issue, but something to bear in mind if you are in Berlin with kids as they be tired by now.

And for something completely different - Asian food in Berlin on the Bite Berlin Food Tour
And for something completely different – Asian food in Berlin

What I loved about Bite Berlin Food Tours

Our host!  Sam was really friendly, knowledgeable about the food, and the history of Berlin.  She engaged all members of our group, including a young boy, who couldn’t have been more than seven.

The bits of history intertwined in the tour.   Sam used to run historical tours in Berlin, so is a wealth of information about Berlin’s history.  She maintains that history and food go hand in hand, and I have to agree.  She explained the history (and story) behind each dish we tried, and added other relevant snippets as we passed locations of interest along the way.

The food (duh!).  Everything we tried was delicious, although I’m not a huge fan of pretzels in general, everything else was scrumptious!  I liked the variety, and that there were veggie options available too.  As I don’t drink beer, I also loved the drink at the end; so often on food tours there is a drink of beer or coffee or something I don’t like, but not here!

The stickiest yummiest cinnamon roll ever on the Bite Berlin Food Tour!
The stickiest yummiest cinnamon roll ever!

Anything I didn’t Like on this Food Tour in Berlin?

Honestly, no!

I thoroughly enjoyed the food tour, and the company of the other travellers, and Sam was a wonderful host.  I was stuffed, and was very happy to have tried almost all the ‘typical’ dishes I expected to.  I was kind of hoping for schnitzel too, but apparently that’s of Austrian origin, so I really can’t complain!  I also was very pleased that I got to take a doggy bag of leftover cinnamon roll with me; which I just couldn’t manage on the tour, but was very glad of for that evening’s ‘dinner’!

If you would like more information or to book your food tour with Bite Berlin, then visit their website.

A luscious warm and delicious Bakery in Berlin on the Bite Berlin Food Tour
A luscious warm and delicious Bakery in Berlin

Where to stay in Berlin?

I stayed at the East Seven Hostel in Prenzlauerberg, which gets excellent reviews on Hostelworld.  I only stayed one night and left early the next day, but for the time I was there it was great, and one of the best hostels in Berlin according to Hostelworld.


Or check the options on Airbnb.   If you have never used Airbnb before, use this link to sign up & get $30 credit to use on your first trip!


Have you been to Berlin?  What did you think of the food?  Share your experience in the comments below.

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My food tour in Berlin with Bite Berlin was complimentary, and the fact I loved it clearly influenced my review!  All opinions are, as always, my own, and this is my honest review.

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Last updated: February 16, 2020

7 thoughts on “Bite Berlin Food Tour Review

  1. Megan Jerrard says:

    I’m not very familiar with German food either, so your post was a great introduction for me! The Bite Berlin food tour sounds great, and I love that Sam’s focus is on respionsible tourism and giving back to the local community – that’s where tourism profits should go.

    Currywurst is not something I’ve tried before, so looking forward to that! And it’s nice to hear that in a country known for it’s sausages, that the tour is suitable for vegetarians too. Would not have guessed that Berlin has a thriving vegan and vegetarian community. Cool that everyone is catered to!

  2. Daphne says:

    I love food tours! Nice to hear you also got to know a bit more about the history of food and the owners themselves. I also had no idea about the origin of the currywurst. Interesting to read! Great to hear that the Bite Berlin Food Tour is vegetarian friendly. Now I can’t wait to try this tour!

  3. Chris Bloomfield says:

    My dad spent time in the military in Germany and was always describing these amazing foods that he ate. The first few pictures make my mouth water and now I know why he always mentioned the food when talking about Germany. A tour with history and food, count me in this sounds so wonderful!

  4. Rhonda Albom says:

    Food tours are some of my favourites, especially when you go when you arrive in a city. You get to find out the best spots for food and the tour guides always have great tips. Sam sounds like a great guide. It’s nice to know how she included everyone into the conversation. And it’s great that the tour ends so close to where it began.

  5. Candy says:

    I would absolutely love to do this food tour. I love that they start it at 2pm. I don’t enjoy early morning food tours since I can’t eat a ton in the morning. I also thought the free drink would be beer and was surprised that it wasn’t 🙂

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