The Best Hostel in Lisbon Portugal for Solo Travellers – Good Morning Hostel

A Dorm Room at the Good Morning Hostel Lisbon

Hostels in Portugal are of an incredibly high standard.  There are some amazing hostels in Lisbon, to suit every taste, from luxury hostels to all-night parties.  After spending some lovely relaxed days in Evora I wanted a bit of excitement during my stay, and when Tatiana from Good Morning Hostel got in touch, I knew […]

Where to Stay in Evora Portugal: Heaven Inn Hostel Evora

My Private Room at the Heaven Inn Hostel Evora - Better than a hotel in Evora!

A lot of people come to Evora just for a day trip from Lisbon. That is such a shame, and they are missing out on so much in Evora and the Alentejo region. There are a lot of things to do in Evora city itself, much more than you can do in a day, and […]

Airbnb Guide: How to Use Airbnb for the First Time

Keep your Airbnb Clean & Tidy - Airbnb Guest Etiquette

Airbnb has taken the world by storm.  In many cases, it is cheaper and more convenient than booking a hotel room, but if it is your first time using Airbnb you may be wondering how to use Airbnb properly and be looking for some tips for getting started with Airbnb.  Look no further!  I’ve designed […]

Where to Stay While Backpacking in Dublin: Gardiner House Hostel Review

The Custom House Dublin - Where to stay in Dublin - The Gardiner House Hostel

Dublin is a wonderful city, and unsurprisingly very popular with visitors from all over the world.  However, Dublin can also be very expensive, especially during the summer holidays and at weekends.  Finding a cheap hostel in Dublin isn’t easy, and finding a good cheap hostel if you’re backpacking in Dublin is even harder!  I was […]

Airbnb First Time Discount Code: $40 Airbnb Coupon PLUS How to Get an Airbnb Discount even if you already have an Account

How to get an Airbnb Coupon That works even if you already have an Airbnb Account

Airbnb has taken the world by storm.  In many cases, it is cheaper and more convenient than booking a hotel room, but in order to get the best deal for your money, there are certain Airbnb tips and tricks to help you get an Airbnb discount.  If it is your first time using Airbnb and […]

The Best Hostels in Semuc Champey Guatemala

El Retiro Lodge - Best Hostels in Semuc Champey Guatemala. Credit: El Retiro Lodge

Semuc Champey in Guatemala is a special place.  Limestone rock pools cascade through a canyon in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle, surrounded by lush green.  Semuc is in the middle of nowhere, at least an 8-hour journey from Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala City, or Flores, so it isn’t possible to visit Semuc Champey on a […]

The Riviera Guesthouse in Whitby – My Yorkshire Foodie Adventure

The Whalebone Arch in Whitby - The Riviera Guesthouse in Whitby Review

When I was researching where to stay in Whitby on my Yorkshire Foodie Adventure, I realised that there are a lot of guesthouses and bed & breakfasts in Whitby.  The town on the north-east coast of England is a popular tourist destination, which brings with it a range of different accommodations.  Although I often stay […]

Why Staying in a Hostel for the First Time Isn’t Scary (Even If You’re Over 30)

Private room at the Wombat's Vienna Naschmarket - Staying in a hostel for the first time

When I travel, I almost always stay in hostels.  This is partly to save money, and partly to save my sanity.  I usually travel alone, so if I stayed in a hotel I would just stay in my room and keep myself to myself – I can go for days without talking to anyone.  While […]

Where to Stay in Prague for Backpackers: Post Hostel Prague

Post Hostel Prague - Reception Area

There is a staggering choice of hotels and hostels in Prague.  From budget hostels for backpacking Prague to luxury hotels in Prague, there is something for everyone.  I prefer to stay in private rooms when I can, but still in a social environment where I can meet other people, so when I found Post Hostel […]