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The Best Benagil Cave Tour to visit the Benagil Caves Portugal

Benagil Sea Cave is the most famous cave in Portugal, and one of the most famous sea caves in the world.  However, there are lots of other Algarve caves to explore while you are in Portugal!  The whole of the Algarve coastline is filled with caverns, caves, archways and bizarre rock formations which are all spectacular.  The best way to enjoy the coastline is to take a Benagil Cave tour which will get you up close and personal to the Benagil caves in Portugal and show you the rest of the beautiful coast at the same time.  Here are my tips for choosing the best Benagil sea cave tour for you.

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Which Benagil Cave Tour I Chose

I chose this Benagil caves tour from Portimao.  The tour took about 2 hours and we visited various other sea caves and rock formations on the way to Benagil. Weather permitting, there is also a stop at a beach where you can go swimming.  For a great price the tour promised we would:

  • Admire the beautiful landscapes of the Algarve coastline
  • Visit the Benagil Sea Cave, one of the most spectacular in the Algarve
  • See the Fort of Santa Catarina, the Ferragudo Castle, and more along the way
  • Go swimming at Praia da Marinha, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches


I chose this cave boat tour for several reasons:

  • The tour got great reviews and was good value 
  • The boat is an RiB (rigid inflatable speed boat) so is small enough to get inside the stunning Benagil cave.
  • I was staying in the town of Lagos, about 26 miles by car to the village of Benagil.  You can take a Benagil cave tour from Lagos where I was staying, but as I suffer quite badly from seasickness I decided to go part of the way by land to reduce the amount of time I was out on the sea. 
  • I booked the tour through GetYourGuide, and chose the tour offered by Algarve Discovery.  I often book tours directly with the tour providers, but it was the evening before I wanted to take the tour and GetYourGuide provides immediate confirmation so I decided to book with them. This worked really well for the last-minute booking and gave me that bit of extra assurance that everything would be how it should be on the day. 


Things to Consider when Booking your Benagil Sea Cave Tour

Where is Benagil Cave?

Benagil is a small fishing village on the Algarve coast in southern Portugal. Benagil sea caves are 150 meters east of Benagil beach (Praia de Benagil).  Although it is possible to see the Benagil cave from dry land above the cave, the best way to see the cave is from the water.  This map shows the exact location of the Benagil sea cave on the Algarve Coast, midway between Portimão and Albufeira.

What is Benagil Cave?

The Benagil sea cave (or Algar de Benagil as it’s known in Portuguese) is a cave on the Portuguese coast that has been carved out by the sea.  It’s unique because of the way the water has eroded the rock in a dome shape, and there is a hole in the top of the dome, letting sunlight stream into the cave.  It is one of the most beautiful rock formations on the Algarve coast, and a fascinating place to visit.   

How to Get to Benagil Sea Cave?

While you could make your own way to Benagil and see the sea cave from land, the best way to appreciate the cave is on a tour.

There are various sea cave tours that leave from all along the coast.  The best Benagil cave tour for you will depend on where are you staying in the Algarve, and how long you want to be in the boat.   

You can take Benagil sea cave tours from Faro, Lagos and many places in between, as well as Portimao and Benagil Beach which is closest to the caves.  If you are staying in a town which offers sea cave tours you could choose to take one from there, or you may prefer to travel by land to a town closer to Benagil to reduce the time spent in a boat – especially if the weather isn’t great.

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Cost of the Benagil Cave Tours

Every tour has a different price point, depending on what is included.  Tours starting from further away typically cost more as you’re covering a longer distance, although you can also find tours that include a barbecue or more of a cruise type boat that travels along the coast more slowly, offering added extras like food and drink.  

An RIB Speedboat on a Benagil Caves Tour – Visiting the Benagil Caves Portugal
An RIB Speedboat on a Benagil Caves Tour – Visiting the Benagil Caves Portugal

Access to the Benagil Sea Cave

Not all cave boat trips along the coast will actually go inside the beautiful Benagil sea cave.  Larger boats like catamarans and sailing boats are too big to get inside the cave entrance, so a small, manoeuvrable boat will be best if you want to see inside the cave. 

No boats are allowed to actually dock in the cave, so you won’t be able to get out onto the cave beach unless you take a stand-up paddleboard tour or a kayak tour.  Apparently, this is a relatively new rule to help alleviate the ‘traffic jams’ which built up in and around the cave as everyone got in and out of the boats. 

However, even without getting out of the boat, you will still get a great view of the Benagil cave as long as the boat can get inside.  Our captain made sure everyone got good photos, turning around inside the cave so we all saw everything properly.

Benagil Sea Cave in the Algarve
Benagil Sea Cave in the Algarve – Taken from the Boat

Your Comfort & Accessibility Requirements

Benagil boat tours that use larger boats are likely to be more comfortable than the smaller RIB (rigid inflatable boat) speedboats which can be bumpy if the waves are high!  If you suffer from back problems, speedboats bouncing off the waves may cause you discomfort, and the size of the boat may also have an effect if you suffer from sea-sickness, as will the time you spend on the boat.   

If you are an active person you may prefer a Benagil kayak tour or a SUP tour instead of a seated cruise.  Kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, of course, is best in warm weather with a calm sea, although we can’t always choose good weather for our holiday in Portugal!! 

Depending on your requirements, you should be able to find an accessible tour to see the caves.  Some of the boat tours to the Benagil caves are accessible for wheelchair users, but it is probably best to check with the tour company to make sure their tours are suitable for your needs. Others specify that they are not suitable for wheelchair users, people with back problems or pregnant women.

On GetYourGuide you can search tours using filters, including a filter to find wheelchair accessible tours to the Benagil caves which you can find under the ‘services’ section of the filter menu. I added the filters for this search.



Calm Water on our Journey to Benagil
Calm Water on our Journey to Benagil

The Weather

Rain, high winds and rough seas do not make for the most enjoyable boat trip to the Benagil Caves.  Sometimes rough seas mean that the boat departures directly from the beach in smaller villages like Benagil cannot leave due to the waves.  Boats that leave from actual ports such as Albufeira or Portimão have a better chance of successfully launching. 

That said, if the weather is very bad, you may prefer to postpone your Benagil caves boat tour – especially if you suffer from seasickness, do you really want to be on a boat trip in poor weather?

Check out these top Benagil Sea Caves Tours from GetYourGuide:



My Personal Benagil Sea Cave Tour Review

I really enjoyed my Benagil cave boat tour.  The weather was perfect, the tour guide and captain were both excellent, and I highly recommend it!


The meeting point for the boat tour was outside the Clube Naval de Portimao, close to Cais Vasco da Gama, and the crew were there waiting when I arrived, just before our meeting time of 11.30 am.  There was a girl checking people off the list, together with the captain and crewman.  Once everyone had arrived, the captain took us to the boat around the corner.

The Rigid Inflatable Boat we had on our Benagil Caves Tour in Portugal
The Rigid Inflatable Boat we had on our Benagil Caves Tour in Portugal

There were 11 of us on the tour, and the RiB boat was pretty much full capacity.  There was one single seat at the front, which I took, and straddled it like a horse, with a leg on either side.  The other seats were bench style, and the rest of the people were cosily wedged in.  We were all given life jackets to wear.

We set off at a steady pace – this isn’t a speed boat ride as such but there was certainly a cold breeze as we set off.  I went backpacking in Portugal in January, and the weather during the day was beautifully sunny but it was cold, so I definitely needed my coat!  Thankfully the water was very calm so I didn’t get seasick, but I am glad I took my Dramamine before setting off.

The Castle of Sao Joao do Arade in Portimao
The Castle of Sao Joao do Arade in Portimao

All along the coast, the captain stopped the boat to explain what we saw, and he translated in Portuguese and English so we all knew what we were seeing.  The first point of interest was the castle at the entrance to Portimao port, which protected the city from pirates and invaders.  Then as we travelled along the coast we went inside various caves, saw lots of beautiful beaches and coastline, and went to the famous Benagil sea cave.

The Algarve Coastline has lots of beautiful rock formations as well as the famous Benagil Sea Cave
The Algarve Coastline has lots of beautiful rock formations as well as the famous Benagil Sea Cave

The Benagil sea cave was the last thing we visited before turning around and enjoying a 30-minute boat ride directly back to Portimao.  The Benagil cave is beautiful, there’s no doubt about that.  The sea has carved out an almost perfectly round cave, with an opening at the top which lets light flood in.  You can see the different layers in the rock which have come from thousands of years of rock deposits, gradually being reclaimed by the sea.

I enjoyed Our Benagil Caves Tour
I enjoyed Our Benagil Caves Tour

Part of me was disappointed we weren’t able to get out of the boat, but our captain spent plenty of time making sure we all got a good view of the cave and had lots of opportunities for photos.  We didn’t get the view of the cave from the beach which you can only get if you take a kayak or SUP tour, but I was still really happy to see the cave and was impressed by the power of the sea for carving out such a beautiful cave!

Beautiful Benagil Sea Cave Portugal
Beautiful Benagil Sea Cave Portugal

Alternatives to my Benagil Cave Boat Tour

I really enjoyed the Benagil Cave boat tour I took, as we had a small boat and could go inside the cave (although we didn’t get out).  Our guide was fun and informative, and we saw plenty of interesting sights along the way as well as the beautiful Benagil Cave.  You can book the tour here.


For me, this was definitely the best Benagill cave boat tour available, but depending on your own preferences and requirements, there are other Benagil Cave tours which you might also enjoy:

Sea Cave Tours from Benagil

Benagil Cave SUP Tour

If you are an active person and want to get up close and personal with the Benagil Sea Caves, you can take a stand-up paddleboard tour from Benagil beach.  These tours actually allow you to get out onto the cave beach and walk around inside the cave (subject to weather and tide restrictions) so you have the chance to get some gorgeous photos from the beach. 

These SUP tours leave from Benagil beach, so you need to arrange your own transport to get to Benagil from wherever you are staying.  READ MORE>>>

A SUP Benagil Cave Tour means you get inside and visit the Benagil Caves Portugal
A SUP Benagil Cave Tour means you get inside and visit the Benagil Caves Portugal

Benagil Cave Kayak Tours

Another active alternative to the SUP tour is to take a Benagil kayak tour from Benagil beach.  This one has excellent reviews and allows you to get out inside the cave (subject to weather conditions). 

The Benagil Cave kayak tour lasts around 2 hours and includes a guide, instruction on how to use your kayak safely while practising at a secret beach, and visits to other nearby beaches and caves as well as the Benagil sea cave. 

You will spend about 20 minutes inside the Benagil cave so you’ll have plenty of time to take pictures!  You will get wet on the tour, so make sure you have a waterproof camera or pouch for your phone. READ MORE>>>


You can also rent a kayak on Benagil beach to take along the coastline and into the Benagil Caves.  The rental doesn’t include a guide and is only recommended for people with experience of using sea kayaks as getting inside the caves safely can be a challenge. 

If the sea is rough or you’re not confident with a kayak I wouldn’t recommend this option, but you can contact Taruga Tours who offer the kayak rental for more information. 

Benagil Cave Tours from Lagos

If you are staying in Lagos and want the convenience of taking a boat from Lagos to the Benagil Caves, you can arrange a boat trip to take you all along the coastline departing from Lagos

However, if you suffer from seasickness you may be better travelling by land to get closer to the caves before taking to the water, especially if the weather is poor. 

If you don’t have any problem with seasickness then a Benagil cave tour from Lagos is much less hassle than arranging additional transport to another location like Portimao.  There are various options for Benagil cave tours from Lagos, usually on a RiB speed boat which zips along the coast. 

There are also more leisurely catamaran cruises from Lagos which travel along the coast to see some of the other caves and rock formations, but without going inside the Benagil cave. 

Check out these options for more Benagil cave tours from Lagos:



Benagil Sea Cave Tours from Albufeira

If you’re staying in Albufeira, there are also lots of options for Benagil boat tours from Albufeira, including this 2.5-hour tour which includes dolphin watching – and the chance to reschedule for free in case you do not see the dolphins!

There are also SUP and kayak tours to the Benagil sea cave from Albufeira, such as this 4-hour tour which includes a 40-minute boat ride from Albufeira, then transferring to your choice of kayak or SUP board to enter into the Benagil cave and explore the other caves, caverns and beaches closeby.

A more comfortable choice would be this Catamaran cruise from Albufeira, which includes a cup of champagne and has wifi on the boat.  This is a larger boat than most of the others, so if the weather and sea conditions are good you may be able to get inside the caves, but it isn’t guaranteed.

Find more options for Benagil boat tours from Albufeira:



Accessible Boat Tours to the Benagil Caves

Depending on your requirements, you should be able to find an accessible tour to see the caves.  Some of the boat tours to the Benagil caves are accessible for wheelchair users, but it is probably best to check with the tour company to make sure their tours are suitable for your needs. 

On GetYourGuide you can search tours using filters, including a filter to find wheelchair-accessible tours to the Benagil caves, I added the filters for this search that came up with various options, including ones from Albufeira and Portimao.



The Whole Algarve Coastline is well worth Exploring
The Whole Algarve Coastline is well worth Exploring

Seeing the Benagil Cave from Dry Land

The most impressive views of the Benagil Sea Cave are from the water, but you can also visit the cave from dry land and look down from the hole in the top of the cave.  If you drive to Benagil you can walk up to the cave, you could hike along the coast from Albufeira if you’re feeling adventurous, or even take a tuk-tuk tour to Benagil Cave which also visits other key sights along the way.  Remember, from the land you can’t get inside the cave, but you can peer inside from above.    

Benagil Sea Cave from Above
Benagil Sea Cave from Above

Safety on Benagil Cave Tours

Remember that when you are out at sea, make sure you wear the provided life jackets.  Your captain will show you how to put it on, and always follow their instructions for where to sit on the boat.  Be careful not to drop your phone, camera or anything else in the water!  I always have a hand strap attached to my phone so I don’t drop it – and bear in mind that your camera or phone could get wet on the boat.  

No matter where you travel, you should always get travel insurance to cover you in case something does happen. Travel insurance from WorldNomads is available to people from 140 countries, and you can buy and claim online, even after you’ve left home.  It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

Where Stay to Visit the Benagil Caves

If you plan to visit the Benagil Caves in Portugal and you have your own car you can spend the night basically anywhere along the Algarve coast, as Portugal is quite compact and it is easy to drive wherever you need to be.  As I didn’t hire a car, I was backpacking in Portugal using public transport so I chose to stay in Lagos. 

Lagos is a pretty city, with beautiful beaches and cliffs and there are plenty of things to do in Lagos to keep you busy.  To get to my Benagil cave tour which left from Portimao, I took the train from Lagos to Portimao the morning of my tour.

Where to Stay in Lagos

Hostels in Lagos

Hostels in Portugal are generally of a very high standard, and Lagos hostels are no exception.  Check out the Old Town Hostel which gets rave reviews for the friendly staff and great atmosphere, or the swanky Top City Hostels and Suites with a pool and incredible views from the rooftop terrace.


Hotels in Lagos

Lagos is a popular destination so there is no shortage of choice for hotels in Lagos.  Try the Hotel Marina Rio with its rooftop pool, or Casa a Sul for a small, homely & great value guesthouse.


Airbnb in Lagos

Airbnb is also a great choice for accommodation in Lagos.  I stayed in a private room in Maria’s home in Lagos (with her 3 cats, dog and pot-bellied pig!) and loved it – check the listing here.  Check out all of the options for Airbnb in Lagos here.

Have you been taken a Benagil cave tour to see the Benagil caves in Portugal?  What did you think?  Please leave your comments below.

If you’re looking for travel insurance for your trip to Portugal, get a quote now from World Nomads.

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