How to Date a Woman who Travels

Couple on the beach at sunset - How to Date a Woman who Travels

Maybe it’s me.   Maybe I have spectacularly bad taste in men.  Or maybe it’s because I travel.  Apparently, finding love as a solo female traveller is pretty damn hard.  All my friends back home are married with kids, or at least settled down with a cat or two, and I’ve been single for the past […]

Paperwork You Need Before Travelling

Passport and Money

For any kind of travel abroad you will need certain documents to allow you to cross the border and enter the new country.  Other useful documents aren’t required by law, but will certainly be useful and give you peace of mind if you want to travel safely.  I hate paperwork, I find it dull and […]

Are Guide Books dead?

Are Guide Books Dead? We still love flicking through the pages of a good book

As you are reading this article from my blog, I am glad you chose to research more into your travels than simply buying a guide book.  Travel blogs, review sites and social media have opened up a whole new world of travel planning resources that weren’t available ten, or even five years ago.  So, does […]

World Map Christmas Gift Ideas to Inspire Wanderlust

christmas gift ideas for travellers with world maps to inspire wanderlust

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again!  If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present for wannabe travellers who are not currently on the move, I’ve found these awesome Christmas gift ideas to inspire wanderlust and have them planning their next trip asap!  From mugs to shower curtains I’ve found every cool and […]

Coming Home, Reverse Culture Shock and What Now?

England feels very different to Mexico.  Different to anywhere in Latin America in fact!  Everything in England is calmer and quieter, but less colourful, and less fun.  A grey afternoon in November wasn’t the best welcome back to my native country, that’s for sure!  Many people find that reverse culture shock is worse than the […]

10 Things I’ve Learned After Two Years on the Road

Me enjoying Bolivia - what I learned after 2 years of full time travel

I’ve been travelling in Latin America for about two years now; ten months in South America, and 13 months in Cuba, Mexico and Central America.  I am still no expert, but I have definitely learned a few things along the way!  I wrote a similar post about what I had learned after one month of […]

Simple Tips for Taking Your Travel Photography To The Next Level

Tips to improve your Travel Photography

Travel photography is something we all do, every time we go on holiday, take a trip or visit a local attraction. We all want to take perfect travel photographs to remember our vacations, and with the popularity of Instagram and Facebook, we want everyone to be wowed by our holiday snaps. I love taking photos, […]

Tips for a First-Time Visitor to Italy

I adore Italy. It is hard to resist Italy’s incredible food and wines, the diverse scenery and awesome architecture. With so many possibilities, it can be overwhelming for visitors, especially for those making their first trip to Italy. Many first-time travelers are left wondering where to go, which foods to try, what are the best […]

Five Essential Tips for Low Cost Travel

Money saving travel tips

Jetting off on holiday in the coming months? Taking a vacation can be one of the most exciting periods of anyone’s year – but the costs do tend to rack up. Travel isn’t cheap, and neither is the cost of living in most countries. Here are five essential tips to help you keep your costs […]

Ten Travel Tips for Cuba

Colourful Classic Cars in Havana - Getting around Cuba

I am always fascinated by peoples opinions of Cuba, as going to Cuba can cause mixed reactions.  Travel to Cuba is not always easy, so make sure you prepare for your trip as much as you can!  I asked Antoine from Traveling Life to share his thoughts and travel tips for Cuba to help you […]