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Otavalo Market & More: It’s Not Just the Market in Otavalo

The market in Otavalo is what draws tourists here, but this little town has much more to explore, not just a market.  Otavalo market is, of course, wonderful, and is open every day, from around 9am to 5pm during the week.  The real fun is on Saturday when the market spills over onto nearby streets, and locals from across the region come to make their purchases, but even on a Tuesday there is still plenty to see, and buy!  Besides Otavalo Market, take the time to walk around Otavalo, and see some of the other things to do in Otavalo.

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Otavalo Market Prices

In Otavalo market, prices vary depending on the stall, and the buyer – so expect to barter for your purchases.  Stall owners will bargain hard to get you to buy from them – asking what price will get you to buy.  There is a lot of competition, especially on quiet days when the flow of tourists is much slower, and is actually quite difficult to browse without being pressured to buy something.

Colourful paintings for sale in the market in Otavalo Market
Colourful paintings for sale in Otavalo Market

That said, there is a wide range of products on offer, and it is possible to pick up some real bargains at really cheap prices.  I bought some jewellery made from orange peel, a magnet for my mum made from a jacaranda leaf, and a painted feather bookmark for my dad.  There are some beautiful paintings, carvings, and hand painted bowls and spoons, jewellery, sweaters, blankets, bags, everything you can imagine.  As per usual, I had to be strict about what I bought as I had limited space in my backpack!

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the market in Otavalo Market
The market in Otavalo sprawls across the main square

However, this isn’t the only Otavalo Market – another market for local people can be found a few blocks away, and is much more ‘real’ than the tourist market.  Here you will find traditional dresses, fruit and vegetables, and usual market items that the locals buy.

Otavalo can be visited as a day tour from Quito, but if you have time I’d recommend staying overnight to get a real feel for the town.  If you are looking for Otavalo tours, check out these options with GetYourGuide:

There is more to this little town than just Otavalo Market

In nearby Plaza Bolivar I sat and watched for a while as children played in the square.  Music was coming from somewhere, a couple of hippy travellers were selling handmade bracelets as you often find in squares in South America.  In the centre there is an ugly statue of the head of Rumiñawi, and a church, the Santuario del Señor de las Angustias, watches over the square.

the market in Otavalo Market
Away from Otavalo Market, I sat & enjoyed the sunshine in this pretty square

Otavalo Ecuador Traditional Dress

In Otavalo there was more more indigenous culture visible than in busy Quito.  The traditional dress of the women here is quite beautiful, if not particularly practical.  They wear ankle length straight black or blue skirts, usually layered with a slit to allow for easy movement.  Coupled with white lacy blouse, and a brightly sewn belt with patterns of flowers or foliage in various colours, they are stunning.  Add canvas sandals, and hair tied back in a single plait, or covered with a headscarf.  The ensemble is always accompanied by narrow strings of colourful beads.  The men usually have long hair tied back in a plait too, and often hats are worn by men and women, sometimes decorated with a feather or two.

the market in Otavalo Market
The local´s market in Otavalo is more interesting than the touristy Otavalo Market!

I enjoyed spending a couple of days in Otavalo, just soaking up more of the culture here that is disappearing in Quito.

Parque Condor Otavalo Bird park in Otavalo
Parque Condor in Otavalo is worth a visit

Parque Condor Otavalo

Apart from Otavalo Market, Parque Condor is well worth visiting if you are in town, although it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays as I discovered after a wasted trip there!  Every day they are open they have a flight display where they fly some of their birds – really you must time your visit with the display otherwise it probably isn’t worth the journey up there just to see the birds in their enclosures.  It is outside of town, a short taxi ride up the hill, or an hour’s hike I guess – $4 each way in a taxi from the main square, plus $4.75 per person entry fee.

Once you leave town the taxi climbs the hill overlooking the valley.  Surrounded by volcanoes, Otavalo is snuggled amidst the fearsome mountains, and up here you get quite lovely views of the valley and lake below.

The views in Otavalo market in Otavalo Market
The view en route to Parque Condor in Otavalo

The Parque del Condor is a rescue centre and educational facility, they occasionally breed native birds, although their primary focus is education.  The flight display is led by one of the handlers – in Spanish.  When I was there he flew a barn owl, a cara cara bird, and one of a pair of bald eagles they have, among others.  We had the chance to hold a kestrel (with gloves of course).  The bald eagles are siblings – Gringo and his sister Gringa, who were bred in Holland and brought here to educate the public.  Seeing these birds fly really was special, even they are not native to Ecuador it was still a pleasure to see them soar above us.

Parque Condor Bird Park in Otavalo Ecuador
Gringo the Bald Eagle flying at Parque Condor in Otavalo

In the evening, during the week at least, the town seemed very quiet.  I found some tasty street food stalls to sample, and headed off to bed.  Perhaps at the weekend Otavalo is a little more lively, but this time I was happy to enjoy being in the peace & quiet away from Quito.

the market in Otavalo Market Street Food Ecuador
Yummy Street Food in Otavalo, Ecuador

Where to stay in Otavalo

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Have you been to Otavalo market?  I’d love to hear about what bargains you picked up!  Share your comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Otavalo Market & More: It’s Not Just the Market in Otavalo

  1. travel His world says:

    Did you have any issues eating the street food at all? I usually am fine in the past I have gotten sick from eating it in certain places.

    • Claire says:

      Actually (touch wood) I’ve been fine eating street food – I usually try to pick somewhere that’s busy, and has a lot of local people eating at it so I know its good, and the food hasn’t been sitting out very long. The only places I’ve got sick was at a fast food place and buying some dodgy ham from a market – but it is luck of the draw I think! Sometimes our stomachs just aren’t used to it, but using hand sanitizer before you eat is also a good idea.

  2. Reshma Narasing says:

    I have not been to South American countries, and your post on Otavalo gave me a glimpse of the places and the life. I love local food, strolling in the local markets and the traditional dress for women sounds too pretty!

  3. Cat says:

    Personally, I love going to the local markets whenever I travel to a new place. But at those touristy markets, you see the same souvenirs over and over again, and products are often overpriced. Thank you for showing me what other things to do in the area! Seeing a flight display sounds fun! And I’m always in for trying local street food!

  4. Iuliana Marchian says:

    I must admit that the markets are cool (especially the meat on skewers) but I also consider that when going somewhere it’s interesting to see different aspects of that place (not only the touristic ones). I haven’t been to Otayalo but know about Ecuador that it has many great things.

  5. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Ottavala definitely looks like an intriguing place, It has such an earthy aura associated with it. Of course, the market seems to be the center of attraction and activity. But I can see that there is much more to the place. A walk in the town would be a wonderful way to get an immersive feel of this place.

  6. Stella says:

    I hear you about needing to leave room in your backpack! I love markets and I always end up buying too much. But I think of it as redistributing my own property. I would like to visit Ecuador and meet Gringo the Bald Eagle too!

  7. Nisha says:

    I love exploring markets and they tell you so much about the place! The food, eating habits, what kind of clothes the locals wear , and so on. I never miss markets and learning from them.
    A magnet made from a jacaranda leaf? That’s a news for me !

  8. LaiAriel R. Samangka (Thelittlelai: Beyond limits) says:

    Wow, you’ve just brought me in this part of the Ecuador that I didn’t know exist. I truly like their market with so much to offer for travelers. I like those paintings and other products that they are selling in their market. Thank you so much for sharing your market experience with us. I find it very unique though, reading this kind of article is very rare to read.

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