The Best Cuba Itinerary for 2 Weeks in Cuba [in 2024]

Planning a trip to Cuba?  Cuba is a magical place, and there are so many wonderful places to visit in Cuba that deciding what to see in Cuba can be tough.  Luckily, I have done the research for you!  I spent almost a month travelling around Cuba and have picked out the very best places to go in Cuba, so you don’t have to worry about planning your trip.  I have created the perfect Cuba Itinerary based on 2 weeks in Cuba, but if you have more or less time in this incredible country you can adjust your Cuba travel itinerary accordingly as I’ve also included ideas for an itinerary for 7 days, 10 days and 3 weeks in Cuba.

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How Long to Spend in Cuba?

It doesn’t really matter how much time you spend in Cuba, it will never be enough!  I’d say a week in Cuba would be the absolute minimum when really you’ll just be able to visit Havana and a couple of other places.  10 to 14 days in Cuba is better as you can explore further afield and get a real feel for this incredible country.

If you have more than 2 weeks in Cuba, you’re on to a winner!  3 weeks or a month in Cuba means you can easily get from one end of the island and back, visiting some of the best cities in Cuba like Santiago and Baracoa.  

I loved my month in Cuba, although sadly I didn’t manage to explore the whole of the country due to a hurricane hitting the south of the island.  But, I still had a great time and I hope to go back again to see more!

How to Travel Around Cuba

As a UK citizen, I didn’t have any problems visiting Cuba as a tourist, and the same goes for most nationalities. 

However, if you are from the United States then you will need to check the visa requirements carefully, which you can do on the official Department of State website here.  Generally speaking, the best option for US tourists wanting to travel to Cuba is to join an organised tour which comes under the Support for the Cuban People travel requirement.

Double check that the tour company you would like to travel with complies with the requirements, which include interaction with local people and taking part in cultural activities, among others.

Recommended Tours of Cuba

If you prefer to explore Cuba with a tour, here are some of my favourite options:

I travelled independently around Cuba, and I was surprised at how long it took to travel from place to place.  Getting around Cuba is more challenging than in other countries due to the restrictions on tourists using the local forms of transport which are just for Cuban citizens. 

Options for travelling around Cuba include shared colectivo taxis, train, air, and most usually by bus.  For the purposes of this Cuba itinerary, I will assume you are travelling overland, on the Viazul tourist buses.

Buses are a better way of getting around than this sidecar! Planning your Cuba Itinerary for 2 weeks in Cuba
Buses are a better way of getting around than this sidecar! Planning your Cuba Itinerary.

Viazul buses are designed for tourists and Cubans to travel in between various places in Cuba and are relatively comfortable, and usually air-conditioned. 

It is best to book the tickets in advance, as buses can sell out.  You can book tickets at any of the Viazul bus stations around Cuba, I would recommend booking your next journey soon as you arrive at each destination or booking them all at the same time as soon as you arrive in Cuba.

You can also book Viazul bus tickets online which is the best way to guarantee you can get a seat on the bus you want.  Book tickets on the official Viazul website here.  

The bus timetable isn’t the most reliable as buses often run late, so leave plenty of time for your journey.

Where to Stay in Cuba

When you are travelling in Cuba, the best accommodation options are usually bedrooms rented in people’s homes, known as Casas Particulares.  Forget about resorts in Cuba, if you stay at all-inclusive hotels in Cuba you could be anywhere in the world.  Staying in a casa particular with local people in their homes is a wonderful way to meet Cubans, and to learn more about life and culture in Cuba.

There are some incredible Casas Particulares to choose from, for a whole range of travel budgets.  The most basic rooms could cost as little as €20 per night, or you could pay a lot more for luxurious rooms and whole apartments. 

How to Book Accommodation in Cuba

Expedia has casas particulares and hotels in Cuba available to book online  >>>BROWSE ACCOMMODATION IN CUBA ON EXPEDIA

Airbnb also has plenty of listings for places to stay in Cuba but doesn’t operate in Cuba.

Hostels in Cuba are not as common as other countries but you can still find some options on Hostelworld.  There are some hostels in Havana and other major cities with dorm beds for less than €5 so they can be a fantastic option if you’re backpacking in Cuba or are a solo traveller and want some company. >>>BROWSE HOSTELS IN CUBA 

Don’t forget though that the Casas Particulares are also cheap as you can usually find a private room in a casa for less than €20.

Other Essential Cuba Travel Tips

It isn’t possible to get Cuban pesos (CUP) before you travel to Cuba as it is prohibited to take pesos out of the country.  ATMs are also very unreliable, especially with foreign cards so the best option is to bring Euros in cash with you to exchange when you arrive. 

Some hotels and businesses may accept Euros or GBP as payment directly, without having to change them into CUP first.

US Dollars are not usually exchanged or accepted as payment, the most common currency that visitors use are Euros and GBP, and sometimes Canadian dollars although that is less likely to be accepted, so make sure you have plenty of Euros with you.

NB: there used to be two different currencies for Cuba, the CUC (convertible peso) and the CUP (Cuban peso) but now that has been unified into just the CUP.

The Best Cuba Itinerary for 2 Weeks in Cuba

Two weeks in Cuba is a great length of time to explore the cities, beaches and beautiful nature of Cuba, without rushing around.  I have chosen some of the best places to visit in Cuba to enjoy in this 2 week itinerary and to get a real feel for the country, away from the resorts and closer to normal Cuban life.

Cuba Itinerary Days 1-3: Havana

Most international flights arrive into Havana, so exploring Havana is a great way to begin your travel to Cuba.  Three nights in Havana should be enough time to see some of the highlights of the city and to get into the Cuban way of life.

The Capitol Building in Havana Cuba. 2 Weeks in Cuba Itinerary
The Capitol Building in Havana Cuba. 2 Weeks in Cuba Itinerary

What to do in Havana

Havana is a city that needs to be explored on foot.  Stroll around the old town, and admire the crumbling buildings that are still beautiful despite their dilapidated state – and a UNESCO Heritage Site.  Listen to a group of street musicians play, find a shady spot to sit and watch the world go by.

Outside of Old Havana, The Plaza de la Revolución has a cool mural of Che Guevara, and take a walk around Centro Havana, with more Cuban life than you can shake a stick out.  It feels a world away from the old town, but I loved just seeing people go about their lives, nonplussed about the tourists wandering around. 

The Capitol Building is impressive from the outside, and you can also take a tour inside as well.  There are tobacco factories in Havana too, where you can take tours to see how Cuban cigars are made.  The Callejón de Hamel is also worth a visit, for funky street art, and impromptu live music sessions.

There are some excellent museums in the city too, you could check out the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes for art, the Museo de la Ciudad, or the Museo de la Revolución (both closed on Mondays).

Local musicians playing in Havana Cuba, a must-see during your 2 weeks in Cuba Itinerary
Local musicians playing in Havana Cuba, a must-see during your 2 weeks in Cuba

Hotel Inglaterra has a great terrace to admire the views, and La Floridita is a mecca for tourists wanting to visit Hemingway’s favourite bar, who are willing to pay the price for a mojito here.  If you don’t fancy this, buy a bottle of rum (which will cost you less!) and head to the Malecon for sunset, you are sure to meet some locals to share a drink and some stories.

Top Tip – don’t bother with the open top bus tour, most of the stops are just hotels – you can get around more easily on foot or in a taxi.

Beware of the scammers in Havana though, they are waiting for the fresh-faced tourists who are new in town.  No children in Cuba need you to buy milk powder, that is provided by the state, and child malnutrition is practically unheard of.  Crime against tourists is rare, although it does happen, the friendly and wily Cubans have many ways to scam you out of a few dollars. 

It is great to chat with the locals, but just be aware that if you go to a bar with them they’ll expect you to pay for everything, and usually the prices are jacked up as well, so you end up paying much more than you would do if you had stumbled across the place yourself.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1 – Explore the old town, a museum & the Malecon
Day 2 – Hire a classic car, visit another museum & take lots of photos
Day 3 – Centro Havana, Hotel Inglaterra for the views.

Cuba Itinerary Days 4-7: Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos is an underrated city in Cuba, although people still ask if it is worth going to Cienfuegos.  In my opinion, most definitely yes!

Waterfalls at El Nicho near Cienfuegos - 2 weeks in Cuba Itinerary
Waterfalls at El Nicho near Cienfuegos – 2 weeks in Cuba Itinerary

What to do in Cienfuegos

Granted, there isn’t that much to do in the city itself; the main square is worth a look, and there is a beautiful sunset from Punta Gorda over the ocean.  The real bonus of Cienfuegos is what there is to do in the area surrounding the town. 

Laguna Guanaroca is a gorgeous, peaceful lake where you can take a boat trip to see flamingos and other wildlife on the lake.  I loved it here, and would definitely recommend visiting the lake.  After Laguna Guanaroca you could go to El Castillo which is an interesting fort built to protect the city from pirates in the bay. 

The following day, another trip I highly recommend is to El Nicho, a series of stunning waterfalls and natural pools to swim in – you can even take a bottle of rum to drink as you chill out in the water!

From Cienfuegos you can also take a day trip to Santa Clara to see the Che Guevara memorial.

The Che Guevara Monument in Santa Clara Cuba - 2 weeks in Cuba Itinerary
The Che Guevara Monument in Santa Clara Cuba

Day by Day Itinerary:

Day 4 – travel to Cienfuegos.  Explore the town.
Day 5 – Laguna Guanaroca and El Castillo
Day 6 – El Nicho
Day 7 – Day trip to Santa Clara

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Cuba Itinerary Days 8-11: Trinidad

Leave Havana on the morning of the fourth day to travel to Trinidad.  Trinidad is one of the best places to see in Cuba as it is simply beautiful.  Much smaller, and less hectic than Havana, Trinidad is very popular with tourists, so it can get busy, but it still manages to retain its small-town charm.

Trinidad - don't miss this on your Cuba Itinerary!
Trinidad – don’t miss this on your Cuba Itinerary!

What to Do in Trinidad

First of all, walk around this gorgeous town and admire the colourful buildings.  The Lonely Planet Guide to Cuba has a great scenic walk around Trinidad and suggests where you can take the best photographs, and with the beautiful architecture and Cuban life continuing around you, you’ll have no trouble finding some fab Instagram spots. 

The Belltower in the Municipal History Museum close to the main square has the best views of Trinidad and is more than worth the $2 CUC entry fee.

The nightlife in Trinidad is buzzing, and crowds gather around the Casa de la Musica which has live performances at the weekend.  You can stay on the steps to listen, or pay a $1 CUC entrance fee to see the stage and dance up there, so practice your salsa! 

The most popular nightclub in town is in a cave.  Yes, a cave.  Las Ayalas, more commonly known as La Cueva is a walk uphill from the main square and is popular with tourists and locals alike.

The streets of Trinidad Cuba - 2 Week in Cuba Itinerary
The streets of Trinidad Cuba

There are plenty of day trips from Trinidad too, the most popular being a beach day at Playa Ancon.  However, I preferred the smaller, quieter Playa Maria Aguilar.  Another popular excursion from Trinidad is a horse-back riding trip to a waterfall, and a fun stop at a cigar and coffee hut along the way.

Day by Day Itinerary:

Day 8 – travel to Trinidad, explore the town.  Enjoy the nightlife.
Day 9 – beach day (and hangover recovery!)
Day 10 – Horse riding excursion, do the photo walk in Trinidad
Day 11 – Bus to Viñales via Havana, or colectivo taxi to Viñales

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Cuba Itinerary Days 12-14: Viñales

Viñales is my favourite place in Cuba.  A small town, surrounded by tobacco fields and strange rock formations known as mogotes.

A tobacco field and house in Vinales Cuba - 2 weeks in Cuba Itinerary
A tobacco field and house in Vinales Cuba

What to do in Viñales

Viñales is a welcome respite from the hectic cities.  Here you can get close to nature, hiking, climbing and horseback riding to your heart’s content.  The sunset walking tour arranged by Villa Reyes is magical, our guide was friendly and informative, and we watched the sunset at a tobacco farm with a mojito in hand.  What more could you want?  Perhaps a horseback riding tour of the same, which is also possible here!

Hiking to Los Aquaticos, a small community of people who believe in the healing power of water is a good hike, with wonderful views of the valley, and would be interesting to learn about the culture of Los Aquaticos if you manage to find the community. 

You can also cycle around Viñales to see the Mural de la Prehistoria, a huge colourful painting on the side of a mogote.  Speaking of mogotes, if you are a rock climber, Viñales is the best place in Cuba to climb.

If you need some beach time before returning home, then you can take a day trip to one of the Cayos on the coast, Cayo Jutías or Cayo Levisa.

Day by Day Itinerary:

Day 12 – Explore Viñales, take the evening sunset tour
Day 13 – Hike to Los Aquaticos or horse-riding excursion, visit el Mural de la Prehistoria.
Day 14 – Beach day

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Variations to this Two-Week Cuba Itinerary


You may wonder why I didn’t include Varadero in this Cuba two-week itinerary.  If want to visit all-inclusive beach resorts in Cuba, then, of course, spend a couple of days in Varadero soaking up some sun.  I didn’t include it in my itinerary as Varadero is very touristy, and about as far away from the real Cuba that you can get. 

I prefer to suggest more cultural places to visit, and there are beaches to enjoy in Trinidad & Viñales, but if you are looking for a beach holiday in Cuba, then Varadero is for you.

The Beach at Playa Maria Aguliar near Trinidad - 2 weeks in Cuba Itinerary
The Beach at Playa Maria Aguliar near Trinidad


Nature lovers might prefer to squeeze in a visit to Baracoa on the southern tip of Cuba, which is renowned for its beautiful countryside, and unique cuisine – including chocolate which is grown in the region.

If you prefer to travel slowly, just choose two or three of these suggestions for where to visit in Cuba and enjoy exploring each place for longer.

If you would rather fit more in, then reduce the time you spend in each place and pick other places to visit in Cuba from the three-week itinerary below.  You could visit Varadero, or take a flight down to Santiago de Cuba or Baracoa and travel back up to Havana via Trinidad and Cienfuegos. 

However, be wary about squeezing too much in with just 2 weeks in Cuba, as sometimes the best of Cuba is just relaxing with a mojito and a cigar, and watching the world go by.

Just a Short Trip to Cuba?

If you have even less time, and only managed to get 3 days in Cuba, then stay in Havana.  With only three days there isn’t enough time to travel around Cuba, instead, concentrate on Havana as there are more than enough things to do in Havana for anyone to be satisfied!  A day trip to Viñales could be possible although it is an expensive way to travel.

Wandering the streets of Havana Centro - 2 weeks in Cuba Itinerary
Wandering the streets of Havana Centro

Cuba itinerary 7 days

If you only have one week in Cuba, then this 7 days in Cuba itinerary is for you.  With a week in Cuba, it is possible to see a combination of culture, beaches and beautiful lush valleys.  For me, Havana, Viñales and Trinidad are the absolute essentials for 7 days in Cuba.  Pick out your favourite activities from the 2 week Cuba itinerary and adjust the schedule to suit your needs.

Cuba Itinerary 10 days

With 10 days in Cuba, simply pick out the best of the 2-week itinerary and skip some things you don’t fancy, or spend a night less in each stop to make sure you can visit everything.  However, when you are thinking about where to go in Cuba, don’t rush things – you want to be able to enjoy everything you do here.

Sancti Spitirus in Cuba - A good addition if you have 3 weeks in Cuba
Sancti Spitirus in Cuba – A good addition if you have 3 weeks in Cuba

Cuba Itinerary 3 weeks

If you are lucky enough to have 3 weeks in Cuba or even longer, you can expand your Cuba trip itinerary to include more of the southern part of the island.  Tourist cards are issued for up to 30 days (and can be extended), so if you have the time then enjoy!

In an extension of the 2 week Cuba itinerary, after spending a couple of days in Havana take a flight to Santiago de Cuba to explore and get a taste of Caribbean flavours (and rum!) away from Havana’s influence.

Don’t miss Baracoa for its unique cuisine, chocolate and stunning coastline.  The Alejandro de Humboldt National Park is also one of the best places to visit in Cuba and one of the most biologically diverse tropical island sites on earth, according to UNESCO.

Work your way back north, calling at the distinctly un-touristy Holguín for a growing food scene and a Cuba that really is off the beaten track.  Camagüey is another wonderful place to visit, as its narrow streets create a labyrinth that was designed to foil pirates like the famous Henry Morgan. 

From here you can make your way up to Trinidad, stopping off at Sancti Spiritus if you want to break the journey and spend the rest of your two weeks in Cuba following the above 2-week itinerary – adding in a visit to Playa Larga if you want some beach time.

Phew!  I hope you enjoyed this epic post to help plan your perfect Cuba itinerary.  If you have any feedback please feel free to share it in the comments below – have I missed something?  Did I include something you would skip?  Let me know!

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    Hi Sarah, thanks for reading! I loved staying in the family homes, it really is the best way to experience Cuba and much better than staying in hotels. Sometimes travelling around by myself I felt like I was being ripped off, never in danger but it was more irritating because I knew they were charging me more than what it was worth – but I understand why that was happening. Safety really isn’t an issue in Cuba, there are strict penalties for anyone who does anything to a tourist, so robberies are very rare (although still take precautions you would anywhere. I found all of my Cuban hosts to be very friendly and kind, so I’m surprised about the ‘mixed reviews’ – I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂

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    I’m planning a visit to Mexico + Cuba (hopefully) this upcoming autumn! It’s an intriguing destination because Cuba is somehow still stuck in a different time period and I’m sure there are lots of things to discover in terms of culture, history and nature. A friend of mine went last October on a group tour with a local guide, which I’m thinking is probably the best way for me to see the country, too. Travelling around by yourself sounds a bit tricky, although you provide some great tips for that in your post! Thanks for this helpful newbie introduction guide to Cuba!

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