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How to Travel the World Without Leaving Home

How to Travel The World Without Leaving Home

One of the side-effects of the current situation is that most of us will be stuck in one place for a while.  So, as we stay put, how do you channel your wanderlust without being able to travel anywhere?  I’ve come up with some ideas for how to travel the world without leaving home, bring the outside world in!  If you have any other ideas please let me know and let’s share all the tips we can to get through self-isolation and keep dreaming of travel!

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Read Up on Travel Blogs

Even if you can’t book any trips yet, reading travel blogs is one of my favourite ways to find out about new destinations – obviously!  Of course, if you’re reading this you are already aware of the power of travel blogs, but like all the travel industry at the moment, we are suffering as fewer people read about and book travel. 

I’d like to thank you for your continued support, and ask you to please help us out by sharing articles with friends and family, liking our posts on social media, and when you are ready to book please do come back to your favourite blogs and book through our links.  In the meantime, most of us are still doing what we have always done, writing travel articles and sharing our favourite tips and destination advice!

Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Lots of museums around the world have closed their doors during the lockdown, and while no-one is allowed to visit in person, a lot of museums offer virtual tours so you can explore the exhibits and travel without leaving the house!  Travel and Leisure have a good list of museums around the world, including the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and the British Museum in London

The Aztec Sunstone in the Anthropology Musem of Mexico City
The Aztec Sunstone in the Anthropology Musem of Mexico City

Write Your Dream Bucket List

We can all dream, and once we are able to travel again there are a lot of destinations that will desperately need our tourist money!  Now is the perfect time to revisit your bucket-list and discover some incredible destinations around the world.  If you’re feeling creative, make a mood board and stick on beautiful pictures or get on Pinterest to create your Bucket List travel board.

For me, Morocco is very high up there as I just had my trip there cancel, and I would love to go horse-riding in Mongolia and travel around India and Australia.  Where will you go on your next trip? 

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Cook A Meal from Abroad

Depending on what you have access to at home, one of my favourite ways to remember awesome destinations is to rustle up a meal from there so I get a taste of another country without leaving home.  I loved doing cooking classes in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and Italy so I am planning to make some homemade pasta or tacos while I’m at home.  

I just found out about the chance to take Italian cooking classes online, with Nonna Live – where an Italian Grandma will teach you how to make classic Italian dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen.  I’d love to give that a try – assuming I can get all the ingredients! 

This video by Christine at GRRRLTraveler gives you an idea of what to expect – she took the cooking class in person back in December, but since the lockdown, the Nonnas have taken their classes online. 

If you’re cooking yourself, find some inspiration for recipes in a new cookbook or on Pinterest.  If you don’t feel like cooking, order some food from different restaurants in your town or city – pick somewhere you’ve never been to and give it a try.  If people aren’t going out as much, small local restaurants will struggle to stay open so will be glad of your support!     

Do an Online Experience

During lockdown, many of the fabulous in-person tours and activities you used to be able to do in person while you were travelling are now available online.  There are lots of Airbnb online experiences you can try, from a flamenco lesson to cooking classes and sangria with a Drag Queen!

Listen to Some Awesome Travel Podcasts

Getting travel inspiration in your ears is a great way to multi-task if you are doing mindless things like laundry or cleaning the house.  You can listen to podcasts anywhere, when I go travelling I usually download a few to my phone so I can listen along – which also helps me with my motion sickness as I still get to enjoy listening without reading anything and risking throwing up! 

Of course, when I’m at home that’s not an issue, but I like to listen to a podcast before I go to bed to give my eyes a rest from the screen.  Check out Girls Talk Travel by Megsy and Alice, and The Radio Vagabond by Palle Bo, both are very different, but I love them in different ways.  Have a listen and let me know what you think!   

Binge on Travel Movies

While we’re holed up at home, now is the time to catch up on those travel movies (or films as we Brits call them!).  Films showing beautiful destinations around the world always make me want to go there asap, and I love seeing places I have already visited appear in films. 

I was watching the new Aladdin remake the other day and noticed that they filmed some of that in Jordan, or Tikal in Guatemala pop up in Star Wars.  Some films are designed to spark wanderlust, sharing adventures of the protagonists as they explore. 

I’ve been meaning to watch Wild for ages, and one of my favourite films for travel inspiration and pure escapism is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; I’ve wanted to visit Petra ever since seeing it in the film god knows how many years ago!

Watch Travel Videos on YouTube

If you fancy some fun and informative travel information, YouTube is filled with travel videos!  I love watching Janet from Journalist on the Run as she shares her adventures in bite-sized videos as she goes. 

Charlie at Pocket Trailblazer creates some awesome travel films, as does Karl Watson, and their YouTube channels are more like documentary channels, with longer films around an hour long, all of which transport you around the world from the comfort of your living room!  

Put Together a Travel Music Playlist

Music has the power to transport us around the world with a few bars of a tune.  I have a playlist of songs that I made during my travels around South America which is full of reggaton, salsa and cumbia music, and every time I listen to it is takes me right back to my happy place.  Spotify allows you to create a playlist from their huge library of songs, so the world is your musical oyster!

Listen to Radio Around the World

Digital and online radio stations transmit from all over the world straight to your living room.  I love hearing different accents on the radio and seeing what music is hot right now in different countries.  Just google radio stations in your chosen city or country and have a listen!

Travel The World by Watching Travel Documentaries

Real-life documentaries showcase the incredible talents of film-makers who record life in different parts of the world.  I love nature documentaries, like Blue Planet, which has some mind-blowing footage. 

David Attenborough is a national treasure and I could watch him talk about anything and still hang on his every word.  I also watched a programme about Cuba with Joanna Lumley this week which was nice to bring back memories of backpacking in Cuba

Beautiful Trinidad in Cuba - Travel The World Without Leaving Home
Beautiful Trinidad in Cuba – Travel The World Without Leaving Home

Read Inspiring Travel Books

Books are our window to the world, and they have the power to instantly transport us to another place and time, even a fictional destination!  If you can’t get to the library, you can order books online, or get some audio or e-books for your kindle.  I’ve got quite into audiobooks lately and signed up for an Audible subscription so I can listen to books wherever I am. 

Audible gift subscriptions also make wonderful gifts if you know someone who would love a subscription, especially if they are stuck at home!  Even though I don’t like to carry them with me when I travel, I still love the Lonely Planet guidebooks for itinerary ideas and must-see places in a destination. 

Explore Maps of the World

I love maps!  Mainly because my geography is so terrible but looking in an atlas or at Google maps really opens my eyes to how many places there are that I never know existed!  The other day my mum and I were looking at islands in the Pacific, and they are all now added to my bucket list! 

If you have a globe, spin it and see where it lands and imagine that’s your next destination.  Google maps isn’t quite as fun for me, but it does have the advantage that you can switch to satellite mode and pick out individual streets and even houses or hotels.  That kind of detail is just insane! 

Exploring Maps is a Great Way to Travel Without Leaving Home
Exploring Maps is a Great Way to Travel Without Leaving Home

Organise your Travel Photographs

I have thousands of photos from my travels, but I don’t often look back at them!  If you’re stuck at home then looking through travel photos is not only useful (as you can organise them and delete unnecessary images), but also great for bringing back happy travel memories. 

There is nothing quite like having a real photo album or a photo book, so you can physically hold the photos and look through them.  You could print off some photos for that or put them in frames to decorate the house. 

There are lots of print companies who will put your photographs onto a large canvas for display, or put them onto things like calendars, mugs or mouse mats, so every time you look at them you are reminded of your trip.

And for the Kids: Camping in Your Own Garden

If you have kids they will appreciate this, and although pretending to be on a trip isn’t quite the same as the real thing, if you have some camping gear then setting up a tent in your back yard is a great way to have an adventure without leaving home!  You could even set up a makeshift tent in the lounge with some sheets and a bit of imagination.

What do you think?  Although it is definitely not the same as travelling, these are some of the ways we can at least imagine what it is like to travel the world without leaving home!  If you have any other ideas please let me know in the comments below.

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How to Travel the World without Leaving Home

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