Sao Paulo Street Art

Sao Paulo Street Art

One of the (many) things I love about South America is the abundance of awesome street art.  Beautiful murals brighten up the dullest of days, as street artists express themselves on blank surfaces all over the cities.  This isn’t graffiti, far from it, this is art.  More skilled with a spray can than I could ever be with a brush, I am continuously awed by street artists and their creations.  Sao Paulo street art is an example of the best.

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Sao paulo street art in sao paulo
Get lost in a riot of colour admiring the street art in Sao Paulo!

Where to Find the Best Street Art in Sao Paulo

In the trendy Vila Madalena neighbourhood, you’ll find boutique hotels, bars and restaurants – and the famous Beco de Batman.  I have no idea why Batman lends his name to this little street, but here the walls are covered with magnificent art.  Unfortunately when my laptop was stolen in Ecuador I lost a lot of the photographs from Sao Paulo, but luckily I still have a few!

Sao paulo street art in sao paulo
Street art in Sao Paulo, hello Mr Owl!

I love street art that is colourful and bright, especially of animals.

Beco de batman Sao paulo street art in sao paulo
This leopard is one of my favourite examples of street art in Sao Paulo
Beco de batman Sao paulo street art in sao paulo
Sao Paulo Street Art: Here’s looking at you, kid
Beco de batman Sao paulo street art in sao paulo
More colourful street art in Sao Paulo at the Beco de Batman

Where to Stay in Sao Paulo?

I stayed at Viva Hostel Design in Vila Madalena, just a few blocks away from the Beco de Batman and an awesome range of Sao Paulo street art.  I highly recommend to stay in this hostel in Sao Paulo, it is modern and clean, has solid bunk beds and feels much more private than almost every other dorm I’ve stayed in.  The hostel also organizes weekly events, such as group dinners so it’s a great place to meet people too.

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8 thoughts on “Sao Paulo Street Art

  1. Sao Paulo is such a colorful place, even without the incredible street art. These masterpieces just make it more vibrant! Terrible that your laptop got stolen – that must have been a bit of a nightmare.

  2. This is the third San Paolo street art post I’ve seen this year and I’ve got to say I WANT TO GO now! My favorite is the next to last one with the faces and flowers. I love the colors a lot. Thanks for sharing a dose of San Paolo wanderlust.

  3. I love street art too! I think one of the first places I really took notice to street art was in Australia about 6 years ago. Sao Paulo is some place I need to visit. I love the leopard street art 🙂

  4. These are quite spectacular . I remember seeing something similar in the Philippines.
    I guess if not for anything else, I would probably go to Sao Paolo just for this.

  5. I love street art for its honesty and colourful vibrancy. The street art in Sao Paulo looks stunningly beautiful. The creative expressions of unknown and unsung artists seems to have exploded on the the streets of Sao Paulo.

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