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Where to Stay in Prague for Backpackers: Post Hostel Prague

There is a staggering choice of hotels and hostels in Prague.  From budget hostels for backpacking Prague to luxury hotels in Prague, there is something for everyone.  I prefer to stay in private rooms when I can, but still in a social environment where I can meet other people, so when I found Post Hostel Prague it sounded like a great choice!  Read on for my full Post Hostel Prague review, probably the best Prague Backpackers’ Hostel.

UPDATE 2021: It seems that Post Hostel has closed – hopefully temporarily.  You can find other hostels in Prague on Hostelworld here.

Where to Stay in Prague

A lot of visitors choose the Old Town to stay, due to its central location.  True, you are right on the doorstep of the Old Town Square, and Charles Bridge, but you are also in the middle of tourist central.  Even on a Thursday in March when I arrived, the streets were still full of tourists meandering around the hot spots.  Staying in one of the other neighbourhoods means you can experience more of the ‘real’ Prague.  Vinohrady is a popular place for visitors and locals alike.  The trendy neighbourhood has wide streets, plenty of bars and restaurants, and is just a short metro ride or around 30 minutes’ walk to the Old Town centre.  To be honest, as Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, there is no bad choice when deciding where to stay in Prague.

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The sun rises over Charles Bridge - Where to Stay in Prague
The sun rises over Charles Bridge – Where to Stay in Prague

Post Hostel Prague Review

Location of Post Hostel Prague

Post Hostel Prague is in the Vinohrady neighbourhood, just 5 minutes’ walk from the metro stop Náměstí Míru.  There are also several tram routes that stop a couple of minutes away, so it is easily connected to many parts of the city.  Post Hostel Prague is just next to the Post Office, hence the name!

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Arriving at Post Hostel Prague

I was in touch with Robert at the Post Hostel Prague, who had booked my room for me.  When I told him what time I was due to arrive at the hostel he sent me exact instructions for how to get to the hostel which was very helpful!  It can be stressful arriving at a new destination and trying to figure out where to go, but with these instructions, it was a dream.

Robert was on reception when I arrived, and he checked me in.  I filled out the check-in card, and he gave me some recommendations for where to eat in the area and how to get into town to see some of the sites.

Post Hostel Prague - Reception Area
Post Hostel Prague – Reception Area

The Rooms at Post Hostel Prague

I had arranged to stay in a four-bedroom dorm, which was actually just for me.  March is low season in Prague, so there were plenty of free beds available, but still enough people to meet and get to know.

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The dorm rooms were spotlessly clean, and continued the postal theme.  The lockers and bunk beds were decorated with postal stamps, and even the curtains where postal themed!  The room was spacious, with a large locker for each person, and a table and chairs with a coat stand.  Each bunk bed has its own light, plug socket and shelf, and a curtain for more privacy.  I love it when hostel beds had curtains, if they don’t I often end up making a little den by hanging my travel towel up!  As well as a bit of extra privacy, the curtain also blocks out the light, so you can sleep better.  Each bed was already made with a duvet, and huge comfy pillow.  I guess the pillows in the Czech Republic are all huge, as it was similar at Internesto where I stayed in Brno.

Post Hostel Prague - Four Bed Dorm
Post Hostel Prague – Four Bed Dorm

I first stayed for 3 nights in a dorm room, and then later returned when my flight was cancelled and booked a private room.  The private rooms were just as clean, a little basic with just a bed, wardrobe and coat stand, but towels were included and I loved the extra touch of leaving free postcards on the pillows.

Post Hostel Prague - Simple but clean private rooms
Post Hostel Prague – Simple but clean private rooms

The rooms all have shared bathrooms, with a separate shower and toilet.  These were also kept spotlessly clean, and had soap and a towel to dry your hands.  That is surprisingly not that common in hostels but I love not drying my hands on my jeans!

Post Hostel Prague - Clean bathrooms, keeping the postal theme
Post Hostel Prague – Clean bathrooms, keeping the postal theme

Social Areas at Post Hostel Prague

At the reception area there are tables and chairs for breakfast or for working and socialising.  There are also sofas, a TV and two guitars if you are feeling musical!  The best though was a table football foozball, which I used to be a whizz at but am sadly out of practice these days.  There are also kitchens on each level of the hostel, the larger one on level three where the reception is, but there is also a small one on level four.

Post Hostel Prague - Chill out & Social Area
Post Hostel Prague – Chill out & Social Area

The hostel also organizes social events during the week.  Mostly at the weekend, there was a bowling night, beer tasting at the Prague Beer Museum, and a pub crawl for St Patrick’s Day while I was there, and although I didn’t actually join (I don’t drink beer) they were popular with the other guests.

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Breakfast at Post Hostel Prague

Breakfast is included in your stay at the Post Hostel Prague, with a choice of cereals, bread, jam and chocolate spread.  Coffee, tea and juice are also available too.  It would have been nice to have some fruit as well, I had eaten a lot of meat and dumplings during my stay in the Czech Republic, so I could feel the weight creeping back on!  It was still nice to have something included though, at least a snack to see you through till lunch.

Post Hostel Prague - Breakfast is included in the room rate
Post Hostel Prague – Breakfast is included in the room rate

Amenities at the Post Hostel Prague

There is wifi throughout the Post Hostel Prague, including in all the rooms.  The signal was a little slower in the evening when everyone was using it, but during the day it worked well enough for a skype video call which I was pleased with!

Each bed has a locker, light and plug socket, and I was given a key card to open the main door of the hostel and my room.  If you don’t have a padlock you can borrow one free of charge and rent a towel if you need one.  There is a kitchen with a hob to make your own food (no oven), and there are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby if you don’t fancy cooking.

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At the reception you can also buy beers, cider (yey!), and snacks.

There is a launderette around the corner, which has wifi and areas to sit while you wait for your laundry.

Post Hostel Prague - Kitchen facilities to make your own food
Post Hostel Prague – Kitchen facilities to make your own food

What I Loved About Post Hostel Prague

It was spotlessly clean, well decorated and welcoming.  The staff were all lovely, and the wifi was good.  The beds were also very comfy, and I love having the plug and privacy curtain on my bed too.

Anything I Didn’t Like?

The breakfast could have had more healthy options, but that is my only suggestion.

Overall I thought everything else was done well, and would definitely recommend the Post Hostel Prague to visitors looking for budget accommodation in Prague.

Want to book?  Prices for dorm rooms start from just €10 per night, and you can book direct on the Post Hostel Prague website where you can check for any special offers, or book through hostelworld.


Have you been to Prague?  Would you like to stay at the Post Hostel Prague?  I’d love to hear your comments.

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There is a staggering choice of hotels and hostels in Prague.  From budget hostels for backpacking Prague to luxury hotels in Prague, there is something for everyone. I stayed at the Post Hostel Prague and was very happy with my choice. If you are wondering where to stay in Prague, read on for my full review.

My stay at the Post Hostel Prague was complimentary, but all opinions are my own.  I had a 3-night stay at first, then returned and paid for two extra nights when my flight was cancelled.

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14 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Prague for Backpackers: Post Hostel Prague

  1. Frankie says:

    I stayed at Post Hostel Prague recently. It’s name is a nod to the Pošta (post office) next door. I think they are part of the same building just different levels. It’s address lists the Pošta, so if you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to miss the hostel signage. Hostel entrance does not list the building number. THe property is clean, the lockers are very useful, reception staff are very helpful, location is great (couldn’t be better to experience local Prague within steps of Tourist madness). Only down sides: acoustics of room is great. It lets in noise from street and from common areas especially if your dorm is next to common area); the dorm mattress was thinnish and not the most comfortable; wooden bed slats make a lot of noise as person on top bunk moves in bed. You could hear the slats crick as well. I would still go back to hostel for price, location, and overall comfort.

  2. Anna says:

    Looks lovely. Cleanliness is the most important thing for me when choosing a hostel. I love the overall look and that there is a football table!

  3. Jas says:

    Vinohrady sounds like a great neighborhood and a 30-minute walk is not too far either especially since you’ll be distracted by all the beautiful scenes you come across along the way. I usually don’t stay at hostels but this so clean and cute that I just might stay here if and when I visit Prague!

  4. Christopher says:

    I have to admit that looks pretty good for a hostel. I would of stayed there for sure when I was in Prague. When I stayed in Prague I stayed in an Airbnb. Just a little outside of the centre. I had to take a tram but I was close to the castle. This would of been a great choice

  5. Candy says:

    I’ve never stayed in a hostel, but I wouldn’t mind staying here. It’s so cute and I love the fun decor. The reception is so inviting too. I too like to have healthier breakfast options 🙂

  6. Tamara says:

    I really like this hostel! Especially the fact that it has a “post” theme, which give it an unique image. For me, the location would be perfect as well. I love to stay somewhere else than the city center, because I know I’ll get in the city center when travelling around the city anyways and in that way you get to meet a new and local piece of the city. If the city center is easily accesible by metro, it won’t be a problem for me. I’ll definitely keep this hostel in mind!

  7. Lisa says:

    My backpacking days are long behind me, but I like the look of this one a lot. Shame there aren’t some healthier options for breakfast; I love chocolate spread, but after a while, that spread is evident on my body! Also good to know there’s Wi-Fi in the rooms too.

  8. Iuliana Marchian says:

    This hostel looks great. It is true that I’m not anymore at the age of traveling through hostels, but their private room looks well enough to determine me to try another hostel in Prague. Hostel Prague seems to have kept the real meaning of a hostel. Great Review!

  9. Bob Bales says:

    Looks like a good place. Prague has a few options of staying out in the fringe neighborhoods and taking the metro into town. Only problem I had was the metro quit running at 11pm I think but that was a few years ago.

  10. Rosemary says:

    It looks like you got a great deal and clean environment at the Post Hostel Prague. Love the decor and especially the dorm area. You are right, not all hostels have clean bathroom facilities, so it’s great to read that was not the case. Can’t wait to visit Prague in the near future.

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