The Best Hostel in Barcelona – Fabrizzio’s Petit Review

I love Barcelona.  The city was my adopted home for three years before I disappeared to travel the world.  Now, it is always a pleasure to come back, visit old friends, eat all the amazing food, and discover new hidden gems that I didn’t know existed.  In between staying with friends in Sitges and Barcelona, I had four nights ‘spare’ when I wanted to stay in a hostel in Barcelona.  I searched online, found Fabrizzio’s Petit hostel and was thrilled when they invited me to stay.  Here’s why I think Fabrizzio’s Petit really is the best hostel in Barcelona!

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The Best Hostel in Barcelona: Fabrizzio’s Petit

The Concept

Fabrizzio’s Petit is a beautiful hostel in the centre of Barcelona.  Designed by travellers, the owners of Fabrizzio’s are travellers too – I met one of the owners Ernesto who is originally Argentinean but now based in Barcelona.  A look at the photos around the hostel or on Instagram show some of the destinations Ernesto and Fabrizzio have been to – from the Pyramids of Egypt to Paris, London, most of South America, and more.  But who is Fabrizzio you might ask?

Fabrizzio the Travelling Crocodile at Fabrizzio's Petit Barcelona - The Best Hostel in Barcelona
Fabrizzio the Travelling Crocodile at Fabrizzio’s Petit Barcelona – The Best Hostel in Barcelona

I had imagined a gorgeous Italian man, tall dark and handsome.  I wasn’t anywhere near.  Fabrizzio is a stuffed toy crocodile who follows Ernesto around the world.  Or rather, Ernesto follows him.  He is the star of the hostel, and when he is not travelling, he lives at the hostel with his girlfriend Fabrizzia.  I met Fabrizzio briefly, but he left to go to Iceland before I had chance to take a photo with him – gutted!!

Fabrizzia - Fabrizzio's Crocodile girlfriend at Fabrizzio's Petit, the best hostel in Barcelona
Fabrizzia – Fabrizzio’s Crocodile girlfriend at Fabrizzio’s Petit, the best hostel in Barcelona

Location of Fabrizzio’s Petit Hostel in Barcelona

Fabrizzio’s is perfectly located in the centre of Barcelona, less than 20 minutes’ walk from the key attractions in Barcelona including la Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, and Casa Battló.  It is a block from the metro station Girona on the yellow line, 3 blocks from Tetuan metro on the purple line, and 4 blocks from Urquinoana metro station on the red line. 

The hostel isn’t easy to spot, there is a small plaque outside the door but no huge sign, which doesn’t draw any attention; the hostel is in on the 2nd floor of the building, and has stairs or lift access.  I admit I walked straight past it the first time, but when I searched for the address, I found it easily. 

My room was at the front of the hostel, but it wasn’t noisy from traffic or people, which can often be a problem in at various hostels and hotels in Barcelona.  At the back, the social areas and terrace look out onto a leafy square, so no noise there either.

Part of the dining area at Fabrizzio's Petit - the best hostel in Barcelona
Part of the dining area at Fabrizzio’s Petit – the best hostel in Barcelona

The Bedrooms at the Hostel

I stayed in a six-bed dorm room, which was bright and airy during the day, but the shutters kept out all the light in the morning which was perfect for a sneaky lie-in.  All the bunk beds have their own plug socket and reading light, and hooks at the end of the beds.  There was a full-length mirror in the room too, something which is often lacking in hostels – sometimes I like to see what I look like before I leave!  A towel was also included free of charge, and there were lockers just next to reception for your valuables.

The 6 bed dorm in Fabrizzio's Petit - The Best hostel in Barcelona
The 6 bed dorm in Fabrizzio’s Petit – The Best hostel in Barcelona. Credit: Fabrizzio’s Petit

They also have private rooms as well, doubles or triples and some have ensuite bathrooms and access to the balcony.

A Double Room in Fabrizzio's Petit - The Best hostel in Barcelona
A Double Room in Fabrizzio’s Petit – The Best hostel in Barcelona.  Credit: Fabrizzio’s Petit

The Facilities at Fabrizzio’s Petit

The reception desk was just inside the door, and all the staff I spoke to were friendly and helpful, with recommendations of things to do, where to eat, and where to drink! Paulina who checked me in was lovely, and gave me a map of the city in case I needed any inspiration while I was here.

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There was a toilet and separate shower just outside the dorm room, and another toilet and toilet & shower room down the hall.  For the twenty people this was actually plenty, I didn’t have to wait to use the bathroom at all, and everything was spotlessly clean and looked as if it had been newly refurbished.  The kitchen is fully equipped (although there’s no freezer), and again, this is kept very clean and tidy.  They also have a full spice rack and oil you can using for cooking, again something not always available in hostels!

Part of the dining area at Fabrizzio's Petit - the best hostel in Barcelona
Part of the dining area at Fabrizzio’s Petit – the best hostel in Barcelona

The social areas are bright and cheerful, and again clean and tidy.  There were two larger tables for eating or working, and two smaller tables and chairs too.  Outside on the terrace there were more tables and chairs for eating breakfast, or catching a few rays!  The sun shone onto the terrace most of the day, and it was a nice place to chill out.

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There was also a book exchange, a big TV with Netflicks and a Playstation, although I didn’t see anyone using those while I was there.  After 11pm, all guests were asked to be quiet, so those who wanted an early night could get some sleep.  Others who wanted to go out would do so, and everyone has a key to come in any time they like.

Breakfast at Fabrizzio’s Petit Hostel Barcelona

Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, and unlike anywhere else I have stayed before you can eat breakfast at any time of day you like.  It is self-service, and you can help yourself to cereals, milk (and soy milk), juice, muffins, bread, jams, eggs and tea and coffee all day.  This was great for a cheeky afternoon snack, or when I had a late night and didn’t get up till 11am!

Other Activities in the Hostel

Paella night at Fabrizzio's Petit - the best hostel in Barcelona
Paella night at Fabrizzio’s Petit – the best hostel in Barcelona

One of the highlights of my stay was the Saturday Paella night.  Twice a week, one of the Fabrizzio’s Petit staff members cooks up a huge paella for the guests to share, and it doesn’t cost us a penny.  Yes, they offer FREE PAELLA twice a week!  I have stayed in hostels which arrange dinners but they always have an extra cost, this was an awesome added extra that saved me quite a bit of cash on a Saturday night dinner.

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Throughout the week there are other events such as shared dinners (for a small cost of around €5) and FREE sangria nights.  There was also the option to join a pub crawl on Saturday night (for an extra charge), and the hostel also has free tours (arranged by another company) of the city centre, and of the Sagrada Familia & Carmel Bunkers, a beautiful viewpoint that isn’t usually on the tourist radar.

Fabrizzio’s Petit offer some great free tours, but if you’re looking for a specific tour, check out these options with GetYourGuide:

What I loved about Fabrizzio’s Petit Hostel in Barcelona

The little details really make a difference between a good hostel and a great one.  Things like hooks on the beds, the full-length mirror, herbs and spices in the kitchen, hairdryer in the bathroom, are lovely little extras that a hostel doesn’t need to provide, but it just helped make my stay that bit better.

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I love a good bargain, and although the cost of the dorm beds is a little higher than other hostels in Barcelona, all the added extras that are included really make Fabrizzio’s Petit excellent value.  Other hostels often charge for towels, breakfast, even luggage storage, but here they are all included.  And of course, the all-day breakfast and free paella and sangria nights are yet another added bonus!

The view from the back terrace at Fabrizzio's Petit - the Best Hostel in Barcelona
The view from the back terrace at Fabrizzio’s Petit – the Best Hostel in Barcelona

Anything I didn’t like?

The only thing that bugged me was every time someone opened the door to the dorm room, it made a clicking noise which kept waking me up.  And as my (in)considerate roommates kept getting up early and coming in and out, I was woken up pretty early in the morning.  It is luck of the draw I suppose, but always bring earplugs with you when you stay in a hostel anywhere!

Final Thoughts about Fabrizzio’s Petit Hostel Barcelona

I loved this hostel.  You can never control when other guests come in and out, and it is part and parcel of hostel living.  Aside from that tiny detail, everything else here was perfect, and I felt at home and welcomed here.  It was one of the cleanest hostels I have ever stayed in, with a variety of social events, and of course delicious free paella.  I have to say, Fabrizzio’s Petit really was one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in (and I have stayed in a lot!!), and have no doubt recommending it to anyone coming to Barcelona who wants a social experience and also a good nights’ sleep!

If you want to book at Fabrizzio’s get a 10% discount on their regular prices by booking directly on their website here.

Or book Fabrizzio’s Petit Hostel in Barcelona through Hostelworld.


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My stay at Fabrizzio’s Petit was complimentary, but all opinions are, as always, my own.


11 thoughts on “The Best Hostel in Barcelona – Fabrizzio’s Petit Review

  1. LaiAriel R. Samangka (Thelittlelai: Beyond limits) says:

    Wow, truly this is the best hostel in Barcelona. I haven’t been to Barcelona and this is surely something I should consider when I get there. I love how detailed you’re in writing this Hotel. All my possible questions were answered. I also love how you stated one thing that bothers you, If I were there, that door sound would bother me as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  2. Francesca Murray says:

    Woah, that paella at Fabrizzios looks amazing! I stayed at a hostel my first time in Barcelona but it wasn’t this one unfortunately 🙁 I’ve never heard of a hostel (or hotel!) where you can eat your free breakfast any time of day. Love that!

  3. Jessica says:

    How cute is Fabrizio??? This looks the perfect stay for travelers on a budget. Also, you had me at the free paella twice a week! It’s all in the little details.

  4. Jennifer Melroy says:

    I love the stuffed alligator mascot. He needs to come to the USA and visit ‘the Swamp’. By that I mean the University of Florida’s Football stadium and meet Albert the alligator.

  5. Paige says:

    I love the green theme throughout the decor. It’s very obvious that it’s designed by travelers. Those are always the best hostels. I love the views here! I love that they treated you to paella too! So cool!

  6. nicki says:

    You had me a “free paella twice a week.” Like does it get any better than that? NOoo!! I do love the design elements – probably the best looking hostel I have seen!

  7. Indrani says:

    Wow cool arrangement inside the hostel, very creatively used space for stay. And they have catered for power points for each bed too. Did you say free paella!!! I am so tempted now. 😀

  8. vanessa says:

    You seem to always find the best (and coolest) places to stay! Fabrizzio’s looks cheerful and, as you mention, very clean and tidy. I only recently had my very first hostel stay in Singapore and they too offered the ‘in bunk’ power sockets which is a much appreciated and practical amenity .

  9. Linda says:

    I am well past staying in hostels, but if I was looking for my kids, I would definitely suggest this one. I would want to drop in for paella and sangria night though!

  10. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the small details really making a difference. A hook on the bed or a hairdryer show someone designed the space with a traveler in mind. Free paella 2x a week is an amazing perk, too! I also think private rooms in hostels are a well-kept secret. Hostels bring to mind the dorm style room you stayed in, but for just a bit more you can have a private room for less than the price of many hotels, but still all the social and community perks of a hostel.

  11. Megan Jerrard says:

    I love that Fabrizzio’s Petit is designed by travelers – I find that these types of hostels are the most practical in addresses what a traveler needs. Like all the bunk beds having a power socket – that’s very well thought out – it’s these things which really make a stay. I love how bright, cheerful and clean everything is, and it sounds like there’s a great sense of community here, what with things like Paella night. Will definitely stay when in Barcelona. Thanks for the tip!

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