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La Gatería Cat Café in Mexico City

Cats in La Gateria Cat Cafe Mexico City

UPDATE:  I have just found out that the Gateria Cat Cafe is sadly closed.  They still have an online shop where you can buy things for your kitty, and a Facebook page to adopt cats but the cat cafe is no more.

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I’ve never considered myself as a cat person, but it seems that lately I have developed more affection for our feline friends.  Perhaps it is the lack of close friends & distance from my family when I’m travelling, but there really is something therapeutic about stroking a cat.  When I found a Cat Café in Mexico City just down the road from my awesome hostel I knew I had to check it out!

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Cats in La Gateria Cat Cafe Mexico City
Cats in La Gateria Cat Cafe in Mexico City

I have never visited another Cat Café but I’m told you usually have to book a time slot with the cats, or reserve a table at least.  Not here, you just turn up.  It is just a small place with 5 or 6 tables, so it does get busy in evenings & on weekends with eager Mexicans waiting in line to get their feline fix.  During the week though it is much quieter, and you can easily get a table.


Cute Cat Muffin in La Gateria Cat Cafe in Mexico City
Cute Cat Muffin in La Gateria Cat Cafe Mexico City

The menu is basic coffee shop fare, with coffees, frozen smoothies, cat shaped muffins and huge portions of cake.  They also have a few more substantial savoury dishes like a veggie burger, but I only sampled the muffin & cake.

Cats in La Gateria Cat Cafe Mexico City
Let Sleeping Cats Lie in La Gateria Cat Cafe, Mexico City

All the cats here are available for adoption, the café acts as a kind of foster home while they look for owners tempted by a visit here to take one of the kitties home.  They also host regular special adoption days with more fluffy kittens and cats who are looking for homes.  Al the cats seem very well cared for, have plenty of toys to keep them occupied, and places to escape the reach of over-eager strokers too when they need a break.

Not so Helpful Cat in La Gateria Cat Cafe, Mexico City
Not so Helpful Cat in La Gateria Cat Cafe in Mexico City

I made the mistake of taking my laptop here to work, as the café has wifi too.  However, it seems that the cats don’t like it when you have your attention diverted, needless to say I wasn’t very productive with a cat sat on my laptop!

I have been back here a few times on stressed afternoons, or when I just need a friendly kittie to play with.  Far less work than owning your own cat, but still helping with their upkeep, this really is a feel-good way to spend the afternoon.

Another Sleeping Cat in La Gateria Cat Cafe in Mexico City
Another Sleeping Cat in La Gateria Cat Cafe, Mexico City

If you have time while you’re in Mexico City, and fancy a break from the 22 million people here, escape to La Gatería and find your own little place in cat heaven.  And next door to the café is a shop where you can buy all sorts of cat-related items to take home for your own cat, or your newly adopted one!


Tabasco 337, col Roma Norte, Ciudad de Mexico.  You can find them on Facebook under La Gatería.

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18 thoughts on “La Gatería Cat Café in Mexico City

  1. Sonal of Drifter Planet says:

    OMG, this place is so cute! I love the first picture where it looks the cat is hi-5-ing!

    Even I was not a cat person before but this summer I met so many adorable cats and fell in love. One of them even decided to live with us for 5 days but sadly we had to send her away because we travel non stop.

  2. Izzy says:

    Cat cafes just seem to be everywhere nowadays! They were a huge thing in Korea (where they were first brought to my attention) but I have a pretty severe allergy to cats 🙁 Such a shame because that cat cupcake looks so darn cute!

  3. Veronica says:

    Wow, this is so adorable!
    I visited a cat cafe in Lviv and I wanted to cuddle with all of them!
    And you are right, cats don’t like our attention diverted. We should belong to them hahaha

  4. Hallie says:

    I like that the cats there are available for adoption. It’s a great way to meet a furry friend and then possibly fall in love and take one home. The cat cafes in Korea don’t need an appointment or anything either. You just turn up and play with the cats. They don’t serve food though… which makes sense I think. Just coffees and smoothies.

  5. Tamason Gamble says:

    I cannot believe how popular cat cafes have become. We recently visited one in Chiang Rai and I have to say whilst the experience wasn’t awful I am not sure I would want to visit one again. I understand that people have really fell in love with the concept and ironically I am a cat lover but I just didn’t see it!

  6. Iuliana Marchian says:

    At the beginning, I thought that you’ll write about Macchu Picchu. But I am sure now that my cat would love this place in Mexico City. The only problem is how do I take it with me from Romania to Mexico? 🙂

    • Claire says:

      Hmm usually the cats would stay where they are & you would visit the cafe to see the cats there…but it’s an interesting idea having cat holidays! 😀

  7. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Claire,


    Stunned me and wifey have not been to a cat cafe during our travels. Especially because we both happen to be cat-obsessed. Def feel ya on the laptop thing too, as when the cat here at our house sit in NYC wants attention, many poor comments are left on blogs when she jumps on the laptop and accidentally hits the publish button 😉

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Claire says:

      Haha the are little horrors – they know when they’re not centre of attention & will fight for it 😀 You should definitely check out cat cafes when you’re away, to get your kitty fix 🙂

  8. Jen Morrow says:

    Since I am allergic to cats, I like them much better in pictures. Although, these kitties are too cute to pass up (and it looks like there is no horrible carpet) so I would probably stop in for a quick coffee and allergy medication.

  9. Cori says:

    In NYC and Canada they have to keep the cats in a separate area, so there’s the cafe area and the cat area — so trying to work there is not an option. This sounds like a great spot!

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