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Where to Stay in Brno – Internesto Apartments Review

Workspace & Graffiti Room at Internesto Apartments Brno - Where to stay in Brno Czech Republic

I was excited about my first visit to the Czech Republic, my 33rd country, and one that had been on my list for a long time.  After being at home for a month, I needed some space of my own, so instead of staying in a hostel as usual, I was looking for an apartment.  And I found Internesto.  A shared apartment, with a private room, a shared kitchen, bathroom and social area.  It sounded perfect!  Here’s my full review of Internesto apartments in Brno.

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About Brno

Brno is in the Movaria region of the Czech Republic, in the South East, not far from the border with Austria and Poland.  I had heard good things about Brno, it is the Czech Republic’s second-largest city, and has seen a boom in recent years thanks to companies like IBM who have large offices there. 

New residents have brought with them new restaurants and bistros, funky bars and a killer nightlife to go with the existing student culture and proud history, creating a buzzing economy and a city that is well worth exploring. 

I spent three nights in Brno, and you can read more information about what to do in Brno in my other post 48 hours in Brno.

Brno Czech Republic - view from the Church Towers
Brno Czech Republic – view from the Church Towers

Internesto Apartments in Brno

Wherever I go, I try to stay in unusual places with a social conscience or a fabulous concept, and awesome decoration, like the Art Hostel in Leeds or Hobbitenango in Guatemala.  I was first attracted to Internesto by the excellent reviews and good prices, and when I took a look at their website I loved how they saw themselves as a family, creating unique spaces where visitors can really feel at home.

Internesto started around 3 years ago when the “head of the family” Radek was a cash-strapped student and decided to rent out a room in his apartment to earn some money.  Internesto has now grown into several shared and self-contained apartments in two centrally located buildings in Brno. 

Each of the apartments and rooms has their own personality and are uniquely decorated.  Some are calming and beautiful, others were bright and fun, and there was even an alcohol themed apartment with this gorgeous ‘plum brandy’ room.

Each bedroom and apartment at Internesto is individually decorated - where to stay in Brno Czech Republic
Each bedroom and apartment at Internesto is individually decorated – where to stay in Brno Czech Republic

Unfortunately, the apartments aren’t suitable for guests with limited mobility as the apartments are all on the second floor or higher.

The Location of Internesto Apartments

Internesto have two locations in Brno, the first has the shared apartments, and is a stone’s throw from the main square in Brno, on Vesela Street.  I stayed here and loved how I was just minutes away from everything in Brno. 

The second building was about 10 minutes’ walk away, on the top floor of a building on Veveri street.  The stairs are tough here if you’re not used to them but if you get an apartment with views of the castle the effort is more than worth it!

The main Square in Brno Czech Republic
My Apartment was Moments away from the Main Square in Brno, Czech Republic

Checking in at Internesto

I had let my contact Bea know what time I would be arriving in Brno.  There isn’t a 24-hour reception so if you are arriving after 8pm there is a late check-in fee, or you can do a self-check-in if you have pre-paid for your reservation. 

The Internesto team will send you the code for the front door, and a small locker with the keys to your apartment, so you can find your way to your room with the map provided.  I arrived during the day, and Zoltan on reception made sure I had everything I needed, and kindly offered to carry my bag up the stairs.

The security is excellent, and we were each given a set of four keys to get to our room – one for the main door, another for the door to the terrace to access some of the apartments, another key for the apartment front door, and the final key for my room.  The apartment needed to be closed with the key, so that meant I had no chance to accidentally forget my keys!

Self Check-In at Internesto Apartments Brno, Czech Republic
Self Check-In at Internesto Apartments Brno, Czech Republic

My Room at Internesto Apartments

I stayed in the most central property, in one of the shared apartments called “Full House”.  My room was called graffiti, and, you guessed it, had a graffiti-themed décor.  It certainly is not for the faint-hearted, but I loved the bright colours, which contrasted beautifully with the sleek wooden floors and white walls in the rest of the room. 

The room was huge, with plenty of space for three people.  There was a single bed in the main part of the room, and another two singles upstairs on a mezzanine level.  I also had a desk, a couple of small tables, a wardrobe, coat stand and shelves, so there was good storage space too.  The bed was really comfortable, with a good mattress and a huge pillow so I could mould it to suit my sleeping position perfectly.

The colourful grafitti wall contrasts beautifully with the sleek wooden floors in Interenesto Apartments in Brno Czech Republic
The colourful graffiti wall contrasts beautifully with the sleek wooden floors in Internesto Apartments

In the apartment, there was a shared kitchen, and two toilets (one for men & one for women), and a separate shower room which also have a washing machine and tumble dryer.  There was also a seating area outside the bedrooms, and a full-length mirror to share. 

I spent most of the time in the room though, as it was nice and bright.  There were two other rooms in the apartment, one was occupied by a Czech family, and the other by a guy who was originally from India and had lived in Brno for 11 years working for IBM.  He was staying in the apartment for a couple of months while he was waiting to move into his new apartment.

There is fast wifi throughout the building, which was an open network – you just had to like Internesto’s Facebook page to access the internet.

More Funky Decor in Internesto Apartments Brno - Where to stay in Brno Czech Republic
More Funky Decor in Internesto Apartments Brno – Where to stay in Brno Czech Republic

Dining Options at Internesto

Each apartment has its own kitchen facilities to make your own food.  For breakfast, you can choose to have a buffet breakfast next to the reception area for €4 per person.  The breakfast is really good and had a selection of breads, sweet pastries, cereal, and cold savoury items like cheese, ham, sausage and hard-boiled eggs. 

There was a range of teas, coffee and juice to drink, as well as yoghurt and fruit too, and it was a good chance to meet other guests from different apartments.

Breakfast at Internesto Apartments in Brno - Where to stay in Brno Czech Republic
Breakfast at Internesto Apartments in Brno – Where to stay in Brno Czech Republic

What I loved about Internesto Apartments

The family concept, how welcoming the staff were and they all spoke excellent English.

My bed was super comfortable, and I slept like a log all three nights.

I loved how each apartment was unique, each had their own personality and funky décor.

The central location was perfect for exploring Brno

The yummy breakfast

Anything I didn’t like?

There was only one shower, which could have been an issue if all three rooms were at full capacity, but it was fine with 5 of us in the apartment.

Overall I loved my stay at Internesto Apartments in Brno, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the apartments for solo travellers, families or friends.  If you would like to book with Internesto or to check availability then visit their website, or you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram too.

What do you think of the funky decor at Internesto?  I’d love to hear read your comments below!

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Brno is the Czech Republic's second largest city, and is a great place to visit! If you are wondering where to stay in Brno, I recommend Internesto Apartments, a fab and funky centrally located apartment. Read my full Internest Apartments review here!

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13 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Brno – Internesto Apartments Review

  1. Ami Bhat says:

    The apartments have such a cheery and bright feel. I like the whole decor and the rooms do look comfortable. Pity about the shower but given the price to comfort equation, I might just let it go. Thanks for sharing this gem

  2. Suruchi Mittal says:

    I am really impressed by Internesto Apartments services as well as the room. So colorful, neat and clean and spacious. I too feel there should be separate shower areas. We are surely going to check these out while traveling to Czech Republic

  3. Tami says:

    I’m surprised by how nice the rooms are and the great location you found as your base. Having access to a kitchen is so nice for saving money on meals too. Sounds like you found quite the gem. Plus the colors really are kind of funky!

  4. Archana Singh says:

    I visited Brno last year and I can’t tell you how much I loved it. Probably even more than Prague. The town has a great character to it. I’ll be revisiting it again this year. In such a homely town, it’s even more wonderful to get an apartment like Internesto. It looks gorgeous and comfortable.

  5. Rosemary says:

    Love the unique style of each apartment. Having your own private kitchen and the choice to eat breakfast at the main kitchen is a huge plus. I can’t wait to visit the Czech Republic, and when I do I will definitely check out Brno apartments. Great review!

  6. Dorene says:

    It’s nice to read about a place other than Prague! I’ve been dying to go to the Czech Republic and those apartments are totally up my alley to work and enjoy the city. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Kirstie says:

    That is a really cute and colorful room. Just what anyone would need for solo travel. For me, I just need a bed and wifi. Individually designed room is an amazing concept.

  8. Kavita Favelle says:

    I’m more and more keen on staying in apartments rather than hotels when we travel, to have that extra space and the freedom to cook as well as to eat out. Great to read your reviews of Internesto apartments in Brno, which is high on my list to visit.

  9. Siddhartha Joshi says:

    I love how Internesto provides the best of both world – a shared accommodation where you can meet like-minded people as well as personal space (I love the idea of a private toilet). I guess I need to start planning for Czech republic now…I am certainly missing out on something 🙂

  10. Marvi says:

    Wow. This is truly a unique place to stay! Good to know about the check in time and ways to check in after their office hours. I admire how efficient the apartment is with the code and the map for self-check-in. I love how the rooms are individually themed too. Your room is cute, btw.

  11. Christina says:

    Seems like a quirky place to stay that is full of character. The location seems great and the decor is cheerful. I would love to visit Brno. Will keep this in mind.

  12. LaiAriel Samangka says:

    It’s always great to stay in one place where you can really feel the homey vibes. I love the fact that all staff can speak well in English, which would be very easy for the guest. The room looks really comfortable and I love how spacious it is. I will consider this if I get the chance to visit Brno.

  13. Paige says:

    These apartments look absolutely stunning! i love when you can stay in a place that has a kitchen and such to help keep that budget down. I understand the pain of only one bathroom with lots of people staying in one place. I’m definitely going to check this out when we head to the Czech Republic this summer.

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