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Eating Prague Food Tour Review

A Czech Wine Tasting in Prague as part of our Eating Prague Food Tour

Food, glorious food.  That is what I base most of my travel activities on, I admit.  From a cooking class in Mexico City to a food tour in Berlin and Kriol cooking in Belize I love to try local food.  I didn’t really know what to expect from Czech cuisine, but when I was planning a visit to Prague in the Czech Republic I wanted to learn more about Czech food and drink so looked up food tours in Prague.  The Eating Prague Food Tour offered just what I was looking for, an evening food tour in Prague but also with the added bonus of sampling some of the Czech Republic’s cider, wine and spirits.  I got in touch with Eating Europe, and was thrilled when they invited me to join their Prague Evening Food tour.

Exploring Prague through Food on an Eating Prague Food Tour
Exploring Prague through Food on an Eating Prague Food Tour

About Eating Prague Food Tours

Eating Prague is part of Eating Europe, an umbrella company for food tours in several key locations in Europe. They also have food tours in Rome, London and Amsterdam, as well as food tours in Prague.  Their mission is to give people a “Prague culinary experience they won’t soon forget by exposing them to real food, people and neighborhoods. Our mission is to leave travelers with an unparalleled, non-touristy, food-related experience in undiscovered neighborhoods of the most fascinating cities in the world”.  Well, it sounds good to me!

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Eating Prague offer several experiences in Prague – the original Prague Food Tour, with classic Czech dishes, historic eateries and old-world charm, the Craft Beer and Food Tasting Tour which focusses on beer gardens, bars and delicious food, and a Prague cooking class where you can learn to make dumplings and other Czech dishes with a celebrity chef, as well as the Prague Evening Food Tour which I took.

Eating Prague Food Tour Review

Our Prague Food Tour Guide

Our guide Jan obviously knew his stuff.  He was a wealth of knowledge about Czech history, and the food and drink we sampled, as well as having a ton of recommendations for where else we should check out in the city, and the rest of the Czech Republic.  He had a wicked sense of humour, and although there was a lot of information to take in, he shared it in a fun and informal way.  It was below freezing when we took our food tour in Prague, so we had a slightly shorter version of events while we were moving from one place to the other – the bitterly cold wind meant none of us were too desperate to be outside!

Our Eating Prague Food Tour Guide Jan
Our Eating Prague Food Tour Guide Jan

Eating Prague Food Tour

I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you exactly where we went on the tour, but we started on the other side of the river, close to the castle.  I was sceptical about beginning the tour here, as I walked up the street filled with souvenir shops and gimmicky cafes selling hot chocolate and the clearly not traditional trdelník chimney cakes.  However, I was pleasantly surprised as I arrived at the meeting point and was greeted with a Czech cider, and a plate of delicious cured meats, pickled vegetables and cheeses.  I hadn’t expected this from Czech food, having eaten stewed or roasted meat and dumplings all week!  Jan explained that this area had a lot of Italian influences from Italian noblemen who once lived in the area.  The cured meats had delicate flavours, and the blue cheese was creamy and tart but not as strong as Italian gorgonzola – it seems the Czechs prefer milder flavours.

After finishing off the last of the cheese (I hate to see food go to waste!) we moved on to our next stop, a restaurant serving traditional dishes with a twist, including the delicious sauerkraut soup we tried.  It was thick and hearty, with a hint of acidity mixed with meaty chunks of smoked meat and potatoes.  Served with a brioche style bread roll and a swirl of sour cream I almost licked the bowl clean, but I couldn’t fit my face inside!  The generous owners also brought us a piece of chocolate cake which we gladly accepted, and although I was a bit worried about not being able to finish all the food on the tour, I knew I would give it a good go!

The first stop of our Eating Prague Food Tour - Cured meats and cheeses
The first stop of our Eating Prague Food Tour – Cured meats and cheeses

Prague Wine Tasting

The next stop on our Eating Prague food tour was a wine shop just around the corner, which I was very happy about.  The Czech Republic is very well known for its beer, but the wine from Moravia in the South East of the country is also rather good.  Unfortunately, it is not often exported outside of the Czech Republic as most of it is consumed in the country, and high taxes would make it prohibitively expensive for most people in the UK.  We tried three wines, a white, rose and a red wine, and partnered the wines with some cheese, crackers and fruit jams to bring out the flavours.  If you eve get the chance to try any Gala Czech wines I highly recommend it; we tried the 2016 Chardonnay Hermes white wine which was very quaffable indeed!  The rose was also delicious, and although I’m not a fan of red wines in general, the one we tried was light and fruity, and just the type of red wine my mum loves to drink.

A Czech Wine Tasting in Prague as part of our Eating Prague Food Tour
A Czech Wine Tasting in Prague as part of our Eating Prague Food Tour

After drinking quite a bit of wine, we had a bit of a breather as we explored some of the area, and admired art work like David Cerny’s freaky baby statues and the iconic John Lennon Wall.  As I said, it was freezing outside, so although it was nice to walk off a bit of the food and drink so far, we didn’t linger too long and soon reached our next stop.

Hidden Gems in Prague

Hidden inside the lobby of a hotel, I would have never ventured inside our penultimate stop myself.  It looked a little tacky and tourist trappy from the outside, but inside it was beautifully decorated.  Jan explained that it was a family run restaurant, with the mother in the kitchen running the restaurant kitchen just like her own at home.  So, any ‘usual’ catering rules were thrown out of the window, and every dish really has a special home-cooked flavour to it.  We tried a Czech goulash, which is a bit milder than the Hungarian version, and this particular goulash was made with three different meats and was incredible.  By now, I was pretty full, and very content as I sipped a glass of wine with my goulash.  When he was choosing stops for the food tour in Prague, Jan said he tried over a hundred different goulashes in restaurants all over the city, and this was, without doubt, the best one he tried.  It goes to show that you can’t always judge a book by its cover, or a restaurant by its sign!

A Traditional Czech Dish with a twist - Goulash on our Eating Prague Food Tour
A Traditional Czech Dish with a twist – Goulash on our Eating Prague Food Tour

A Classic Prague Café and Traditional Spirit

Once we had cleaned our plates, and finished the wine, we set out again into the cold, and crossed over the bridge to return to the Old Town.  The views across the river to the Castle and the area where we had just been were beautiful, and after pausing briefly for a few photographs we continued to our final stop for the evening.  We ended our Eating Prague Food Tour in a Prague institution, a classic café with delicious desserts and a cheeky digestif.  The dessert we tasted was similar to a cheesecake, but the texture was crumblier than a usual creamy cheesecake but no less tasty.  It was served with mixed fruits, and a scoop of almond ice cream to top it off.  I tried to finish it, I really did, but I couldn’t manage another bite.  We also ordered digestifs to see if that would help make some room in my stuffed stomach, but alas it was no good.  I had a couple of sips of the digestif, the Czech spirit called Becherovka, a herbal liquor which wasn’t to my personal taste – but pure spirits rarely are!

Cheesecake at a classic Cafe in Prague on our Prague Food Tour
Cheesecake at a classic Cafe in Prague on our Prague Food Tour

I had taken a culinary journey through Prague, discovering the best Czech food and drink in Prague.  I couldn’t manage another mouthful.  Also on the tour was an English couple who decided to continue the evening and join Jan for a cocktail in one his favourite bars.  I, full and in somewhat of a stupor after beer, wine, and spirits, decided to call it a night and hopped on a tram back to my hostel.

What I loved about the Eating Prague Food Tour

I loved the variety of dishes we tried.  There were some surprises, and we didn’t eat a single dumpling which made a nice change from the rest of my meals.  It was great to try different Czech dishes, and learn that Czech cuisine is more than I had imagined.

The variety of drinks we tried.  I don’t drink beer, so am often disappointed when a food tour includes a beer tasting that I won’t enjoy.  However, on the Eating Prague Food Tour we had the chance to try beer or cider, three wines, another alcoholic drink with the goulash (I chose wine, the other two guests chose a dark beer), and the digestif spirit to finish off.  It is quite rare on food tours that so many drinks are included, so that was great for a wine and cider- lover like me!

We explored an area that I imagine most tourists don’t visit.  I had already been in Prague for a few days before I took the Eating Prague Food Tour, but hadn’t seen most of the places we visited.  The Castle area is obviously popular with visitors, but we away from the main tourist strip we found some wonderful, authentic restaurants and bars.

Our final tasting of the day - traditional Czech liquor on our Eating Prague Food Tour
Our final tasting of the day – traditional Czech liquor on our Eating Prague Food Tour

Anything I didn’t like?

The only thing I struggled with was the sheer amount of information Jan shared.  On the one hand, this was fabulous as he explained so much history about Prague, mixed with anecdotes and personal stories about his childhood which I loved, but I have to admit I got a little confused with all the dates and names which are part of Prague’s history!  Having said that, I’m not very good at absorbing information, I was more focused on the food, and Prague has got so much history it is impossible not to bombard us with information!

Overall, I really enjoyed the food, and Jan was a great guide and obviously very knowledgeable about Czech cuisine and the history of Prague.  If you want to try some delicious authentic Czech food, with a variety of drinks, and a fun, informative guide, then this is definitely the tour for you!

Prices for Eating Prague Food Tours start from €84 per person, and for more information or to make a reservation, visit the Eating Prague website.

Where to Stay in Prague

Check accommodation in Prague on Hostelworld | Booking | HotelsCombined 

I stayed at the fabulous Post Hostel Prague, or you can find plenty of other hostels in Prague on Hostelworld.  If you have a bigger budget, then check availability for hotels in Prague Old Town so you are close to the action or read this post for rundown of where to stay in different areas of Prague.


The Old Town is certainly the most popular place to stay in Prague, where you can step out of the front door and immediately be immersed in the beautiful architecture and the buzz of Prague.  This apartment on Old Town Square gets great reviews and looks like a perfect place for those who want to be right in the middle of the action.  This cute apartment also looks like a good option for central stays.

If you don’t mind being a little further out of the centre, this cosy modern studio is in the Vinohrady neighbourhood about 25 minutes’ walk or a short tram ride from the Main Square.  This open plan luxury apartment close to Wenceslas Square also looks fab, especially for couples.  Alternatively, this gorgeous apartment close to the Castle and Charles Bridge looks like the perfect romantic place to stay.


Have you been to Prague in winter?  I’d love to hear your recommendations for things to do in Prague in the winter!  Share your comments below.

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When I was planning a visit to Prague in the Czech Republic I wanted to learn more about Czech food and drink so looked up food tours in Prague.  The Eating Prague Food Tour offered just what I was looking for, an evening food tour in Prague including sampling some of the Czech Republic’s cider, wine and spirits. 

Thank you to Eating Prague Food Tours who offered me a complimentary tour in exchange for my review.  Although this experience was complimentary, all views, as always, are my own.

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11 thoughts on “Eating Prague Food Tour Review

  1. Evan Kristine says:

    Ohh wow! All of the food featured in your Prague food tour looks so mouth watering. The Goulash, the cured meat and pickled vegetables, the cheese, and the dessert looks so delicious. Indeed you will leave this place with a happy full tummy. Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. Medha Verma says:

    I cannot believe I am a foodie but I have never taken any food tours. I think what is interesting about these tours is that it is a lesson in history & culture, it’s not just about the food. Good to know that Eating Prague is actually a company under the umbrella of Eating Europe tours because I recently read someone’s review of Eating Rome food tour and was curious 🙂

  3. Nisha says:

    As a traveler it is always a thing we do , try out local food. This is a nice round up of the culinary tour of Prague. Last year we were there and we tried a lot of their desserts and cafe. Since I am a vegetarian I could not try the goulash but more than once the chef turned out a tasty vegetarian dish. I agree with your view on pure spirits. 🙂

  4. Kate says:

    I went to Prague years ago and your goulash is bringing back memories of a goulash I had there, which I still dream about. I clearly need to go back so I can try this food tour!

  5. Linda says:

    This post is so timely. We leave for Prague on Wednesday this week. What a great blog post. We love doing food tours when we travel. Especially when you get to see more of the local neighbourhoods. I had to laugh at how much you loved the soup! I will definitely try the rosé wine. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Ghia Lorenzo says:

    Awesome place! I feel hungry when I see the delicious pictures of goulash. I want to hurry and go to Prague and experience wine tasting I bet they all taste very good. Thank you for sharing your experience in Prague.

  7. Burcu Basar says:

    I have been to Prague many times but never really got into its food scene. So thank you. The goulash looks good but so different than how they eat it in Hungary. Looks somehow more dense and less soup like.

  8. Jody Robbins says:

    I’m so glad that you mentioned you don’t drink beer. I’m just the same. It’s a pet peeve of mine when food tours always include that. I’m so tired of the craft brew scene in each city. Glad to see this Prague food tour has lots of other options for imbibing.

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