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PLEASE ONLY TRAVEL WHEN IT IS SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE TO DO SO. Articles have not been updated to reflect any travel restrictions which may be in place, so please check with the destination for up-to-date information. Thank you!

Food around the world is very closely linked with the culture of a place, so eating local food and drink is an essential part of travel to help you understand more about the people who live there. I suggest starting with this post about how to find the best local food and drink abroad.  Alternatively, you’ll find all of the food and drink articles here, or you can browse the sections below.

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Food Tours

Food tours are one of my favourite ways to get to know the local cuisine.  Touring a city or a region with a local guide gives you a unique chance to try regional specialities with someone who can explain the ingredients and history of the dish.

Cooking Classes

Another favourite way to learn about local food is to cook it yourself!  Restaurants, professional chefs and enthusiastic cooks all over the world offer the chance to learn how to make typical dishes of the region – which you then get to enjoy eating!

What to Eat Guides

If you prefer to explore a city yourself, these ‘what to eat’ guides include the typical local dishes you should try to track down and sample.

Special Meals

Sometimes travelling is all about treating yourself to a special meal that you wouldn’t usually have at home.  Afternoon tea is the perfect example of that or any special foodie experiences that are beyond the usual!

Foodie Adventures

Planning a trip all around food is not that unusual!  Food is worth travelling for, so check these out for some inspiration.

Beverage Experiences

Of course, food is not the only thing I love to try when I’m travelling.  Drinks are also as unique to a region; so wine tasting, gin making and visiting a coffee plantation are just a few ideas for you to try!

I hope you enjoy exploring all the foodie articles, please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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